Man Shot in the Head and Hanged from a Bridge in Acapulco, Mexico

Man Shot in the Head and Hanged from a Bridge in Acapulco, Mexico

Got to love how Acapulco advertises itself as a popular tourist destination yet some of the sickest narco shit takes place there. I see vacations in Acapulco advertised all over the place – the fuck? You’d have to be completely nuts to go there

So the question to ask is – are there any bridges in Mexico that don’t have corpses hanging from them at any given moment?

This man was executed with a shot to the head and was subsequently hanged from a bridge over the Autopista del Sol, a highway heading for Cuernavaca from Acapulco in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Authorities were alerted of the hangman by motorists who drove down the highway in the early morning hours.

Victim had a narcomensaje attached to his body which contained the following message (all in caps):


Google translate tells me it means the following in English:

This happened to me for sexually violating the teens and it’s also going to happen to you Victor Garcia, Jose Garcia and Javier Garcia

The deceased was identified as Lamberto Carmen Flores – based on an ID found in his wallet. From the narcomensaje it would appear that he was killed because he was a rapist (or something of sorts) though the way he was executed suggests that a drug cartel took care of his death.

Here’s more on Acapulco if you’re planning a vacation.

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34 thoughts on “Man Shot in the Head and Hanged from a Bridge in Acapulco, Mexico”

  1. Well he got off easy with just a shot to the head. No skinning of the face no beheading. But wait they killed him because he sexually abused some teens? Are the cartels doing some sick version of the police or is “sexually violated the teens” a code phrase for something else? Or perhaps those were someone else’s bitches.

    1. Even Narco’s have families (kids, nieces, nephews)…and we all know how vengeful narco’s can get. I wouldn’t put it past them to slit their own families throats let alone some guy accused of violating kids..

  2. I’m glad my name doesn’t end with Garcia. Shame about Acapulco being a Plaza up for grabs, I’ve always wanted to go there for a holiday, drink some corona, smoke some Acapulco gold and lay around on the beeeches. I know a couple of chicks who told me they’re going next week, I asked them if they’d heard about the drug war, they said no, I sent them a link to for a laugh. I didn’t hear back from them, maybe I won’t ever, ever, ever again.

    1. I think it might have been vigilante/cartel matter. I think all the people they use as bridge hanging decor should be criminals such as this one. Let’s send them a letter of recommendation on behalf of those in favor.

    2. Absolutely agree, if he was indeed a rapist then the fucker got what he deserved. All rapists and paedophiles should get this kind of treatment the world over, not just in Mexico – props to the cartel for this one.

  3. I visited to Acapulco a few years ago and I got to say it was very beautiful, for me anyways.

    Back then the Cartel where still around but it wasn’t as bad as it is today, just about 3-4 years ago things started to get bad in Acapulco, I first noticed this when my friend said that heads starting showing up on sidewalks, heh.

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