Mexican Civilians Uniting to Fight the Drug Cartels

Mexican Civilians Uniting to Fight the Drug Cartels

Best Gore member kaislaer hooked me up with these photos which show ordinary Mexicans uniting to form their own forces with which they fight the drug cartels. Because the police in many places are corrupt and often on it with the cartels, the civilians have no one to turn to so their only option is to do the work an honorable police force should be doing with their own devices. Kaislaer summed it up with the following words:

After the Mexican’s government unsuccessful war against organized crime, people have began to fight against this threat with their own resources. About 20 towns have armed themselves in the states of Guerrero and Michoacan and have already injured, killed and arrested alleged criminals. They began placing checkpoint in the roads that are near their communities and also tracked down and arrested extortionists, robbers, kidnappers and anyone known to take part in criminal activities. They also target police force members who are corrupt.

After they are captured, the civilian force turns the criminals over to Mexican army or Mexican federal force. Towns in which they operate have been under the siege of the cartels, having been forced to pay for “protection” they did not need before these criminals groups arrived. After a series of armed robberies across the town of Olinala in Guerrero, people had had enough and got any kind of weapons they could find, and started to fight back. A few months later, many other towns did followed suit.

The Mexican government has declared this an illegal activity, but has not taken any kind of measures against the people who are protecting their towns and families.

I don’t hold high hopes for these groups however righteous their initial purpose may seem. People are fundamentally greedy and corrupt and the more they have, the more they want. That is particularly the case with power. The more power you have, the more you want so even if their initial cause is righteous, if they continue on, soon these righteous warriors become a cartel of their own.

This is exactly what happened with Mata Zetas. The group was originally just an assembly of young Mexicans who have had enough of watching their family members tortured and massacred by then very active and exceptionally ruthless the Zetas cartel and formed a civilian force with a primary goal of waging war on the Z. But as their strength and influence grew, they started doing more than just killing Los Zetas and got involved with drug trafficking themselves. That lead to the creation of CJNG (Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación).

This is pretty much the way people are. Nobody gives a shit about common good. Everybody wants to have more than their neighbor. So even if the original intention is to do common good, give the man a taste of wealth and power, and the common good will get shoved up everyone’s ass. Nothing pisses a man more than when his neighbor has more than himself and likewise, nothing pleases a man more than when he has more than his neighbor.

Nobody does shit just because it’s the right thing to do. People only do shit if there is something in it for them. Nobody will sacrifice a night of sleep to go collect garbage along a public road when nobody can see them just because it would serve the greater good and people who use that road would appreciate the surprise of seeing it clean. No fucking way. People don’t volunteer for the sake of helping somebody else. They do it to help themselves by either having something to brag about, or getting awards or recognition in the media, or because it’s the only way to sneakily gain whatever they’re after. Likewise, mercenaries in Syria don’t fight for freedom or democracy or whatever other fancy rhetoric they may use. They fight for money and because they desire the power they would get should they succeed in overthrowing the government.

And that’s why I find it a cruel joke for the Gods to put me on the same fucking planet with this filth. I don’t belong here. I want out!

Props to Best Gore member kaislaer for the pics:

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40 thoughts on “Mexican Civilians Uniting to Fight the Drug Cartels”

  1. My take on this would be an early assumption that civil war in effect would be the result. Only the civilians need a boat load of weapons and there better be a lot of them because they’re going to die, many of them. It’s a nice thought but in reality they cannot possibly change the course of their country. The illegal drug business is going to consume everything in its path..

    1. its really sad but true the pjr in mexico are usually paid by the cartels for protection and to let them operate.i hade to pay a zeta 500 to let my husband cross the border or they were going to kill him. i hate to say it but mexico is a scary place to visit let alone live.

  2. That’s fucking rad. And THIS my friends is why a nations law abiding peaceful citizens need to have the right to own weapons. For self defense yes, but ultimately to protect their basic freedoms and to keep corruption in check. Hope the best for these guys.

    1. You wont find this kind of violence in Europe and the civilized parts of Asia, they got no guns and there wont ever be a need for the for civilians.
      To me Latin America, like South Africa and the Middle East are simply the uncivilized parts of the world and it’s their nature to kill each other, and they will:)

      1. Yes of course, like europeans killed millions of people during the inquisition, made a massive invasions to the world, started the two world wars and they will start the third, or North America, always try to be a God for the world making invasions proclaiming democracy and freedom but there’s no other reasons than killing people by their own benefit and enslaving countries of the third world, exploiting their resources and saying to the “first” world that is by their freedom. You shouldn’t say or generalize just a few countries calling them that “it’s their nature to kill each other” when others kill by their own benefice. The correct words must be “we?re humans, it’s our nature to kill each other”

        1. Yes I might be wrong about the nature part, but those three parts of the world contain the weaker humans that’s for sure. The things you mention that Europa did was a long time ago and starting the WW3 is speculation so I ain’t gonna go on that. Yes America/Eu etc have and still are fucking up the rest of the world, in a less visible way, for their own benefit. So what? My points are still valid. They advanced first and have the most power, so they rule the weaker parts of the world. Those three areas have such massive problems that it’ll take hundreds of years for they can even come close to the average decency of an American/European.
          Latin America is being destroyed by drugs, Middle East will go back in time because that is what Islam stands for and Africa….well…that shithole is beyond any help.

      2. You will find gun violence in certain parts of the USA. 95% of them generally have three things in common:

        Large Black demographic, Democrat and Strict Gun laws.

        And that’s what the Anti-Gun rights people don’t get. It doesn’t remove guns from criminals – it removes guns from law abiding citizens.

  3. good for the civilians, stand and fight

    because if they don’t, those criminals will just keep coming at them, extorting honest businessmen, kidnapping, drug dealing and all sorts of crimes that are perpetuated on innocent, unarmed civilians

    they should have done this a long time ago, considering their government has limited resources in fighting the cartels

  4. Truth: Evil is Real in this world. Yet there IS still good in this world, Beileive it or not. Nobody does shit just because it is the right thing to do? People only do shit because there is something in it for them? BULLSHIT! The ‘something’ in it for those who beleive in good is the satisfaction of knowing they are doing the right thing. If you cannot understand that then I trully pity you. If there is an afterlife you will not be part of it unless you wake the Fuck up and understand. “Dont do to others what you would not want done to yourself.” Wake the Fuck up

    1. Good and Evil are human concepts, given substance via our Higher Intelligence, Free-Will, and compatibility for complex thinking thanks to Evolution.

      There is no punishment for a man that rapes a 2 year old girl, other than the punishment given to him by other Humans.

      This is why people who argue against ‘morality’ are so clueless. Without morality, we’d be worse than animals.

      In some cases, we already are.

      Humans are evolution’s greatest and worst triumph/mistake.

      If it wasn’t for our ability to keep ourselves in check, well… Certain parts of the world exhibit the result of that far better than words ever could.

    1. It is sad, but I hope that they can stick it out. Definitely sad about the corruption but super awesome that people are standing up and saying, “I’m as mad and hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Kind of like the kid that gets picked on by the bully day after day and finally snaps beating the crap out of the bully.
      I, for one, am proud of these people and wish them the best!

  5. Anti gun pussies have yet to make one valid point …. Just admit your scared of guns. Take away tobacco , alcohol, knives, sticks , cars , rocks, sports, fucking we should all wear crash helmets before we leave the house. The God of iron did not want slaves! Weapons are a necessary evil in this world. Until you can get rid of humans, gun laws will be useless ! all over the world the ones commiting murder arent using nice ass registered assault rifles. last time I checked your not supposed to murder period yet its done everyday with feet , hands, chords, fire, bricks, you name it fixing society will take more than one liberal pussy law. Fuck you anti gun homos.

    1. Good for these Mexicans bout time someone tried to do something. Gun laws worked well in Mexico only criminals are armed and thats how it is in the US black and Mexican gangs commit the vast majority of violence with stolen illegal guns …. And commit a crime knowing its illegal…. Show me laws that arent ignored by people who are evil . Liberals should be illegal. Old white republicans arent out shooting and jumping eachother in the streets. Sandy hook was a mentally disgruntled child, maybe devorce should be illegal so no more kids lose it.maybe the whole human race should steralize itself to prevent future crimes.

      1. I’m not sure about divorce being illegal.. I think Marriage should be. It doesn’t work anymore. Relationships of any kind in the West don’t seem to work. Everything in the West has become so expendable, from phones all the way to people.

        1. Im going to sterralize my balls with Nutrasweet… Im being semi sarcastic when i say make devorce illegal. Im using the logic of protecting people from themselves by removing rights. Or preventative measures… They say they cant have anymore shootings so lets take away parts of everyday life in order to prevent one tragedy. That would include alcohol , devorce, you name it . But it still wouldnt be fair for millions of us. In my opinion our only hope is to change the way we think not taking shit away from law abiding citizens . PS I love emotional hateful posts, they are better than people who use spell check and vocabulary as a substitute for real in depth thought and intelligence

  6. Mafalda said: “Stop the world that I want to get off!”
    But considering the cost to stop the world just for a girl to get off it, who would invest the money? Everyone pursues his own benefit, so I don’t think that she will be helped.

  7. It looks like they showed their targets no mercy just like the cartels do for theirs. That’s what I like the most about this, but they should adopt some of the cartels’ methods. Hacking the bodies up with machetes, beheadings… Fight fire with fire. Rev up the chainsaws, amigos!

  8. Fair play to the civillians for sticking up for themselves but it’s not gonna end well for them going up against people like the Zetas. Revenge is something that the cartels have perfected and they won’t hesitate to retaliate.

    This could backfire on the vigilante groups unfortunately….

  9. How the hell do they know who are the bad guys and who are the good guys? They all pretty much look alike. And the “good guys'” firearms look like cheap rifles instead of the big assault guns used by the cartels, police and military. They might as well use cap guns.

    1. In a bigger urban environment I can only speculate on how they know who the bad guys are.

      I have been to Mexico many times (small rural town) and the last time I was there (2009) everyone knew who the bad guys were. From what I gathered, the bad guys weren’t locals so that was the first give away. Second, these mother fuckers did’t hide and beat and murdered people in public in broad daylight. In this case, believe me it was easy to tell them apart.

      they were also riding around in BMW’s, Mercedes, and other foreign cars that aren’t common in a smaller rural town. This of course is different in bigger urban areas.

  10. Idk about that, maybe these civilians won’t go the same path, maybe they will. There is no way they can fight without being a little corrupted themselves, but if they have enough people, maybe they really can make it a bit more peaceful

  11. The photo of the person titled, “Corpse with Skull Deformed by Gunshot,” is not even a Mexican. They are clearly Egyptian from around 6,000 BC. (Or so) Go ahead and laugh at the History Channel. They speak the truth! 😉

    1. Well this site is about real, harsh reality, and obviously the people who log in here on a daily basis are robust creatures can watch it without flicker of emotion and they type whatever they want because they all have strong stomachs. Being that robust and real the average BG member is smarter than the man on the street. The notion is that comments are just words on a piece of paper at the end of the day, whilst the ACTUAL CLIPS are the things that are the tragedy to behold.

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