Mexican Drug Cartel Execution by Blowtorch

Mexican Drug Cartel Execution by Blowtorch

On Tuesday August 14, 2012 an identified man was found at the intersection of Avenida Jorge Almada and Benito Juárez street in Navolato, Sinaloa, Mexico. The man bore multiple signs of torture and his face and hands were burnt down to a bone. Witnesses said the body was thrown in the street from a moving truck manned by three people.

Piece of cardboard (narcomensaje) attached to the man’s chest read:

Aki andamos presentes put… Arriba Carrillo Fuentes hay pa k vallan y digan 53 R6…

Google translated it into this funny shit:

Aki walk these put… Top Carrillo Fuentes’s pa 53 k R6 vallan and say…

The man was later identified as Prudencio Jacobo Aragón from Villa Angel Flores. Authorities speculate that sicarios torched his face with a blowtorched until he died from it. So far nao drug cartel claimed responsibility for the execution.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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63 thoughts on “Mexican Drug Cartel Execution by Blowtorch”

  1. 1#: Whats the madder fool?
    2#: diz beheadings y decapiations don?t scare people no more.
    1#: we could skin dis fu.
    2# nah fool ,we don?t wanna plagerize dos Sinaloa cartels.
    1#: Ah Fool you still got dat Blow torch we use to fix yo Carro homie?
    2#: O_O?.=) your the greatest foo!

  2. I think I’d much rather take a beheading that a slow blow torching death… I can’t imagine how horrible this form of torture was. And the fucker smelled fucking gastly no doubt. Burning hair and skin is one of the sickest things your nose will ever encounter. Really wish there was a video for this, One can only hope there are more of these, With video footage.

    1. With those cheap-ass knives they use, beheading is right up there with torching. In fact, a blow torch would be faster … and no messy blood to clean up. Just pick up the crispy critter and take it to the morgue … no muss, no fuss!

  3. Love that -due to all the Narcos killing each other, perhaps -people automatically presume complete guilt of anyone killed & the remains displayed publicly. Someone could conceivably hide their own killings by placing Narco messages at the scene…

  4. He must’ve done something unique to be awarded such an execution. Like maybe he was a chain smoker, or over cooked too many of his employer’s meals. Or maybe his executioners were just feeling creative that night. Like, “Hey, my brother-in-law left his blowtorch here. Let’s use THAT on him.” Only the lucky condemned Meh-Hee-Cans get a straight bullet to the head. Imagine knowing that you’re fucked, and a bullet to the head is your last best hope in this life. This kind of creativity only comes from poor people backgrounds. “Necessity is the mother of invention”. People accustomed to the finer things in life don’t bother coming up with such unusual methods of execution. They’ve got other stuff to worry about. Like cigar brands. Thank the imagined gods for the working class, and their ability to not forget their roots.

  5. I wonder how long a person can stay conscious when someone is melting off their face with a blowtorch, the agony must be simply indescribable. The only thing that came to mind when seeing this was that torture porn flick Hostel where that Asian lady got burned so bad her eyeball was hanging by a thread.

    Hope the day comes when a video of this is made so that I can experience same emotions of when I first came to this site, something really brutal that will leave me reeling in fear and revulsion.

  6. No fucking video again!! WTF are the cartels doing, they having a media blackout or something. That video over at Mundonarco looks more like gay porn than a torture/interrogation vid as well, I swear the guy looks at the camera with a smile on his face at the end of it like he’s enjoying the spanking/whipping he’s getting. It does look like they’re getting more creative now though with the live skinning and now this. I’m waiting for the wood chipper next…but please, please do a video.

  7. Proper Translation “We are here Present *****…. Heil Carrillo Fuentes , There so yall go and say 53 R6”

    Fuentes is the leaser of the juarez cartel. Brother of Amado Carillo Fuentes. Biggest drug lord mexico has had even bigger than el chapo guzman.

  8. The real translation or best ones comes out to this

    Aki andamos presentes Arriba Carrillo Fuentes hay pa k vallan y digan 53 R6.
    Here we are present, Arriba Carillo fuentes, there so you can go and tell 53 R6.

    I think put* was suppose to be puto they just forgot to include the o at the end

    Part of the reason it sounds funny is because Google won’t find translations for shorten up words they’re shortening them up like people do in texts…for instance instead of spelling out the word your they’ll spell it ur.

  9. Translation (Spanish): Aqu? andamos presentes putos? Arriba Carrillo Fuentes ah? para que vallan y digan 53 R6? (English) Here we are present fuckers… Props to Carrillo Fuentes here it is so you can all go and tell that Mr. 53 or R6 did it. (53 or R6) that?s the nickname of the boss of these muerderes!!

  10. Well when you’re out of bullets and the chainsaw is on the blink, why not take the giant blowtorch you use for marathon meth smoking sessions and execute someone with it? I mean, might as well kill 2 birds with one torch.

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