Mexican Drug Cartel Execution – Penis and Balls Cut Off Before Beheading

Mexican Drug Cartel Execution - Penis and Balls Cut Off Before Beheading

Another one from the Mexican Drug Cartel videos series originally published by Blog del Narco – this time it’s an execution of a man who is seen hanged naked upside down while his captors cut off his penis and balls, behead him with a machete and bit by bit mutilate his entire body by cutting each limb at each main joint.

The assailants wear military fatigues with blue t-shirts and masks over their faces. Each is also armed with an assault rifle (graciously provided by the Obama administration through Project Gunrunner – Fast and Furious anyone? But then again, he’d also armed the terrorists in Libya and presently arming extremists in Syria so what’s a few armed gangs south of the US border?). Most of the cutting and chopping is done by two of the captors while about half a dozen others stand guard forming a gruesome visual background to the execution.

While his penis and balls are being cuts off, the upside down man wriggles a lot knowing what horrors are coming to him. However as soon as the beheading starts, the wriggling stops. As if losing a penis was much scarier than losing a head. Though, the more he twitched, the more pain he must have brought upon himself as instead of delivering a few well targeted chop chops at the Johnson, the captors had to slash about his crotch with a blade for a long time. Luckily for the victim, he was already dead when the dismemberment started.

As with most beheadings, the tool used to decapitate the captive doesn’t seem overly sharp. Certainly appears as dull as the machete used by La Guera Loca. Perhaps Obama should hook the cartels up with Arkansas Stone?

The festive background music you hear in this video is what they refer to in Mexico as Narcocorrido. From what I understand, Narcocorrido songs celebrate illegal activities of the drug cartels and praise murder, torture and other such doings of the Narcos. Seems like an appropriate choice for a video of a guy getting castrated.

Many thanks to Chuck Ufarley and countless others who poked me to post this video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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253 thoughts on “Mexican Drug Cartel Execution – Penis and Balls Cut Off Before Beheading”

    1. i had once opened BestGore in an internet shop here at my place and watched the Chainsaw Beheading as i noticed a lady in her 50’s using a computer right next to me’s look in her face  is just pure sick “fascination”… she kept turning back to my screen (it’s one of those things where it’s disgusting but you just can’t stop looking)
      and i remember she said ” good grief, you need to talk to someone”

      1. I don’t know why you would show off in front of people that you are desensitized by watching shocking videos in front of them. I can guarantee you one thing and that is, if the beheading were to happen to you, you’ll definitely shit yourself.

        So yeah, not only you, but those who watches shocking videos in public should avoid the mentality that some how watching these in front of them makes you superior just because you aren’t “shocked”.

        1. blah.blah.blah……what are you a fucking priest or something? Let me preach you something kid….This is reality and i don’t fucking care what the hell you think or say should be morally correct..just because i watched it elsewhere doesn’t mean i am “superior” (ha ha ha). jeez.
          and please don’t write about the “What if it happens to me shits” doesn’t work for me. Stop writing about moral stuffs here i tell’re a hypocrite..try better next time.

          1. Couldn’t agree more. I like how people like him/her always say that stuff, yet they’re on the site watching it themselves.

          2. I’m so glad I found this site! I haven’t had this much enjoyment in I don’t know how long. And for those ppl who can’t take the comments…go the fuck away!!

          3. I agree with you Vack Mehoff… 100 % the hypocrite above you need to preach non judgementalism… just like his religion says not to… non of then do that = and is the start for the “Hate”value to begin

        1. Really? Devilvixen is the right name. It will only be funny if you are tortured similarly. A stupid joke is one thing, but to actually feel the way you feel? I hope God introduces you to your devil and such horror in 2012.

    2. I ALWAYS want to know what happens to the penises and balls that get cut off of guys. We know what happened to the guy. But I want to know what eventually happened to the penis. Who all got it, what they did with it, who has it now, and where is it now?

  1. Brutal…
    There’s something very gay about this clip. The music, maybe? The fucking music made me laugh…sounds like something you would hear at a post-futbol fiesta.

    I did find it odd at how much at ease this dude was to know his head was being cut off. I think maybe he thought they were to cut his junk off and let him live like that. I know I would welcome death at that point.

    But I have got to watch it again and hear that hilarious music 😀

    1. Right there with ya on the tunes…. I’m not a latin music fan, but sometimes that shit will stick with ya. There was this viral vid of a dancing Chihuahua a few months back, the dog was cute and all up on it’s bitty hind legs, but the Mexican Music it was dancing to. Holy shit I couldn’t get it outta my head!

      1. That kind of music is called “corridos” they sing about the mexican drug lords,mexican mafia,”narcotraficantes” and their lifes,friends,life travesy. i love them of course just a few ones cuz theres a lot of shitty comercial stuff that newbies shitty artist made. Im mexican

        1. Well, to be fair, “corridos” are usually ballads about relevant social topics — poverty, the plight of the lower class, etc, though some are just love ballads and what not. It would be more accurate to call these songs “narcocorridos,” which…well…is what they are.

      1. Laugh or crave Mexican food? You really didn’t terrible for awhile even though you knew it was inevitable to the guy? First time on here (from Alabama) so I may not get some of the humor. But I noticed a lot less and even some zero compassion from my own gender, female, so I’m hella curious about that too.

      1. Thats right you wouldnt laugh if you knew what the song says i ve already told to a girl that post something about the music that kind of music its called “corridos” they sing about mexican drug lords,mafia lords… i know cuz im mexican and i live in Mexico,homie

    2. The song is “Jefe de Jefes ” its about Arturo Beltran Leyva.Its being blasted for a reason so the last thing that man hears besides his cock peeling off is a song about the man thats having his cock peeled off (sounded less gayer in my head) sucks to be him…

  2. anybody living within a 100 MILE RADIUS of where this is should RELOCATE aka MOVE … even if your DIRT POOR .. YOU can gather up enough of your shit & MOVE to another SHIT HOLE AREA with less chance of being MURDERED right ?? why stick around & risk having your LIFE ENDED this way & if your a member of the CARTEL & YOU even think of doing anything suspicious to your fellow CARTEL MEMBERS your an IDIOT

    1. I don’t understand why they keep killing each other. If it’s for money, they don’t have very much time to spend it. Like if they buy a new car, it’ll be bombed sooner or later. They must get their jollies by chopping up each other’s bodies, I guess.

    1. Agreed on both counts…HD would be appreciated, but this is Mexico, where the typical pay is like $20 a day.

      Executioner’s a fag. Probably saved ol’ boy’s junk to play with later, or some sort of faggotry.

    2. No shit! At lease where gloves ( a couple layers of gloves). You have to have some sort of pleasure , handling your capture’s junk bare hand. Aren’t these morons afraid of catching some sort of disease or infections. It’s just nasty cutting someones head off as there filthy blood drips onto your bare skin. What a bunch of evil morons! BTHW lets keep my moronic comment about these morons exclusively on best gore,lol. Although I’m far from them, I don’t want them to be piss to the point where they would board a plane to my front door! lol. I’m not gonna pretend to be a big man, I’ll be the first to run like a mother fucker if these tards were after me!

      1. naw, your fine with your english, and there is a good chance that in previous NARCO posting, this guy’s leftovers are what ere depicted thrown into a fleshy pile.

        If you are so inclined, anybody intrested can go back through the “archives” and look for the torso-1 penis & 1 nutsack…..NOT IT!

        1. hey Rotten, this is the first time I’ve been on BG for 24 hrs! I just got up at 6 30 am to quickly get on before I go to work, I’ll go through the older comments later though, I thought I’d have time to have a look at the new posts and quickly say ‘gudday’!

  3. In all honesty, while I’m definitely fascinated by the anatomical aspect of the human body and therefore I am drawn to the videos of murder scenes, accidents, surgeries, etc … But when it comes to video’s like this one, where the pure depravity of the human nature at it’s worst is being exercised, I have no desire whatsoever in watching them, and mostly, I don’t …. as I would take no pleasure in viewing someone’s last minutes of life, being tortured and mutilated without mercy, while they writhe in pain for their final moments of existence, and while absolutely, no amount or extent of anatomical gore effects me in the least little bit, but the treatment of a fellow human being in this manner by another “supposedly” human being, makes me honestly sick at my stomach, and leaves you with this feeling of emptiness and deep sadness.(and I can’t say that I truly understand why anyone would enjoy watching the suffering of another, but if that’s your things … then it’s none of my business, that’s for sure)

    1. I for one, speak for most of us when I thank you for Your knowlage and the insight that you have brought to the site COUNTLESS times.
      Thank You MedEx (there was a question I proposed to you spicificaly a while back, 50 coonies in a container, on the spicific pic of the twine-wraps around the jaw, don’t know if you saw that one or not)

  4. I would like to see someone get chainsawed in half longways or get thier head cut off , like, across the nose so the mouth area is still attatched to the body! I haven’t seen any thing like that yet.

    1. Weird, seems like it would simply be the progression to ward off boardem from repition.
      I’M still waiting to see a SAWZALL DECAPITATION!

      The ease of a chainsaw, but brutal as a hacksaw! and ANYBODY can do it, even little cartel children.

  5. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to hear Mexican music again without thinking of this video. Ugh, man. That’s going to be weird the next time I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant. They blast this stuff in there!

  6. As ruthless as this is, could you imagine them doing this to a loved one right in front of you and then doing you…..Ill bet its done all the time….Probably with entire family’s…

  7. That guy got it worse than just about anyone I have seen. Getting your head sawed off is an awful enough way to go, but to be nuetered before? Geesh. At least they didn’t wait very long after sawing off his twig and berries before cutting his head off. I mean, if you can call that “mercy”.

    Executions that maybe worse:
    Africans burning accuesed witches
    Two guys and a hammer

    1. When are you 2 gonna fuck? You’ve had the whole ” We respect eachother so much as friends” thing going on for awhile now. I know what your really saying there, replace the words “recoginition” with “Cock” and “Awesome” with “I love you”. I think its great though, and you two crazy kids really got a chance in this crazy world!

      1. just a bit of mild flirting, @RS lives in US, I live in Australia, so a meet-up is very unlikely to happen. It fun to chat with him and he ALWAYS answers, I’m not on Facebook or Myspace etc, so we just clog up BG with our conversations, I’m fairly embarrassed by your suggestion BIG JOHNSON! seriously my face has gone red, its silly cos I don’t even know any of ya’s!

        1. Im just fucking around. I think its cute the way you 2 babble on and on with each other. I dont read all of the comments between you 2 cause sometimes they get too fucking long, but still cute non the less

          1. There aint no other sites that compare to this one. Trust me. Ive checked ’em all. Maybe he’s dead? ………Or he might just be busy. It`s hard to say

          2. (this is a reply made 10 days in the future)
            My computer fried it’s hardrive.
            I couldn’t go anywhere else even if I wanted to.
            Which, I don’t.

            For some weird reason, I actually consider You, Friends.

            NOT wat I was looking for but weird shit happens on the internet.

  8. I think it would’ve been more cruel to let him live after hacking off his weewee.. It sorta looked like he passed out after they took his junk off,makes the whole beheading part a bit less inconvenient.

  9. Why when male genitals are hacked off there is no blood? In this video, all you can see is yellow stuff (fat?). I agree with what MedEx says. Bottom line is these people are animals. Actually, I like animals, except rats and other vermin. OK, how about “vermin” describing those assholes?

  10. Actually, cartels normally take better care of small towns than the fed does. They both are equally as murderous and crooked…and the cartels protect/pay for more than the government does.

  11. Brutal. The lining of fat has lost its blood supply as he has been hung upside down like cattle; giving a yellowish putrid color to the lost crotch area. The pain must have been off the scale and he must have felt some relief when he was to have his head hacked away. I think the reason he stopped twitching aster losing his junk is probably down to him going in and out of unconsciousness. I think the pain threshold he has had to endure means he must have been out cold. The brain shuts off making for a painless beheading. The tunage is very gay but not as gay as the Dagestanian cossack dancers. Props to Mark for the selfless act of dedicating his time and effort into uploading new vidz for our entertainment. Robert

  12. Another 1 of my favs just wish the vid was 1080p and not 80p. Also why dont they ever dismember while alive thats what i wanna see them axe an arm an leg off before they kill them.Well heres lookin to future cartel killins wish they had a suggestion box for futue killings tho.

    1. Can you please be more ignorant?
      Trillions of people use drugs everyday and this doesn’t happen to them. Besides most drugs is shipped abroad for instance to the USA.

      This video didn’t make me laugh at all, we are all facinated by death otherwise we would watch these. But in all honesty i found this vid quite disturbing, i think it’s in the top 3 with the chainsaw beheading and the beheading of fully awake man.

      To imagine that once this person was held as a baby in the arms of his mother and to end up as a piece of meat hanging upside down butchered alive…

      Like MedEx posted i can’t imagine doing that to someone else. If they were in a 1:1 fashion with the victim none of them would do this is my bet. It’s a group driven thing. Humans in groups go to great lengths to prove how badass they are.

      1. of course its a ‘group’ thing, a gang of youths coming at you while walking down the street can be intimidating, but 1 on their own is too scared to even look someone in the eye! it also seems the bigger the group the worse the behaviour becomes – mass hysteria! maybe some ‘races’ or ‘poorer’ people are more susceptible to certain behaviours?

      2. I totally agree. I wasn’t sick but had terrible images of that poor man for 1-2 days. The squirming, God. I was thinking, how long can one last upside down first of all. That must be very painful after 1-2 minutes, ankles nerves getting damages, eyes full of blood. Then the castration woke him horribly. After all that ended he probably was thinking of his parents’ faces over and over and over.

  13. I don’t see where everyone says he didn’t struggle for his decap, I sure saw him struggle. Those guys that were holding out his arms were pulling so tight he could barely move. If you look at his chest it looks like he is moving his lower body around quite a bit.
    Personally I think cutting off his junk and just leaving him like that would have sent more of a message, to guys at least.

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