Mexican Man Skinned by Rival Narco Cartel

Skinned Narco Cartel Member After Torture by Rival Cartel

This corpse of a Mexican man who was tortured and skinned by a rival narco cartel was discovered yesterday, April 16, 2011 in Tepic City, Nayarit State, Mexico at around 12:55am local time. No further information as to the identity of the man, which cartel he was affiliated with and who the torturers were is available at this time. Hot off the press pictures. Looks like peeling skin off their captured rivals is quickly becoming a favorite form of torture among the Mexican drug cartels.

Big thanks to Best Gore supporter GalloAntrax for sending these and many other pictures of fresh gore from Mexico in.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “Mexican Man Skinned by Rival Narco Cartel”

  1. They cut off his hands and used them to taunt him, too. I bet he was forced to eat one of his own hands. The old Aztec torture.

    In these flaying cases, they often find discarded lemons around. I guess the cartels are being exquisite. Cannot think of a more painful way to die than being slowly skinned alive while lemon is rubbed on the exposed dermis.

    And you gringos think we don’t have imagination.

    1. The Native Americans also used torture techniques included burning the captive which was reported as done by one hot coal at a time, cutting with knives, beatings with switches or clubs, and stabbings from sharp objects. Prisoners’ fingernails were ripped out. Their fingers were broken, then twisted and pulled off. Captives were made to eat pieces of their own flesh, and were scalped alive. “Cannibalism” was just as prevolent .These acts were viewed as most disturbing. Tribesman feasted on their captives while other captives watched in horror, and were powerless to stop them.?

        1. Yeah worst way to go…. well that is until a 4m great white shark starts chewing from your toes right all the way up till there’s nothing left…or until you find your cartel buddies are chopping off your limbs and head with a noisy rusty 2 stroke chain saw…..

    1. No! No!
      Skin and then salt!

      Forget pepper, its a home remedy to stop minor bleeding. I used it last week after I picked a small scab off too early.

      Just don’t JAM the raw tissue into it! Sprinkle, or pour is on to the wound.
      Give it a day or so to dry, the bleeding will have been stopped and the pepper will fall off.

      I even bought a field emergency kit at a gun show, all the tools for minor sew-ups for around 5-10 US$ and also bought the iodine pills for radiation, sealed bottle and cheap!

  2. Actually, this tortured creature got the last laugh. His troubles are over. He’s been put out of his misery. He is out of this stinkin’, lousy, Hell-hole of a world. He is now like before he was born. All is quiet for the rest of eternity for this guy. The cartel killers are still alive(for now)and must continue to deal with the day-to-day of their $hitty existence.

  3. You know what pisses me off?

    The cartels have a lot of money, the leaders even have heliports and golf courses in their property (that they never use, btw), but they don’t have video cameras.

    Is it too much to ask for them to film when they do their stuff? A pic is ok, but movies would be epic. We could hear the poor bastard screaming, we could see him getting fed his own hand, we could witness the slow peeling off of the skin and the rubbing of the lemon, we could see this dead asswipe howling in pain.

    All we get is two or three pics. Greedy bunch of pendejos.

    1. they do have a web site…i think it’s called “el portal” and supposedly they have videos of them skinning people. i just heard of this today and i’m gonna check it out haha. i have seen cooler pix on the ALARMA! magazines i buy. i wish i had a scanner so i could share…ughh

      1. I like to see proof this is actual torture ( in a vid hehe).
        Skinning someone alive takes a lot of time but the victim stays alive till the end…even worse than burning wounds i guess.

  4. Mexicans are pretty violent and known for their sick violent twisted imaginations. It’s no wonder they are descendant of barbaric Aztecs along with creativity that comes from their Spaniard invaders which adds elements of intelligence in their savage barbaric minds. I would never trust or turn my back on a Mexican and probably never befriend one. But then there are many people non-Mexicans that are violent as well. We live in a truly sick society.

  5. Oh man i just thought of a great way to kill someone while looking at this so i figured i would post it. After strapping a person in a chair you carefully and surgically remove the top of the cranium exposing the brain (keeping the victim alive of course). Then with a well place low set heating lamp let the exposed brain sit until it literally fries their mind! 😀

  6. For all the bad thoughts people could send me, at least this killing shows dedication. Far too many people are murdered over silly stuff, and sometimes without much thought. i think if you are evil or mad enough to kill people, you should do it right.
    Richard Kuklinski fed a guy to rats in a cave and sat and watched…he claims it bothered him..somewhat.

    im impressed by this!
    We need more killers who have dedication to murder….shooting kids is for side effected SSRI kids

    Which goes to show the lack of dedication, IMHO, of the Norway killer…hes nothing but a Virginia Tech copy cat. Well, bombs, a columbine copycat…with alot of time to think it out too…32 years old!

    all the more reason to send him to Mexico!

    Knights Templars!

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