Mass Executions of Civilians and Soldiers Captured in Mosul by ISIS

Mass Executions of Civilians and Soldiers Captured in Mosul by ISIS

The Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) has released another propaganda video, fifth from their “Saleel As-Sawarim“, or “Clanking of the Swords” series, featuring religious fanaticism, combat footage of the Mujaheddin engaging military targets, interspersed with drive-by killings of soldiers manning checkpoints and people driving in vehicles, and the destruction of Shia religious structures and historical shrines. The end of the video features mass executions of civilians and soldiers captured in Mosul. This post features only the executions from the end of the video.

The nonchalant brutality and complete lack of empathy on behalf of the Islamic State is compelling, which is why everyone should watch this video and everything else published at Best Gore. Every civilian and every politician should have to know, understand, and see just what it truly means when they support war, what it truly means when they say “thank you for your service“.

According to my Arabic friend’s translation, a boy that is seen crying says:

I swear to God that we are only two brothers, and we both have been captured.

He is then egged on by the guard to curse out Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for bringing this fate upon them.

At the end of the video, the captives are shot one by one in the head and their bodies thrown into the Euphrates River.

Props to Best Gore member Cold World for this excerpt from the video. I will publish the full length version later:

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  1. Fucking disgusting treatment of human beings even if they are followers of the bullshit religion of Islam.

    Little bit of advice for every civilian caught up in this pathetic excuse for a war…

    Get the FUCK OUT of your country as quick as you can and don’t stop to look behind.

    ….P.S Just don’t come over here πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha right! Or at least has some fucking balls and fight back. I mean, they know they are done for but why not just put up a last fight there are so many of them. I sure one of them could manage to snag a gun.

      1. @3rd

        Agreed, I swear if I ever find myself in a position where we as a group outnumber the people who have taken us hostage and on the count of 3 we are all meant to rush them and no one does. Just let me run out on my own and get shot in the face? Gosh I’m gonna be real mad…

        1. @the Judge

          I’d die right next to you because I ain’t dying in a ditch with my finger laces around my head. Id rather die charging at my captors then like a human cattle.

        2. @judge
          The “?” is, how do you convince those around you to fight. I am sure “Snackbar State” is telling them they will live if they follow directions( for their movie). But I am with you, I would fight. Whether on a plane, in a movie theater, or in Snackbarian Desert I would fight.

          I would bet some have tried. There has to be a video or 2 out there somewhere. Of course they would never show it, hahah.

          I have often wondered if some of the beheadings and torturous deaths we have seen from them are the ones who fought or did not comply. There were a few very torturous vids where the man was stabbed 100s of times, fingers cut off, beat, knife in spine, then shot. I always thought he must have fought back!!!

          I would rather be shot in the face, stomach, stabbed and tortured than to sit down and let someone shoot me without a fight.

        3. its easy to say that you would fight and that’s just it its easy you would fight I know for a fact I would go all out and die with some self respect even if I just give the cunt a broken nose he will remember and tell his mates that not all of them are gonna buckle that easy

    2. Takes a lot to shock me , but that s wanton as fuck mate, totally agree with you,

      To see those fuckers coming over the horizon must be chilling indeed. The black flag of death.

      We should tear every mosque here down. But first we need to see off the Yids.

    3. These are fucking gutless pig shit examples of people . They kill in name of god. Yeah fuck you and your family name. You guys got some big trouble coming for you they will kill every member of your family for what you have done. Scum bags

    4. But wait Islam is the Religion of peace.
      They would never do this to poor innocent people. It had to be the Jews or Americans that did it. NOPE it was Islamic sons of B***hes. They did this evil crime all on their own. They would like to blame it on those other people. However it was them.
      Islam is the worship of the Moon Goddess Allah. They kill because they worship the devil. Sick people.

    5. You are absolutely right!
      This is unreal.
      I just can’t believe this shit is going on..
      I’m glad I was born in America. No matter how screwed our country- it isn’t like that- and I’m so thankful for that…
      I just want to know what is the point behind brutally killing so many people like this?!
      It’s not right I don’t give a damn where you’re from this is not okay to do this!!
      Why isn’t any one over there in that vicinity sending military out to start helping those people?!

      Could you imagine what was going through those heads of theirs just before they were blow off…the anticipation has got to be the worst…I can’t even imagine. I really can’t!

      This is the shit that needs to be on CNN-
      Why aren’t they showing what is really going on?!

      1. American media will publish whatever the state needs it to publish. They don’t report a lot of this because American tax dollars fund swine like ISIS or the cartels. Our hard earned money IS their payroll…..

    1. I, for one, recognise this as sarcasm, why not just water them down with grape *Cool aid* such as the Jonestown incident? They believed in the cause. Hear my sarcasm too? Flippen Cults, sheesh….


  2. Amazing how the prisoners all cooperated and made it easy for the killers. Like lambs to slaughter. No one tried to rush for a gun, jump out of a truck or anything. Just lay down and wait to be killed.

          1. No. that’s 4th world countries. I ate his eyes so his soul won’t be able to find me in the after life. and their brains so they don’t reincarnate into some retard that makes comments on best gore. If your gonna put down a culture or religion do it with a smart comment. other wise. you sound as stupid or worse as the people you’re trying to disrespect

          2. Oh right, you’re right. I should have just said “nigger countries”, “Israel” or “USA” instead. There, happy now? πŸ˜›

            But hey, youre a retard that makes coments on Best Gore, are you afraid people become like you? Oh well, at least i just “sound” as stupid or worse than them, but im certain that you ARE one of them, otherwise you wouldnt be that frustrated. πŸ˜†

    1. I Have been looking for this, and another video, about this Child Molestation, by the Jews, for a long time, bro! Thanks for finding and posting it, as i will put it on Facebook for about 300 + people to see! You, as always, ROCK @ Poz πŸ™‚

  3. How and were does ISIS gets it’s intel? Something doesn’t add up. These murderous extremist are to well prepared to put up such a fight. Who trained them? They certainly didn’t train themselves. Who came up with the idea to kill everyone they get their hands on?

    And of course ISIS makes threats towards Israel. It has to be very clear to the world that they have nothing to do with each other and are arch enemies. That’s part of the plan.

    Isis is not Muslim, they were created by mossad to counter Hezbollah. Other wise isis would be fighting in Israel today.

    Come on I thought this site was smarter.

  4. You said “civilians” if they were just civilians there would had been woman,children and old people. Kinda looks like everyone executed is a man of military age. Thus in all probability they were all soldiers.

      1. Exactly, @ Judge. I highly doubt that all were soldiers, but let,s say they were. In many of these Middle Eastern Countries, joining the Military is not a choice, but a duty, and you have no say in it! Anyway, killing at will, like this is nothing short of EVIL. ISIS is funded by the Israeli Terror Organization to destabilize, and thin out the population. They share the same bed, killing, and killing, and, you guessed it KILLING! This is Sad πŸ™

        1. ISIS is NOT the Free Syrian Army geez why can’t people get that? It is the same “Republican Propaganda Bullshit” that saids that Obama is a muslim and supports ISIS which is bs. Obama the US and Israel support the FSA thats their mercenary army

    1. @game of war
      I think most are soldiers not civilians. We have seen many times that the captured try to disguise their cammo and military gear so they are not captured. You can see numerous men in this video with their cover up pants around their knees. I am sure the others in tracksuits and civilian clothes were smarter and just removed their cammo completely.

      I am not saying there are no civilians there, and not saying Snackbar would even care. Just putting some of the pieces together from past posts.

  5. What is so FUCKING wrong with this world? No wonder the US Military wants to get involved. If I had the power, I would try to stop this genocide for the right to live, have my religion, and be free from this violence. For what the US represents on human rights and freedom, we should stand together and stop this inhalation.

    Bush was one thing, at the time, helping the Middle East with weapons however, how did he know what was to happen? It doesn’t prevent these people from killing each other.

    Out of all Best Gore, this one moved me to being very saddened. Not even pancaked heads, mauling, decapitation and fire. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the frightened begging for their life as the one man stood out…. taking off his jewelry to give, just to live.

    I don’t know.

    I wish the US would do something instead of waiting for an act of war toward their country to intervene. We as Canadians are helpless with our one war ship, 2 tanks and spare the bow and arrows.


    1. Dude, the US trained, armed, and financed this group. This isn’t even a conspiracy anymore this is well known to anyone who has looked into it.

      Watch the interview with former terrorist Nabeel Naim which is right here on Bestgore. He explains it all, and everything he says can be verified by legit news sources if you check on Google.

      This Middle East destabilization plan has been in effect since the late 90’s, before Bush, 9/11, and Obama.

    2. The US-Goverment doesn’t care about that people.
      Watch what is going on in Mexico theres almost the same shit and US-Goverment could do more. So why they will fly over the god damn pacific?
      just “to stop these murderers” no I think they want mineral resources

    3. @Steve
      Most Americans would want to stop this as well. Then again most of us are too busy eating and working that we don’t know whats really going on in the world. Most Americans are too soft to watch reality like this. Nobody wants to believe this could happen somewhere. We do have people picketing on corners to intervene in Syria (I have seen this for a couple years now here in Los Angeles).

      We can never know the facts of why and when our military will intervene, but it always seems to have $$$ attached. I understand our military is expensive to put in motion, so maybe they only fight when they can make a profit. With all our technology it seems we could easily eradicate them. There are also other politically driven issues that are beyond anyone’s full understanding. Involving Iraq, roots in Pakistan and Syria and veins that probably stem all through the middle east. They have been said to have 2Billion dollars (US). They steal gold and run kidnapping to support their opperations:
      Here is where and how they get funding:See “Finances” in this wiki article.

      I often wonder if the US is just letting everyone kill themselves for a while and recording how they operate. Morally we should get involved, but you cannot just jump into every war (well, unle$$ you are the U$A and do $o whenever you want). All I am saying is there is much we will never know or understand how our gov works. But most people in the world feel the same as you, and would like to help and stop the tyranny all over the world.

      All means to the end a horrific violence, can only be more violent than that which currently exists.

  6. They should have all ran off when they had the chance. They had nothing to lose as they where going to be shot/killed anyway. Why make it any easier for these gun wielding, dirty-ass stinking tramps?

    I’d rather be a moving target than a sitting duck.

  7. The hardcore mentality behind the actions displayed here are no different to me than that of any other competitive, high stakes situation. Except these people are getting away with their extreme judgements on others. If NFL fans could kill the fans of division rivals, they would. If Nintendo fans could have gotten away with executing Sega fans in the late 80s / early 90s, they would have. But they couldn’t. Wrong culture for such ferociousness. Despite how badly they…we…?…wanted to. Or want to. Whatever. We’re not interested in accepting our differences. Videos like this are proof. Or so they would want us to believe. Get me out of here…

    1. That was deep bro! But true. I use to play Sega Genesis, in my youth, & until my early 20,s I was addicted to Ghouls & Ghosts. If anybody would have tried to take my game, they would have suffered the same fate. πŸ˜‰

      1. @thedre,

        You used to play the Sega Genesis in your youth?. I was under the impression that you were of an older age.

        Anyway, I personally wouldn’t have minded if somebody had tried to take my copy of Ghouls and Ghosts because that game was fucking hard and caused me much agitation at the time.

        I preferred the Castlevania series.

        1. Yes @ Empty,,, it was very hard, and frustrating, but i beat it quite often near the end. Thinking back, i think that i was in my early twenties when my brother had this game, and i became addicted to it! That was the only game, that i knew, and played with. How was Castlevania ?

  8. Ruthless and merciless…. Let’s face it, this kinda thing has been going on in the Middle East for centuries. They just didn’t have mobile phones or the Internet back then, but the slaughter was just as brutal. All in the name of Allah, or whatever… Religion sucks at times…..

  9. This group was trained, armed, and funded by the United States. Everyone should watch the video with former terrorist Nabeel Naim (which is on this website). He explains everything about this group’s founding in great detail.

    And if you have a hard time believing a bearded Islamist savage looking person like I had, I did the work for you and verified his claims and they all checked out.

    Guardian article confirming his claims:

    Reuters article confirming same claim:

    Wikipedia article about Israeli operation Clean Break:

  10. For me, it’s the overwhelming apathy of the victims that makes this hard to watch. As others have said, there is no hope left within them, and seeing them obediently laying down their lives goes against all of Nature and God.
    All it would take is a head nod, and two of them could start a mosh pit. Yeah, they’ll still die, but they won’t have to face their maker as a coward. Or are they brave? Makes no sense..

    1. This is why in America we have the right to keep and bear arms. This is a solid foundation. Every person of legal age and sane mind and not a criminal has this right and it shall not be infringed upon. It’s called the 2nd amendment, our law, “We the people……” I myself carry a Israel made combat .45 cal pistol on my hip openly. It’s legal and I’m a good man who takes zero shit from bad guys. It’s a tried and true policy.

    2. I think that if they run, the extremists will catch them up and torture them (or even do something worse, like killing the rest of their families). Besides, it’s impossible to escape, the place is covered with extremists. It may not be clear in the video, but there’s like one terrorist for each captured soldier and they are executed in territories controlled by the terrorists.

      1. I dont think they have any way to know where their families are, and even if they know, theres no guarantee they will remain safe from those primitives. So if i was in that situation, if my family was at risk, i dont think that would matter to me much since i would be dead anyways, they’d better put me down quickly, since as long as i have breath, i wouldnt stay still like a sheep ready to go for slaughter just because of some retarded belief. I’d rather go down fighting than like that.

    1. Right, just like any coward , show some bottle and the low life bastards would think twice.

      For once in my life I really wish they would send in the SAS to kick their sorry arse. They’d meet their match and then some.

  11. To answer everyones question on why didn’t they fight back their gonna die anyway? Well at best your gonna lie down and take a bullet to the head and a quick death and off to see the virgins. Now suppose you went for a gun and slipped on a banana peel and failed. Well then it wouldn’t be a nice little shot to the head. Instead you would be strung up and have your dick cut off and sticks shoved up your ass and probably tortured for days and beg for them to kill you. The bullet in the head is a lot easier and painless.

  12. The whole fucking gaggle are animals? The entire middle east should be turned into a glass covered, self lit parking lot by hydrogen bombs.

    Personally, It?s my thought that it?s only a (short) matter of time before some well financed whack job like BinLaden gets a nuke and lights it off on Wall Street or Washington. Perhaps both at the same time.

    These crazy bastards have such faith in their nut-job god? Well I say send each and every one to go meet him/her/it. Enough. They are savages, one and all.

  13. You would have thought regular Iraqis would have learned by now. Always be armed and never…ever…surrender if you come across ISIS, for if you do, this is the fate that awaits you. When you are out of bullets, start throwing rocks.

  14. Can only feel slight sadness, and that too because England is being gradually filled by muslims, a frigging shame.
    These are all smelly muzzie cunts too, just some of them have guns.
    BAN mosques, ban Islam before it’s too late.

  15. omg, what the hell the world is gonna do? i think all those people together can disarm 1 or 2 of this motherfucker and try to save their life, if i know that i’m going to die i try my best to save my life omg, and the BIGS OF THE WORLD permit this? that’s ashame

  16. I didn’t read all the comments, so please excuse me if I am repeating sentiment.

    Anyone who would willingly lay down in their own grave deserves to be shot in the head.

    Gene pool WIN!

  17. on the website of germany’s biggest newspaper “Bild” is a report about this case along with some pictures. i linked the video of the mass executions on Bild yesterday, somewhere below a off topic article. helped a little out :). but the support of USrael and the lies about Russia unfortunately continues, if not happens a miracle someday.

    here’s the prove:

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