Man Publicly Executed with Shots to Back, His Bloody Corpse Hoisted with Crane

Man Publicly Executed with Shots to Back, His Bloody Corpse Hoisted with Crane

This happened somewhere in the Middle East, but I don’t know where. Yemen, perhaps?

The video shows the public execution of a man allegedly accused and convicted of pedophilia. On a rather crowded street, the condemned is laid face down on a sheet on the ground, and shot in the back. Even though the executioner pretends to know what he’s doing and measures up where the heart should be, the first shot from the rifle only causes the convict pain, but doesn’t kill him.

In the race to rectify his incompetence, the executioner hurries to riddle the man’s chest with more bullets, and indeed, a few more are needed before life begins its ultimate departure from the convict’s body.

Heavily bleeding, the man’s corpse is then strapped to a harness and hoisted with a crane, as the crown makes all kinds of noise. Overall brutal and savage execution.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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141 thoughts on “Man Publicly Executed with Shots to Back, His Bloody Corpse Hoisted with Crane”

          1. How surprising – a brutal animalistic religion based murder carried out by hate driven barbaric uneducated blood thirsty fanatical muslim cavemen whose own souls are no doubt, as pure as the driven snow, well except for murder……..

      1. Hahahaha Bro @thedre outstandingly wittier than the wittiest my man.
        But this particular execution was something of a sort with the accused flattened out with his face down and the executioner was seen just raring to go as if in that part of Yemen that hymen the accused played with was
        one from his own family …lol!

      1. Haha! Ikr? I can’t believe I beat @thedre to it, considering I didn’t do the ‘random key, post real quick n’ edit in your actual comment trick’ 😉 . Although, all I had to see was that shitty marksmanship to start laughing and posting exactly what I was looking at. Went back for the crane part after, lol.

    1. You know @DocUndy, I’m not sure if the executioner WANTED to be competent. Maybe he was some sadistic fucker who wanted to cause the condemned man as much pain as possible from the get-go.

      For example, in the Nuremberg trails of 1946, the British had Pierrepoint as their hangman, and he was very efficient and professional at hanging Nazis. The Americans had incompetent nobodies doing their hangings of Nazis, and these guys usually botched the job or made it messy and painful.
      Their justification? Well these were Joo-killers and starters of world war II, they didn’t deserve the dignity of a professional execution.

      Or maybe this dude was actually trying hard to be competent, but after the first shot was botched, and the second one, he gave up and decided to pretend he was doing it badly on purpose. I honestly don’t know.

      1. It’s not about the contestants – the professional rapist, the professional executioner – it’s about the game. In the end, the fans gave their overwhelming approval, and that’s what counts. The loyal fans are the ones who buy the tickets and make it all possible.

        1. Lmao! Exactly! Now we’re gettin’ to the bottom of this shit… Also, it looks to me like that prisoner’s scrubs were supplied by them Red Cross templars. There’s some funny shit goin on over there but they’re not foolin’ me!

        1. Ugh, that was a shit movie(as most of Assquacks’ films are), I had to look up that scene and all I can say is that I want to jump up n’ grab those feet n’ swing. At least whack at the thing with a really big stick.

  1. Fucking Animals,,, They Are Almost Running Over People, While Many Vehicles Are Flying Through Town, With Sirens Blaring Full Torque, lol, To Show Everyone That Somebody’s Kid As About To Get Shot To Death, On The Streets, lol. The Word *NEANDERTHAL* Comes To Mind, And i Dunno Why.

  2. Why does the “government” of this country with soo much murder & public executions behave like fucking amateurs? For people who kill for a living they can’t even get that right.

      1. Nah, I was fuckin’ around with names during my edit n’ started out with Bob, ‘cus that always sounds funny but went with something more fitting for the setting. I see where you were going with that Bob Crane shit though, kek. Wish I would’ve left it now.

    1. Trumptard.

      Trump promised and failed:

      _ “Drain the swamp” (purge the financial and Jewish lobbies of the government)

      _Building the wall

      _Deport 50 (and not 11 as fakenews says) millions of illegal.

      _ investigate hillary for his crimes as defense secretary

      _ Revoke (and not substitute for another) obamacare.

      _ end the wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel

      _ Support assad

      Do not meddle in international affairs that do not concern the US (northern korea, Palestinian)

      _revocate obama executive orders that allow male transsexuals to use women’s restrooms and vice versa.

      No longer accepting refugees

      Decrease the number of green cards category B1 to protect American jobs.

      In addition, the Trump government has followed the sexagenarian discriminatory policies that penalize poor whites in accessing universities and employment.

  3. Almost certainly Yemen.

    Public execution by means of a shot to the heart lying on the ground, or to the back of the head whilst kneeling.

    Given the shambolic one handed gangsta-stylee rifle shooting, I was hoping that at least one of the five rounds might have deflected off something bony and exited out of the body into the foot of the executioner.

  4. A new method of execution:
    Put him in a strait-jacket and hang him upside down by his toes.

    In 5 minutes he will be begging to be shot to be put out of his misery. But don’t do it.
    I think you can die after being suspended upside down because of the blood pooling in the head?

    1. Yep. A lot of perps forget this when they leave the building with victims trussed up ,even lying on floors. The buggers can die of thrombosis even lying down etc.upside down hanging,they suffocate,their diaphragm is too tired so they suffocate! Horrible!

      Like crucifixion. Same thing ,diaphragm goes amongst other issues.


  5. Definitely Yemen, that’s their method of execution. They usually execute when it involves murder, rape of a married woman, or homosexuality. Rape/Pre-marital sex with girls is often solved by the men having to marry them.

  6. Garbage people. Garbage religion. I was more upset with the trash bag females chanting
    “Halal-lalalalala!” while the guy was being killed. But I’m loving the new fake news approach where there’s no proof this guy was a pedophile.

  7. Definitely Yemen. (military fatigues, caps)
    That’s how executions are carried out over there. The crane thing is something I ‘ve never seen before after the shooting in Yemen. Kind of weird.
    In Iran, convicts get hanged to a crane when still alive.

  8. Human nature folks remember this “as so above as so below” for we must remind ourselves of what we as a species are capable of while the sheeps of the world refuse to watch this sort of content rightfully and or wrongfully thank you Mark Marek and everyone here to keeping this website up for without this website I wouldn’t of seen a lot of fucked up shit not that I want or plan on seeing this in real life mind you I will use some content to desensitize myself and other times I’ll be more human out of decency or rationality or sanity.

    Even though, I have seen some fucked up shit on Facebook but I am normally more human on that or watch YouTube for other type of content whether it be educational, entertainment, enlightenment, and or news or religion or science or atheism or intellectual content. I would say BestGore is probably an alter ego whether I be real or fake or both keep this up folks.

  9. I would have no problem if they would do this in America ! Criminals convicted of heinous crimes publicly executed within 48 of the crime! Our prisons would be relieved , crime would go down & a majority of our criminals IE Niggers would hopefully go back to Africa where things are fair for them 😉

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