Multiple Execution and Street Assassinations by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt

Multiple Execution and Street Assassinations by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt

Multiple Execution and Street Assassinations by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt

Video released by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt shows multiple killings, including executions of captured men, and assassinations on streets by sneaking up to unsuspecting victims. At the end, there appears to be a possible taxi being flagged down. The mujaheddin let the driver out, and gun down the young men inside.

ISIS claims many of the targets were Egyptian army soldiers or policemen. The information could not be independently verified (I always wanted to say that shit).

Props to Best Gore members @a-sick-mind and @13lunt420media for the video:

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        1. This is why America will not take out ISIS because they are killing Muslims, they learned that lesson after they took out the zaqawi character, Al Queda started celebrating his death, they won’t make the same mistake twice, like zaqawi Isis is targeting Shia Muslims while al Queda targeted the west, now al Queda fights Isis

      1. True, they know how to show off a good propaganda video raw footage is probably more surreal because you know that they didn’t intend to propagandize their killings or whatever content is shown in a raw footage.

        1. To be honest, after rewatching this video, again, the whole thing this seems to be kind of fake looking for some reason. I could just go rewatch flames of war on not to offend anyone or anything but that actually has legitimate source info on Jihad not the good Jihad for those out there who care about that political correctness.

          1. @zipzap Nah, I can handle it we’ve probably seen worst I think I have high standards of gore when it comes to ISIS propaganda check the Flames of War 2 via search engine on Best Gore or simply type ISIS and compare and contrast still I should be grateful that someone else takes the time to post stuff on here.

          2. @dude it seems fake but no I know it is real and no thanks not interested in being killed I rather watch someone else being killed as a means to an end or as a ends to a means for desensitization (yes eventually it did turn into morbid and or genuine entertainment) or research or somewhat educational. Haha, how nervous I would which probably would be normal in situations like that wouldn’t blame the victims of death if some were nervous.

    1. I think those fucking assholes in the last clip are down right fucking rude, how about you get your targets out of the car and light them up.

      I bet that poor taxi driver was like, fuck, better retire early then!

    1. Musical instruments are haram to these camel anus licking fucks….I know it hurts the ears to really listen….but there are no musical instruments being played.
      The crap you are hearing is just them carrying on about Mfers having to pay that camel debt….but no that’s not music….they do however have a lot of hits. 😀

  1. I fukn hate IsIsreal!…Did you guys see what they did to that cigarette case, who does that?… Fukn sons of bitches, hope they go to the hell of virgins with acid-cum soaked vaginas… They wouldn’t have done that shit, if they didn’t have those fukn guns…!

  2. Wondering why they ordered the old driver to step out of the car before riddling its remaining passengers with bullets. Undercover agent? Guy caught red-handed, forced to cooperate as a bait and later on executed?

    Anyone mastering egyptian arabic here would be of great help.

  3. I support the Egyption Purge, makes for great videos!

    Most of em were blindsided but that one guy in the pink shirt, wtf? What a bitch way to go. He must be a Grandmaster of No Wang fu! I don’t know what I would’ve done in that situation but I’m sure I would’ve at least tried SOMETHING, other than T-rex arms.

  4. Omg what is wrong with you people??
    ISIS needs to be stopped and they are slaughtering people for no good reason 🙁
    If you think this is funny,i really hope you get a close up with these dudes yourself…
    F…….. sick world!!!

  5. Went to Egypt on holiday a few years ago, what a fucking madhouse. Staying in the hotel was ok but went for a walk for ten minutes, fucking hell man, even in 2013 it was a fucking riot. From Scotland so I’m pretty white (9 days of sunlight per decade will do that to you, hence the necessity to go to places like Egypt), was off its fucking nut, 22 cunts hanging out the back of a Toyota pick-up all shouting in that fucking inbred language, was fucking mental.

    Glasgow isn’t exactly high up on the UNs’ Places to Relax and Unwind list, it’s basically a warzone with knives, it’s as if people are up for killing but fuck the idea of making a noise about it, but even this place starts to take on the air of a monastery after a week over there.

    Was fucking buzzing to get out tbh, although when we got to the airport a mad noise started and everycunt and their Uncle Eric fucked off into a corner and started praying, half-way through security and the guy fucks off, unbelievable man.

    Never again, pissing rain and low temps are underrated….

  6. I love the melody in their Nasheeds. I looked up some Nasheeds on YT and they were nothing like this, mostly modernized crap. Anyone know where I can find some legit Nasheeds to listen to? Also that execution by the kiosk was fucking boss.

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