Man Is Tied to a Stake and Burned Alive by Marxist Guerrilla Faction in Guatemala

Man Is Tied to a Stake and Burned Alive by Marxist Guerrilla Faction in Guatemala

In recent days, 11 people have been brutally executed by a violent gang in the village of Pajoques, located in Loma Alta, in San Juan SacatepΓ©quez, Guatemala. One of the killings was filmed on video. It shows a man who was tied to a stake being burned alive.

Best Gore member fascistheart provided great background information about the situation in Guatemala:

I’d like to share some of the problems that are happening in the Central American country of Guatemala. Former Marxist guerrilla factions are trying to come back, with the same terrorist tactics that they used in the 36 year civil conflict.

First they attacked 7 members of the national police, shooting at them, then they massacred 7 members of a family in a different area of the country. One by one, like in the video, they were executed.

The government has been trying not to attack the new resistance in fear that it would spark a new wave a bloodshed. They want to avoid war at all cost, and are talking with the international community, but their voices are not being heard.

There is also a misunderstanding about the Guatemalan civil war. Unlike El Salvador, Guatemala decided to fight the war by themselves, instead of allowing for the invasion by the Americans. So the American government responded by imposing a weapon embargo on Guatemala.

Thus, the government, regardless of what they do, receive criticism from both sides. Please follow the chronology of this new war. The world needs to know what is happening.

Thank you for the insight on the volatile situation in Guatemala, fascistheart. I also want give a shoutout to Best Gore member ridonkulous who if I’m not mistaken is from Guatemala too. He’s been a great supporter and helped the website and Mark on many occasions.

Props to fascistheart for the video:

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      1. Having had a mother that died from cancer I can tell you: Beware what you wish for – it might come true.
        She had the same pain for a couple of weeks before dying. Before that she had debilitating pain for about 5 years.

        I’d rather have two minutes of this than cancer.

        Plus another thing – this guy isn’t dead after these two minutes.. He will have a couple of days of writhing in pain – t h e n he will die.

        Isn’t life so much fun?

        1. ***@fnertz

          I’m terribly sorry for your loss. My mother is in ill health as well…

          I, speaking from my standpoint, would rather be diagnosed with cancer.

          As painful as it may be in the end, I would of continued to live my life, until the pain was to intense.

          Then, I’d commit suicide…

          Unfortunately, this person MAY, have not had enough time to plan for his…

          …but obviously, this is my opinion

  1. I was once told by a coroner friend that if you’re ever stuck in a fire and you know you’re going to die, the fastest way to get it over with is to stick your face in the flames and inhale as hard and fast as you can.
    The shock and internal injuries will put you out fast.

      1. ***I don?t know if I could do that if I was in that situation. I feel like I would some how hold on to that last chance of hope that I could be saved.

        Me too…

        However at some standpoint, you would probably end up taking that “breath of death” anyway.

        …fire rips through oxygen like butter

    1. Same thing happens when you get engulfed in a gas fireball. It scorches your lungs and you basically suffocate. Which only takes about 4-5 minutes to black out and then another 5-10 to die. Many of the people in plane crashes breath in the hot air and die rather quickly. So if you want to try and live, hold your breath as long as you can during the crash… and hope you don’t get annihilated by the impact or flying debri. LOL

      1. The brazing bull was used in ancient Greece’ ancient history. They would light it up days before attacking so the enemy could here the crys of torment, unsurprisingly many would flee long before they fought. Funny that for as crude as medicine was back in the day they still knew not to burn the body directly. Imagine hearing the screams and crys of vanquished peoples for hundreds of miles for months on end.!!! Effective I bet

        1. I believe it was also used by the Romans at one point too after they got their hands on one in Greece.

          They used one in “Red Riding hood” (the 2011 remake with Amanda Seyfried in it although it was the shape of an elephant)

          1. also yes the maker, Perillos of Athens, was put into the bull by his master Philaris (despot of Acragas (which is now in southern Sicily)) he was removed prematurely before deth and thrown down a steep hill and that’s how he eventually met his death.

    1. burning has never been a method of torture, let me exsplain why:
      if you planning to burn a man to death, he will die before he becomes hypovolumic(This type of shock can cause many organs to stop working) as the excruciating pain will trigger neurogenic shock causing a vaso vagal cardiac arrest…not a very painful death.however bone deep burns are not very painful as the nerves have been other case,if the pain if to unbearable, he will die of neurogenic shock. wery slow beheading is more frightening i think,

    1. If they don’t die from asphyxiation then if the flames are intense enough I hear your nerve endings mercifully get destroyed rather quickly and the pain of burning isn’t a factor so much. I don’t know if that’s bullshit or not but it sounds kinda odd. Up there flaming like a Brazilian-Roman candle and “hum-de-dum… I can’t see very well…”

        1. The fat stores in human bodies make for great fuel. like an inside out candle with the clothing acting as the wick on the outside!

          all I know is for me that’s a death I have nightmares of, seeing as a few centuries ago that’s probably how I would have ended up!

      1. Slowly get your skin peeled first I think, then teased with a little alcohol, flame, and a wee bit ‘o acid, then drowned repeatedly in salt water and revived each time and of course given IV anti biotics and pain enhancing drugs to keep the victim alive. None of this includes the extreme concurrent psychological torture. Suggesting their most loved ones are the ones who have been brutally raped and murdered. A day in the life of (fill in the blank with whatever sadistic international hole in wall hell you want here)

        1. I?ve read abook where whitnesses shared their experiences with Stalingrad in WWII. There was a med who took care of the wounded in a basement. Some soldiers woke up in the morning with legs that were frozen to a hard block. So the legs did freeze when they were asleep and they realized it when it was too late. As the med eventually ran out of medicine, he couldn?t do anything to help them. He did not perform amputations as the human body solves the problem by itself. The frozen body parts started to turn black and rot away and later just fall off of the body. And THAT?S were it gets painful. Freezing to death isn?t painful. You actually fall asleep as the body goes into survival mode and shuts down all functions that are not needed to keep the brain and the organs alive. A sleeping body is unable to protect itself against the cold, so it is most likely that you?ll never wake up again. But if you wake up, you pay the price of survival by loosing some or all of your limbs.

          The book is highly recommended. In Germany the book is available with the title “Im Kessel: Erz?hlen von Stalingrad”. German Bestgore members will appreciate the content of the book. It?s pretty shocking and very interesting. 290.000 German soldiers have been surrounded by the soviets in Stalingrad. Only 5.000 survived…

          1. @Stuntman Mike Thank you for recommending a good read, I went to the library today, so it will be 3 weeks before I go back but if they have it I will be sure to check it out. I would do it sooner but the nearest town with a library is 44 miles away one way. πŸ˜‰

          2. cheers for the recommendation will have to check it out after I’ve finished reading “the hot zone” and the 40k warhammer book i’m reading.

            I am pleased that a talent of mine is being ale to have several books on the go at once. I probably have one in every room almost!

  2. I don’t know what’s more fucked up…the way this human is dying, or the way people can joke about it. But I guess it’s equally as fucked up that I’m watching the video in the first place, no?

      1. I don’t really think humor is appropriate in stuff like this!
        If and I mean just IF, Heaven and Hell and all that…exists then it won’t be funny at all for the people doing this.

        No intention to insult or anything, just expressing my own opinion.

      1. I am sure fat people burn longer. Also, have you seen the puddle that builds up under a car when fat people are burned up? Talk about a James Bond oil slick…

        I’m pretty sure I would burn for hours, I might even burn so hot so long that a thermal-nuclear reaction might set the atmosphere on fire.

    1. I think Guatemala would be nice for a vacation, did you hear the children crying????? they don’t in brazil and the caliphate or India they just point and laugh. I think one can assume that they still somewhat value life…. for now

  3. theres the poor and the elites. the divide is getting bigger,breeding more violence and mayhem. we come on here and say the world is sick. no the elites are sick they have created all this and continue to do so like a big game. poverty=war and mayhem because humans just revert to the savages they are. but our savage side is the reason weve survived so long

  4. Anybody else notice the subliminal Adidas at 0:38-0:39-ish? Did the operator press zoom accidentally at the guy’s hat or something?

    Personally, the chain-saw beheading is something that would be high on my list of things to avoid.

  5. Death by burning – one of the worst. I always wonder, do people have the ability to worry about the life they are leaving behind and the love/apologies they wish they could express or does instinct take over and force you to try to think of ways to save yourself?

  6. Hello, new here. Gotta say not surprised commies are still doing this shit. My family is from Central America so I know from 1st hand accounts what these fuckers did to innocent people. Had a few family members murdered by them because they wouldn’t “join” their cause. Terrible way to go getting burned alive like that.

  7. Believe it or not this is one of the best ways to go! considering what else is slowly painful out there! And just inhale as much as you can into the fire and you will be out a lot quicker then 2/10min of still being alive not doing it..with clothes on its gonna be a less effective burn but eventually killing you in the end. it would be nice if they at least soaked you in a tub of gas for 3 hours naked and then set you on fire..your fate is sealed once they put that gas on you! Im greatful i live in the US!:)

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