More Proof that Al-Houla Massacre Was Carried Out by Sunni Terrorists

More Proof that Al-Houla Massacre Was Carried Out by Sunni Terrorists

After a complete and utter PR faux pas following the release of the Mexican Chainsaw Massacre video by the Fake Syrian Army propaganda team in a bid to fool the sheep into believing that the legitimate Syrian government commits atrocities on Syrian people, it would appear that, aided by their fellow terrorists from the UN, the Al Qaeda Sunnis came up with a more solid strategy. Sick of losing their money to worthless terrorists whose propaganda is too easy to debunk, the sponsors must have hired a pro with experience setting up mass brainwash events. The result is a well planned and executed Al-Houla Massacre.

Sunni terrorists came, Sunni terrorists grabbed children and Sunni terrorists executed them in cold blood. Their UN allies then stepped in and supported the original claim that these innocent people were killed by shelling by the Assad forces.

I’ve already posted the proof that their version of the story stank as did every single claim they’ve made to date. And here’s more evidence which further proves the people of Al Houla were executed and not killed by shelling.

Many of previously posted photos showed that a bunch of people, including small kids and the elderly, were executed with a gunshot to the head fired from an HP rifle at close range. Turns out, the terrorists not only have no issues standing next to little children and shooting them in the head, they’d even go as far as slice their wee throats with a knife. Disgusting pigs, a disgrace to whole of humanity and the sheep support them. How does Hillary the Obtuse sleep at night supporting these monsters?

Video below shows a few more people executed by the terrorists. Among them is a child wearing a Syrian flag. Al Houla was overrun by the terrorists. They used the town as their stronghold and eventually used its people to pull off their most successful propaganda piece to date.

Most Syrian citizen support their government and desire no change. That includes many Sunnis who lived in peace among practitioners of other religions for years but then the extremists who have been killing people for just about ever saw an opportunity in fraudulent Arab Spring and decided to grab at it. Supported by western war mongers, they were provided with weapons, logistics, training and money. That’s about all you need to carry out a successful genocide. And Sunnis sure do. They sure do.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Heyseus, you fool. The Oil is not the Reason we Invade Iraqi, libya, afganistan, possibly Iran. We invade those countries because we are teh slave attack dog of the Zionist.

        Think about it all the countries we fight are also enemies of Israel.

        Fool say’s: What about north korea.

        North Korea shoot off a battlistic missile of Japan…. bombarded a south korea island with artillery, and continues to agigtate America, but the Military does nothing and the media does push for war agains NK.

        NK is just in the “Axis of evil” to mix thing sup. the Axis of Evil can’t JUST be enemies of israel.

        The oil companys just rush in to get the Oil like Vultures to the carcass.

      2. See those kids. Every day in this country 60 kids disappear. Some run away, but a lot are kidnapped & ripped apart by strangers, OR EVEN by people they know. So, write to McGruff, and teach your kid to protect themselves. Help aa-, take a BITE outta’ CRIME.
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    1. Yes I agree. I think we have found a great spot for all of our trash, a new land fill in the Mideast. Drop those nukes and get those people outta there. Oops, we may have accidentally dropped a few extra over certain other countries. So Sorry.

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  1. It’s crazy what people could get away with thanks to sheep who can’t handle the truth, but as long as they keep it over there, I can’t really give a fuck,but at the same time what does it say about our government supporting it? Oh, yeah, they’re a bunch of assholes, that’s what it says.

    1. Since Nato country’s are governed by rich men, They want to take the opportunity to obtain that syrian oil before russia sweets talk assad into a deal.
      Just wait until the u.s decides to thrusts its dry fingers into the cornhole that is the syrian land, In and out until all the oil squirts out like pussyjuices, And russia is there watching with tears following down, Quickly rejoicing with Iran, Having pity sex.

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  3. The US government makes me sick; the shit-rivets in Washington led by the Kenyan socialist, kowtowing to the UN vermin, and supported by sheep too blind and brainwashed to even try to achieve independent thought… The Kenyan with his fellow muslime trash running rampant, murdering children, placing blame where it doesn’t belong… My whole country is a god damn laughing stock because of that puke and I and my fellow awakened are laughed at by the world thanks to the liberal shit stains and their inability to process reality and truth. Leave these fucking countries to fend for themselves where they are better off.

    1. Very strong sense of humour Tyrann 🙂 congrats, but howcome they will rot if we leave them alone ? in case there will be no conflict ? who will start the war and market them weapons ? who will steal their oil ? etc etc etc they wont rot if we leave them alone.

    2. I agree wi your statement.

      But not for Syria. You see if we had left Syria/ Iraq/ Libya alone. They will not be rotting in the first place.

      They were confident, prosperous and friendly. Before we step in and try to depose a leader we don’t like.

  4. Wtf is this? I stumbled across this disgusting site while doing research on the Luka case. I thought I had found a great site for info but boy was I wrong. It’s all a bunch of pics od dead people and you all joke about it. Disgusting. This site should be taken down. I will now report you all to the authorities. Take that.

    1. I guess you’re fucking kidding? new member here (after being a passive visitor for months, nothing to do with Luka hype), reality is always gore, long live BG!
      That being said, I totally agree on Mark’s analysis of the current situation in Syria and how western media frame the whole narrative to discredit Assad’s government.

    2. pfff, all it is, is uncensored news. I personally find it very interesting. I really had no clue about how the world is until I found this site. Very informative information, and Mark tells it like a boss!

      1. oh….mad bad bagels! Long time lurker, first time comment. I should have recognized you, but I only recently started reading comments. Then I realized you guys are fucking hilarious! I wanted in 🙂

  5. hahaha, lol. Hey pal life’s a joke get used to it, if you don’t like best gore then go somewhere else to do your research. Didn’t you read the warning just before entering this site: Do NOT take the warning lightly. Videos and images posted on Best Gore are bloody, gut wrenching, teeth grinding, offensive and upsetting. Just as the life itself. You say you’re gonna report it to the authorities…. go on ahead then, be just like all the other ignorant “sheep” who refuse to see the truth. This is the only website hat you’ll ever come across that posts raw, uncensored news about the “touching” realities of life. Ciao 😉

      1. Oh shit…. I meant to say this as reply to Mr. Fresh Bagels above, hehehe, damnit…. sorry if I appeared to be ranting, oh crap I look like an idiot, lol. My comment above was supposed to be a reply to Bagel’s comment…. not a comment to the article itself. Oh fuck. >:(

          1. hehehe, thanks. Felt pretty embarrassed after I realized that my reply wasn’t for the user that I directed it to. Glad you realized it was in reply to someone and didn’t take me for some ranting idiot. 🙂

          1. Damn…. my bad then, I though Mr. Bagels was being serious right there. Well I’m pretty outspoken about freedom of speech and whenever I hear someone ranting like this especially if it includes saying things like shut this website down it ticks me off. Well thanks for the heads up mister and if you can hear this Bagels, sorry about that, thought you were being serious there. 🙂

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  7. I’ve been comming to Best Gore for a little over two years. I mainly love the comments, some of you O. G.’s (original gorians) are extremely witty!! So, even tho I’m new (to you) I know what Best Gore members will tolerate and what they will NOT tolerate from the fleshy virus. Props to Mark and all of you for figuring out the Luka case!! THAT was awesome…And Fresh Bagels, thanks for the above, needed the laugh

  8. The other day, while playing with my toddler son near a park fountain, I was interrupted by a group of young zealots, arrogantly looking to prosthelytize me. I recounted a documentary I had recently seen that included a piece on serial killer Robert Ray Fry. Despite the inhumanity of his crimes Fry “found God” and was convinced he was going to heaven. I asked the group of zealots if that was so. They said if he was sincere, it was. I told them to have fun in heaven with their serial killer brother then and to get the fuck away from me. The massacre perpetrators think they are going to heaven after making Pez dispensers out of children too. Wow.

  9. Hey, Mark, if you see this comment (I tried to e-mail you, no luck). I’m doing some research on this and so far this is the only posting I can find of this image of the kid with what looks like a throat torn open with a claw hammer. You don’t even specify where you got it from. How do we know it’s from the Houla massacre? (see my article “the graying of the Islamist massacre in Houla”)

    So… how’dyou get that? (thanks for the high res images elsewhere – UN monitors there, matches with other victims, no problem-that’s Houla)

    Also, the video at the end is, I gather, from Al-Houla, but prior to the late May massacre, being from early April, I think. Yeah, he looks like a loyalist kid, just like all the families targeted in the later massacre (one each Sunni, Shi’ite, Alawite, all re-branded with fake witnesses like Ali Al-Sayed.

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