Mass Execution of 20 ISIS Fighters in Benghazi, Libya

Mass Execution of 20 ISIS Fighters in Benghazi, Libya

In early July it was reported that after 3 years of fighting for the city of Benghazi, the self styled Libyan National Army under the leadership of Khalifa Haftar defeated the Islamic State fighters and regained the control of the city.

Now, a video of mass execution of a group of 20 alleged ISIS fighters has been released, and while little background info is available, it is possible the killers are the men of Khalifa Haftar, and the killed were people captured during their overtake of the city of Benghazi.

The video consists of images depicting an execution of 18 men wearing orange jumpsuits while kneeling on the ground. At the end of the video, two more men are executed in much the same manner – with a close range gunshot to the back of their heads.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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103 thoughts on “Mass Execution of 20 ISIS Fighters in Benghazi, Libya”

          1. Can’t be mad at the guy for trying to pretend he was dead. The best is if he would have tricked them and got buried alive in a mass grave!

  1. What the he’ll was the point of all that? Why not just shoot them all at once and get it over with? You can tell that ISIS was on the receiving end in this video and had nothing to do with the production of it.

    1. My only complaint bout the editing of this video is that the last part should have been the very beginning
      (The last two that were executed)
      And it would have been pro if the video had ended 20 seconds before it did.
      (When they executed the last two of the bunch.)

  2. Whatever happened to google glass? They would have been perfect for capturing these types of executions. Have a single person do all 20 and let them record it with google glass.

    I don’t understand how medical professionals, military and law enforcement didn’t see the value in google glass…

  3. wow-thats some out the gate shit right there.
    they would have once been geared up,4×4’s from the u.s.a, 5;11 tactical gear,spunky heavy weapons and in vogue ammo vests and adidas sneakers yelling more snackbars than you can shake a tail at.
    looking forward to cashing their saudi/israel mercenary shekels.
    and hanging out with hookers while snorting coke.
    now theyre on their knees,in g. bay style trackies,getting some lead medicine.
    you backed the wrong team fullas.

  4. The only thing that really bothers me is that this is much more humane method of execution than they have given anyone else in their sphere be it Syria, Iraq, Lybia or anywhere else. They should’ve impaled them in the good old mudslime tradition and let them die slow.

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