Mexican Drug Cartel Execution of Two Men by Hanging

Mexican Drug Cartel Execution of Two Men by Hanging

Video from 2012 shows rarely seen Mexican drug cartel execution by hanging. Two men with hands tied behind their backs had their mouth shut with duct tape, noose tightened around their necks and were one after another suspended from a ceiling beam. By the looks of it, the captives were affiliated with El Cartel Del Golfo, whereas the killers were with Los Zetas.

The interrogation is focused on establishing the operatives’ names and affiliations with the Gulf Cartel. The interrogator asked who was responsible for placing the messages threatening society in the Zetas’ name. The captives responded that the operatives were associated with the Gulf Cartel, gave their aliases, and revealed the Gulf Cartel commander who ordered the deeds.

The conversation with the prisoners ended abruptly, and the interrogator then threatened the Gulf operatives who may be watching and insulted them with offensive names (asses, queers, and dogs). He warned that this would happen to all queers who work for the Gulf Cartel, and stated that Ciudad Victoria (presumably the site of the disputed atrocities, as well as the place where the video was being produced) is Zetas territory. The captives are then hanged.

Props to Best Gore member iLikeGoreStuff for the video and translation:

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        1. I find it interesting that when there is a video that shows a cop shooting a guy, people like yourself, Mark, and several others get all up in arms about it and if it was justified or not. However, when there are Mexican gangsters or Islamic extremists executing each other, it’s just good quality entertainment for you. Still people being cruel and violent towards other people – only their race and occupation are different. Now, before you go bleating at me with that prepackaged anti-sheep shit, know that I prefer to see uncensored reality just as much as the next gore fan on this site. I am just curious, what is it that makes the difference between brutality that upsets you and brutality that entertains you? Race? Country? Occupation?

          1. You’ll find your answer in Mark’s own words:

            The only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state

            In total wild west type anarchy, he who can draw faster lives. Thereby everyone has a chance at surviving, commanded solely by their own traiing and abilities. Whereas in a police state, any and all means to protect yourself from the large, organized, armed gang that is the police has been stripped off you and you are being kept as a slave who even fnances his/her own enslavement.

          2. That’s why having guns is imperative. Here in Portugal it’s illegal. They only hand out licenses to people who’s lives are in danger and they can prove it. Other than that, only off duty police, military and hunters can have them.

            This is all on purpose.

            I believe in self-sufficiency. Not relying on anyone but ourselves to survive. And I have done a pretty good job at that up until now, but the Jewish controlled state we are is starting to tighten their grips.

          3. [email protected] General..I know the answer to this..while these people look innocent they are NOT..they MADE the decision to join a cartel through one of their many family members the job was offered..with a position on the cartel you already KNOW you’re subjected to the possibility of losing your fucking head….whereas when I call the cops on my fellow drunk roommate beating on his wife here in the U.S.biggest nigger pig ran country I…I get fucked up by the pig for helping…I get the 2nd charged..adding to the bills I already have…I get stuck in the holding tank for 18+ hrs with no food or bed no covers freezing as fuck in my nightgown because they keep the holding cells cold so you don’t pass sickness to each other..guilty of only trying to help..atleast the pig I knocked the wind out of didn’t kill me..I’ve seen ois (officer involved shootings) over less..damn..but yeah compared to druggie or money hungry narco family fuck losing their lives..hmmmm….

          4. they live dangerous and poisoned lives. they know what they are getting themselves into when they start down that path. most of them have no money or just flat out don’t give a shit on how they earn a living. just be at peace with violence, because its part of human nature and it isn’t going anywhere.

          1. Do you want to put $$$$ on that pal! I have been around since day 01 my friend, but did not register till 6 or 7 months in. And further more my private E-MAIL to MARK along with $$$ can prove it.

          1. You saw that too ktf…yeah I think they overkilled it with the tape….I woulda loved to hear their……WAIT..what if they had to do that because they killed them some place where they’d get in alot of trouble if caught..hmmmm…

        1. Ha, ha, ha. No man, far from it. I have been biting my tongue for a LONG LONG TIME NOW! But one of Mark,s biggest piss-off is members who think that they can judge other members thoughts & ridicule them for what they print. This site is FREE SPEECH, always was and always will be. I have watched and sat back while a lot of old supportive, caring members were attacked & did nothing about it. If people cannot be mature enough to belong to this site without attacking others than like Mark always said since DAY 01 Get the fucking fuck outta-here. Today,s uncalled for attack was enough. RESPECT EACH OTHER ,& it,s all good 🙂

        1. W.T.F. are YOU talking about ? You obviously know more than the rest of us, so why d,ont you tell us why Spidey was not out of line. And have balls and show us your face while your at it. 🙂

    1. It does say on the homepage that the content on this website can be offensive or upsetting to some people so obviously he can’t handle this video. In all fairness Spiderman you were warned…guess you should have clicked the puppy

  1. Okay, whoever made the musical selection should be beaten. The way they reacted when suspended seemed strange…no frantic thrashing or very much movement at all. It was almost as if they were so relieved they wouldn’t be beheaded, they fainted. Is this a kinder cartel or did Juan forget to bring the machete?

      1. grotesticle, Thank you for the explanation! I thought they just put the tape over their mouths. It makes sense now. Still, you’d think there would be some thrashing. Since this is from 2012 I guess this method of killing rivals didn’t catch on.

        1. I noticed how little movement there was as well which was rather odd. However, as the first guy was spinning around in the air, he briefly stopped with his back turned towards the camera (this was seconds before the second guy went up) and I did see him flexing his fingers as if he were in pain or agony or something…. but that’s just my guess as towhat he was feeling. Also, I think they stayed still because as your brain is reprieved of oxygen all your muscles flex and make you strain you legs and arms, I’ve seen this in many hanging videos – or maybe they just stayed still as a big fuck you I’m not going to show you how much agony Im in towards the fuckers hanging them. Idk just throwing my random thoughts in , haha, always a rambler

    1. Many people don’t know this but a large portion of Los Zetas are made up of well trained, former military personnel. They, believe it or not, are the less violent cartel in Mexico. You can compare some of the executions carried out by Los Zetas and then Cardel del Golfo and see the huge discrepancy.

      In some of the videos Los Zetas actually beat their victims with wooden sticks or baseball bats to make them unconscious before beheading them, whilst Los Golfas are as brutal and merciless as they can possibly be.

  2. Anyone ever notice that most mexican banda songs end in the same rhythm? Extremely redundant. And that the tuba makes fart sounds? They should start filling the corpses up with candy and use them for their baptism parties and quincea?eras and all those other Mexican festivities.

  3. Awesome music, where can I get the soundtrack? I think a beheading in front of a live mariachi band would bring the brutality of these executions to a whole new level. Gracias @ILikeGoreStuff y @Ate.

  4. Coming soon to record stores near you … Narco’s Greatest Hits , 40 of the best Mexican beheading party music to chop along to , included is a set of extremely blunt steak knives and instruction booklet on the worst techniques for executions to insure your parties are as long and drawn out as possible … ARIBA!

    1. For only 2 easy payments of 29.95 you too could get the blood curdling screams the narcos experience as well….but hurry and call quick and well throw in a captive of your cartel choice!!..only while supplies last…call now..they’re dying quick here!!!….lmao!!!

      1. haha ..Coming in summer 2014 from the creators of the hit game Guitar Hero its Narco Hero!!! the game where you rhythmically chop using your motion sensitive Xbox machete controller to the Hottest salsa sounds , can you beat all the levels in time to become king of coke and crown yourself the undisputed NARCO HERO!!!

  5. Nine times out of ten that fucking banda music makes me want to punch the nearest Mexican right in the nuts. In this case though, it kinda worked. I wonder if the zetas filled those two with candies and other goodies before they hoisted them up. Time to call over all the local kiddies , grill up some carne asada then…have a whack at those two pinatas

        1. HAHA right…it’s like when I hear dakka dakka ball gargle I wanna claw my fucking eye balls out..ugh…’s alright..I finally did my fansign for here so I thought id take a new avi…ehh..I might change it..

          1. You should leave look pretty darn cute… know..easy on the eyes. The selfie that you had a few months back was the best though. I could almost rub one out looking at it.lolzzzzzzz

          2. Lolz..thanks slider…I’m blushing…..which one?…I’ll have to use that one again…..I love knowing my face causes jizzing….I’m serious….that’s hot as fuck!!…. 😉

    1. That is exactly what had me blow up a few posts ago. With Mark gone they’ve run rampant and some of the fucking new mods are joining in on it.
      Fucking shitbags. It’s a shame.

      Btw how ya been? I still remember mentioning a few beers sometime around a year ago. lol

      1. Been good buddy. But yea have you noticed how many good loyal long time members left, or stopped posting all together because of the insults, bullshit & all since Mark left. And i know for a fact that it has nothing to do with the way the site is now run, because Acneska & PotugeseDude have been nothing short of brilliant at running this huge machine with numerous ddo,s and attacks of all sorts. I remember a BESTGORE where everybody for the most part loved and respected each other, helping out when one was down no matter what the problem was. I miss that bigtime bro 🙁

  6. I find this video very interesting. I’m fluent in Mexican Spanish but some of that initial text was riddled with uncommon phrases and words.

    The dialogue was straight forward enough. The men to be executed don’t put up any kind of resistance at all and answer the interrogators questions as if having been rehearsed. Giving up delicate information without giving it a second thought. Talk about being scared shitless. This must be the best case scenario for them. Giving the interrogators what they want for a merciful death.

    The lack of thrashing from the body seems a bit strange. If I was being strangled to death I’d think I’d kick a little bit.

    That type of music is know as a narcocorrido. Lyrics to that song pretty much glorifying the group and speaking of brotherhood and such..

    Interesting stuff.

  7. these gentalman had their spinal cords beaken or kicked, thats why they remained sedate.
    *in iran when they hang the human ficking kalibs of society they twitch kick and wiggle as they urinate, defacate ansd ejaculate on themselves during hanging.
    but these guys died with spine damaged bad cause they didnt have the death erection or death “mobarak” * means happiness

  8. Okay so I have a hypothetical question for everyone here..and you have to answer it honestly…….

    If offered a job as an interrogator with the cartel of your choice..would you take it?…

    If I had no responsibilities…I’d take it…fuck everything..why not..all the ass I could ask for…shit you motherfucking right I’d take that offer…..the only question is, is which cartel I’d side with…they’re all unjust..I’d make my own shit as soon as I got good with people over there and enough money to do so..some vigilante gringa shit..take all the big guys out… was just a hypothetical question..I’m Uber high and bored…

    1. in realt? a molti non interessa molto di morire… sanno anche che se non sono gli zeta, saranno quelli del cartel del golfo o qualche altra organizzazione a farli fuori. non hanno molta scelta queste persone. e noi ridiamo dalle nostre comode poltrone davanti agli schermi di come muoiono questi giovani disperati. e ricordatevi che questi video vengono fatti da macellai a cui non costa nulla inventarsi cazzate per giustificare le atrocit? che commettono IN NOME DEI DOLLARI AMERICANI.

  9. The music was sooooo cheerful! I love it. It even made the video fun to watch, the way you also feel when you watch a homevideo from a previous holiday in the past. I’ve been to Mexico once, and while having dinner with my family, a random group of Mexicans began to play a similar song, wearing Sombreros and tradional outfits. Hm, Mexico: so much fun. As long as you stay away from places like Reynosa.

  10. imo i think when (ex-)gangmembers want to speak in schools about on how bad drugs and gangs are. They should show a couple of these beheadings to the students.

    the talking about their life stories are boring and don’t do much anyway

  11. Wow, and to think everybody in this video was only 5’4. Mexicans always remind me of pint sized black people. EXCEPT! Mexicans have the best food and beer. You know what, these guys are alright.

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