Terrorist Attack at Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya

Terrorist Attack at Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya

The terrorist attack on Westgate Mall in a Northern suburb of Nairobi, Kenya is currently one of the world’s biggest news stories.

It is the focus of a presumed terrorist attack by 10 – 16 heavily armed men carrying automatic weapons, and belts containing additional ammunition and grenades; eye witness reports suggest that one of the terrorists may be female, but this has been refuted by a ‘military commander’, also known as ‘a terrorist’, Abu Omar claiming to represent the terrorists who are believed to be supporters of Al-Shabaab (meaning ‘ the youth’ or’the boys’ in Arabic) and largely based in Southern Somalia*. Al-Shabaab has previously indicated that they would target the Westgate Mall but, despite this, security at the complex was minimal.

Abu Omar also dismissed the possibility of foreign nationals being involved in the attack; it had been suggested that individuals from the United States, Canada and the United kingdom were involved, including ‘the White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite whose husband Gemaine Lindsay detonated a home-made improvised explosive device on a London Underground Tube Train of the 7th July 2005, killing himself and 25 other people, during the terrorist attacks in London, and claimed that the terrorists ‘had no interest in negotiating with the Kenyan authorities, that ‘we do not employ our sisters to carry out attacks’ and that ‘martyrdom’ was the ultimate intention of those involved.

The 29 year old Irish woman is, herself, a wanted terrorist suspect, having denied any involvement in her husbands activities she dropped off the radar and is believed to have made her way to Kenya and Somalia. A raid on her accommodation in Mombasa revealed similar chemicals to those used by her husband in his suicide attack; Lewthwaite is believed to be behind a series of grenade attacks on ‘kuffars’, or unbelievers, including one in which 26 people were killed whilst watching football in 2012. Given her organisational abilities it is unlikely that she would actually involve herself in a specific terrorist attack as her value to the organisation is much greater.

Eye witnesses report that the gunmen were speaking Arabic and Somali.

The Mall was attacked just before 1 pm on Saturday 21 September 2013 when an orthodontist, working on the 4th floor of the complex heard 3 – 4 loud explosions and automatic gunfire from the adjacent rooftop carpark. He reported seeing people fleeing from two gunmen who followed the unarmed civilians to an area of the car park where they were attempting to hide beneath cars or huddling against a low rise wall. The gunmen allowed a number of the civilians to stand up and leave the area but a second group who then attempted to leave were shot. The orthodontist claims to have seen 12 bodies in the car park, including one man who appears to have been killed by a grenade; a second unexploded grenade was seen nearby.

Once inside the complex the gunmen are reported to have moved from shop to shop, including targeting children in a toy shop and people sitting sitting in the cafes; caucasians appear to have been deliberately selected for execution and other shoppers and staff are reported to have been rounded up in groups and questioned regarding their names and religion; Muslims were then allowed to leave and non-Muslims, who were unable to answer questions based on the Koran, were executed. Some resourceful individuals managed to hide themselves in ventilation ducts, restrooms, store rooms, as well as persuading shop staff to close down doors and shutters to protect people hiding inside.

The attack has many similarities to the attack on the Taj Mahal Hotel and Oberoi Trident, Mumbai, in 2008.

At 1 pm, approximately 1000 customers and staff would have been in the shopping complex which is owned by an Israeli businessman, and caters for the up-market Nairobi population and ex-patriot communities.

The death toll is currently 62; including 4 British nationals as Kenya is a popular destination for holidays and also has a large population of ex-patriots. Violence is, however, rife and many ex-pats live in gated communities or houses with armed guards. The deaths include the nephew and fiancée of recently elected President Uhuru Kenyatta, as well as citizens of Peru, Canada, France and the United States; with 170 injured or wounded and a further 60, or so, unaccounted for; 2 militants have been killed and 4 Kenyan soldiers have been wounded. The injured have been taken to various hospitals in Nairobi, including the Aga Khan Hospital.

The Kenyan response has been surprisingly efficient with rapid deployment of Police, plain clothed Security Personnel, the Army and Kenyan Special Forces (SF), roads around the Mall were closed and fire engines and ambulances moved in. A Red Cross Centre was set up to assist relatives in locating those that have escaped the complex, been admitted to hospital or killed.

Gunfire and explosions have continued throughout Saturday and Sunday, with an increase in intensity last night which might suggest breaching charges being used to allow the security forces to move towards the supermarket area where the terrorists are believed to be holding 10 ‘hostages’. Smoke is currently billowing from the building but it is unclear as to the source of this; the intensity of gunfire increased at 13.15 GMT after at least two Armoured Personnel Carriers were moved into the vicinity.

Western ‘security advisers’ are already ‘in country’ as the stand-off continues. Armed caucasians have been reported in close proximity to the shopping complex so, it’s likely, that Israeli, British and American SF are involved and assisting the Kenyan Police, Army, SF and Security Services. To give the Kenyan Police, Army and Security and SF their due; they are quite a professional bunch having been involved with training from British Forces, the photographs appended to this post show a determined force, and all of their weapons look as if they are immaculately maintained.

BBC News at 17.00 GMT suggests that the security forces are now in control of all the floors in Westgate but, that, not all the terrorists or hostages have been accounted for.

Some witnesses have suggested that some of the attackers were dressed in hijabs, but it was unclear whether they were men or women; and one male witness reported seeing a man who spoke Arabic change his clothes before leaving the shopping centre amongst the people being rescued by the security forces.

Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) (Arabic: حركة الشباب المجاهدين‎; Ḥarakat ash-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn, Somali: Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Alshabaab, “Mujahideen Youth Movement” or “Movement of Striving Youth”), more commonly known as al-Shabaab (Arabic: الشباب‎, “The Youth” or “The Boys”) Source: Wikipedia [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Shabaab_(militant_group)]

*Al-Shabaab is a conglomerate of several thousand fighters , including several hundred foreigners from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The group is classed as an extremist Islamic group that imposed strict Shariah law, including the stoning to death of women accused of adultery and amputating the hands of accused thieves. The group arose from the weak Islamic Courts government that was created in Somalia in 2006, in an attempt to establish a fundamentalist Islamic state, and adopted the more extreme Saudi Arabian Wahabi form of Islam. The concern from western governments is that trained terrorists might return to their parent countries and carry on their activities there; Sir Jonathan Evans KCB, Director-General of the British Security Service (MI5), the United Kingdom’s domestic security and counter-intelligence service from 21 April 2007 until 22 April 2013. He had previously worked in G Branch, the section of MI5 that deals with international terrorism, and is an expert on al-Qaeda. Sir Jonathan warned, 3 years ago, that a group of approximately 50 UK nationals and Somalis had left the UK and travelled to Somalia where he recognised the potential future threat to the UK, should they then return, having been indoctrinated and trained in terrorist activities; at least two of that group have been killed by drone strikes.

This morning, it was reported that Jendayi Frazer, the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, heading the Bureau of African Affairs and now working as a Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College and Department of Social and Decision Sciences ‘Al-Shabaab is global in orientation’ and ‘we must stay focussed on what our interests are’ and, guess what, from The Daily Telegraph online ‘Somalia’s first elected government in more than two decades won power a year ago and, together with the African Union force, has the opportunity to create “a window of opportunity to fundamentally change Somalia’s trajectory,” according to the US State Department. Business is growing and even foreign oil companies are negotiating concessions at the most hopeful moment in decades for that failed state’.

Al-Shabaab held Mogadishu, the Somali capital, from 2006 – 2011, together with large central areas and the South of the country before a United Nations force using troops from the African Union; The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) largely Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone, removed them from the capital and the port of Kismayo, thus depriving them of significant financial income from the imposition of ‘taxes’ on the movement of goods and people through the country.

Al-Shabaab announced an oath of allegiance a ‘biyah’ with al-Qaeda, in February 2012, with it’s leader Mukhtar Abu Zubair pledging support. The allegiance would allow the two groups to share tactics, ideology and hatred of the West but not, necessarily, terrorist attacks

The United states believes that those responsible for the bombing of it’s Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, in 1996, sought refuge in Somalia and Al-Qaida is believed to have been responsible for a 2002 attack on an Israeli owned Mombasa resort and a threatened surface-to-air rocket attack on an aircraft carrying Israelis into or out of Nairobi International airport.

Al-Shabaab is also believed to be responsible for a series of regular i.e. nightly attacks in Kismayo against the UN African Union Forces, grenade attacks at bus stops in Kenya and the killing of 70 people watching a World Cup football match in a restaurant in Kampala, Uganda in 2012.

Any Arabists; please feel free to revise my spelling.


Note in the photographs below that I have incorrectly labelled the Mall as Westfield rather than Westgate; 22 hours working on this saps your brain.

Insurgent deaths are up to 3, and as many as 12 nationalities are now thought to be on the list of those who lost their lives.

Reporting suggests that there was an external nearby control cell providing information to the terrorist group inside the Mall. This might explain how the authorities are presently unable to account for all the terrorists, especially as Nairobi has a fairly massive Somali population in which they will be able to blend in for the immediate future.

President Kenyatta has pledged to “punish the masterminds swiftly and indeed very painfully”; Kenya retains the death sentence which is applied using boiled stretched hemp rope.

Interesting, also, that ABC airs a short piece this evening about how US Malls are re-thinking their security strategies; next stage will be the full TSA treatment to get in; no you can’t take in your own water, baby food, perfume etc.

Personally, I think there would be a far greater reluctance for somebody or a group to ‘attempt this at home’ if they have no idea of how many licensed CCW owners were in the vicinity; not least because most of these people will be responsible, regular and accurate shooters.

Video below was filmed at the mall during the attack and captured the sound of gunfire:

Gallery of a bunch of photos:

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  1. “and non-Muslims, who were unable to answer questions based on the Koran, were executed.”

    Religion makes me sick.

    A mall like this stands for everything that these extremists hate: Capitalism, Materialism, etc…. The name of the place even has that evil word in it. What is it again? Oh, yeah. “West”.

    1. This is WAY off topic but I wondered if anyone can offer an updated update about Mark? I have been in touch with Rottenstench and he would also like to know what is happening. Can anyone clue us in? I have read the news articles and all that, but I would like to be able to share what is happening now with Don if possible…is he coming back? Has he already come back? Will he be allowed to keep the site going? Inquiring minds want to know!! 🙂

  2. Thanks nastypersuasions, that was well researched and neutral in it?s delivery thus leaving it up to the individual viewer to inscribe meaning, well done.

    On a side note, Arab and Somali people everywhere, people dressed in hijabs where it was impossible to tell whether they were men or women, The Koran, Muslims against non-Muslims and only four British nationals to be found among them, sounds very much like London to me.

    1. I agree! Thanks so much @Nastypersuasions. I appreciate the time and energy you put into this post. It’s always awesome to get a good background story to a post, that’s why I always loved and enjoyed this site so much. Great research & great read.

  3. I don’t know anyone who is Muslim and I am sure they are not all bad, but there is absolutely no way I want anything to do with a so called religion who bases itself on a book (Koran) that can be interpreted in such a way that encourages people torture and kill just because others have different beliefs to them. I have said it before, no genuine religion would ever request or ask anyone to torture or kill in its name no matter how it’s teachings are interpreted.

  4. Mainstream media push the allegation that the killers asked the victims questions from the Quran to determine who was a Muslim too hard. So hard, I suspect this was a false flag attack by Mossad. Mossad has experience carrying out high casualty count terrorist attacks in Kenya made to look like Muslims did it.

      1. Not surprisingly, the Westgate Mall is Israeli owned. Israeli Ynet News published a report titled “Israeli Team Helps in the Negotiations in the Kenyan Mall”

        Former US general Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli said the US is preparing a list of targets to strike in Kenya and other African countries. The strikes are reportedly aimed at targeting militants involved in Sunday’s deadly attack on a shopping mall in the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi.

        Mossad all the way!

    1. Or, Muslims are bloodthirsty fuckers who love to kill and make people fear until submission. Says so in the Quran . when everyone is Muslim around em, then they kill each other for not being the right kind if Muslim Lol. Bloodthirsty , evil , a disease to be eradicated. Gawd I wanna fight muzzies. All kinds , don’t care if they’re shia or sunni or wahabbi or wonton fucking soup Islam is the greatest threat to modern life there is right now. I know you will say its the Zionists controlling everything but so far it sounds like a conspiracy theory but I am reading these articles with an open mind but so far I’m not at the point some of you are. Who knows maybe I’m wrong and you’re right I know Israelis are no holier than anyone and being human are capable of killing greed and everything else that humans do I just find it hard to believe they have so much power especially how it seems the majority of people generally dislike or hate them. Great post , thanks for the detail and effort. Bestgore rules!

      1. Been doing more research and I read that Israel is rescuing and sending back all queda fighters to the fight in Syria! That’s fucked up and does begin to convince me that perhaps Israel and USA wanna pick a fight with Iran and Russia and China starting ww3. Even if ww3 doesn’t happen it’ll still pose a huge threat and give all queda a stronger foothold in the middle east and I believe Assad when he says that supporting the FSA will bite USA and anyone else in the ass later on with more terrorism. I’m on Assad’s side for sure I actually feel for him in a way. Thanks guys for causing me to look deeper into these matters.

    2. When this broke news I didn’t give it much thought to be honest, it seems there’s always something kicking off in that part of the world, another Mumbai you know, but then on the BBC(bacon bonce corp.) they said US and israeli special forces just happened to be in the area and were assisting Kenyan SF, how convenient, and now the mall is owned by a jew? No doubt he’ll be in for a shitload of insurance in the next few months, maybe the mall will be damaged beyond repair and demolished(sarcasm and relevant reference to WTC7 intended).

        1. Just read that a white woman in a veil was seen shouting orders in Arabic, sounds like a Ashkenazi Jew to me. Also, they are saying that the Israel military are helping to clear the mall. What the fuck is the Israeli military doing there? So, the mall is owned by an Israeli, the Israeli military is there, and a white woman was seen leading the attack. Sounds like a Jew operation to me.

  5. I find it interesting that they will not confirm how many hostage takers/shooters there are, or how many they have killed (as of 10pm CST US), but they can confirm there were at least 3 American citizens in that group of shooters.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all, as that terror group has had many Americans join, but still, it’s fishy as Hell when that is all they can talk about and confirm.

    1. The presence of American citizens in the terrorist group is unconfirmed and with a merry band of around 10,000 fighters; they have lots of people who could blend in more easily in a city like Nairobi; if you’re caucasian you tend to stick out like a broken arm in a cast.

      1. CNN (can’t believe I watch them these days), and their new “speculation news model”, sure are talking a ton about the group of mall attackers as having Americans shooters in it.

        I do agree about the sticking out part and maybe that is how and why they are talking about it.

        I’m sure there were, or it will be confirmed that there was, it was just weird that of all the things they could be discussing, the American connection is the hot issue, for at least CNN, the past two days.

          1. I used to dislike him, intensely, but his personality has developed along with his confidence and, also, he’s financially astute. I think he would, now, be an excellent dinner guest.

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    1. Ha! Ha! I was thinking the same! How the fuck do you kill someone with boiled, stretched, hemp rope? I’m intrigued! I really wanna know. I tried looking it up but I couldnt find anything on it.
      Anyone who reads this and know how they kill people with boiled, stretched, hemp rope please, do tell friend

  6. Doc, thats a fine piece of work, 22 hours?! Major endurance props! Do you have any knowledge, that some government exercises were performed before or during the attacks covering the exact same scenario like on 9/11, 7/7 or in Madrid? You?re right, although its far away, it could be used as another blanco cheque for the TSA and other perv agencies to get their hands even deeper in our panties and freedoms.
    I have a suggestion : Lets fence all Africa and the Middle East, so the sickos can live under their own law and hopefully soon perish (Dont forget to put Obama back in there), and get all the decent niggers and cute animals out of this mess. ( I want a elephant, if thats possible please.)

    A question off topic dear Nasty: In the Brutal Beheading Video from Iraq (4.September/Page 3), you?ve mentioned that through the quick loss of bloodpressure to the brain, the guy probably lost his consciousness within 2-3 seconds. Well in this case it was a pretty sharp knife and we?ve seen a lot of juice streaming, so the assumption was very plausible to me. Then I remembered Eugene Armstrongs beheading, and I dont know anymore if there was a dull knife involved, but even if the executors werent that slow in their procedure, this guy screamed the hell out of his soul until (you could tell, that it wasnt hard breathing), I guess, his medulla was severed (the screames abruptly stopped at that moment). This whole cutting and sewing lasted for at least 10-15 seconds, so I guess it isnt always that fast with the loss of consciousness?

    1. Coochie Queef

      I’ve been intending to post on that for some time but other topics have diverted my attention.

      The main post will relate to brain activity following decapitation.

      To answer the question above; in order to scream, you require an intact airway i.e. a larynx and functioning ventilation system; the main muscle concerned with breathing is the diaphragm which is innervated by cervical nerves 3, 4 & 5.

      The supply constitutes the phrenic nerve which originates mainly from the C4, but also receives contributions from the C5 and C3 .

      Severing the cervical cord and nerve roots below the 5th nerve may result in paralysis in the body below the shoulders, but breathing will be normal because the phrenic nerve will be intact.

      If the cervical spine is severed above the 3rd nerve root, the diaphragm will be paralyzed, and breathing will cease.

      Breathing can also be undertaken by the use of the intercostal muscles (between the ribs), accessory and abdominal muscles.

      The intercostals are supplied by thoracic nerves T1 – 11 i.e. lower than C5. The ability to take a deep breath and cough is affected by the loss of the intercostal muscles and activation of these muscles is often seen in acute asthma.

      Abdominal muscles originate at the T6 to L1 (lumbar) levels, and are the most essential for an effective cough. When the abdominal muscles contract, the diaphragm is forced upward and coughing or forcefully blowing out air results. Again, these nerves are below the level of C5.

      The accessory muscles are located in the neck (sternocleidomastoid and scalene =/- (depending on the researchers) serratus anterior, pectoralis major & minor, upper trapezius, latissimus dorsi, thoracic erector spinae, iliocostalis lumborum, quadratus lumborum, serratus posterior superior and inferior, levatores costarum, transversus thoracis, subclavius) and receive innervation from the spinal cord nerves in the C1 – 3 region. They act to elevate the rib cage and can assist in deep respiration, again their action is often seen in acute asthma. They are not, however, sufficient to support deep ventilation. C1 – 3 are at the upper end of the cervical spine just below the base of the skull.

      Cut the airway below the larynx and you will just get a gurgle.

      Finally, remember that although the main arterial supply to the brain is via the carotid arteries there is a posterior supply via the vertebral arteries which join to form the circulatory system called the ‘Circle of Willis’.

      Death requires loss of oxygenation i.e cessation of breathing (airway and muscular control of the diaphragm, rib cage and accessory muscles), arterial circulation i.e. intact tubing and pump (heart)and you don’t get the full show until you have transected the arterial supply, air intake or nervous system.

      Consciousness, following decapitation to follow in part two.

      1. Thanks for that, your answers are like always amazing, although I have to puff now the dust from my med book I used few years ago, you just bombarded me with “strange, long latin words” 😀
        Its a shame, I?ve to quit visiting this site, cause I cant stand the hipocrisy of a certain poster here, who namely speaks about truth, but doesnt let me express my opinion, very sad. So good luck to you and stay sound and decent Doc.

        1. I think that you will find that Acneska is taking a pretty dim view on the minority of site users that fail to adhere to the rules.

          There is little you can do about hipocrisy other than to continue to express your own opinion; we are all surrounded by hipocrisy but it’s worth remembering the writings of Jung and Johnson:

          Every individual needs revolution, inner division, overthrow of the existing order, and renewal, but not by forcing them upon his neighbors under the hypocritical cloak of Christian love or the sense of social responsibility or any of the other beautiful euphemisms for unconscious urges to personal power.

          It is under all circumstances an advantage to be in full possession of one’s personality, otherwise the repressed elements will only crop up as a hindrance elsewhere, not just at some unimportant point, but at the very spot where we are most sensitive. If people can be educated to see the shadow-side of their nature clearly, it may be hoped that they will also learn to understand and love their fellow men better. A little less hypocrisy and a little more self-knowledge can only have good results in respect for our neighbor; for we are all too prone to transfer to our fellows the injustice and violence we inflict upon our own natures. Carl Jung

          Nothing is more unjust, however common, than to charge with hypocrisy him that expresses zeal for those virtues which he neglects to practice; since he may be sincerely convinced of the advantages of conquering his passions, without having yet obtained the victory, as a man may be confident of the advantages of a voyage, or a journey, without having courage or industry to undertake it, and may honestly recommend to others, those attempts which he neglects himself. Samuel Johnson

          My advice; keep on visiting and keep posting your opinions.; individuals who annoy the **it out of BG members tend not to last long as the community is largely, cohesive and free-thinking; remember Pavement Ape, took me a while to come up with her/his name?

          Doctor Nasty

          1. Actually it was just a link to a video, that revealed the E.Snowden and J.Assange Operation as a distraction and a warning, to prevent true heroic whistleblowers from even daring to think about revealing any substantial truth about real sensitive information in the future that would give us effective weapons against our enslavers. This two and other that are hyped by the MS Media function as a kind of bouncer, you see this tactic also with new parties that pretend to act in favour of the public against the establishment. There are far more details about this topic, and all I have intended was just not to stop approaching the truth.
            Anyway, I think I havent broken any rules of this site, but maybe some hardened believe systems which caused cognitive dissonance. Mea maxima culpa. 😉

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  7. Damn after seeing this kinda wanna play a shooting arcade game where you hold a light gun. I can’t recall if its Time Crisis or Virtual Cop where terrorist take over a mall armed with unlimited goons and a large tank/apache helicopter?

        1. I recently tried out a copy of GTA5 from a dubious source. The graphics are amazing and the overall gameplay reminds me of an action movie of some sort. Makes me wonder how good the future releases in the series will be.

      1. Don’t be a liberal apologist. Its the liberal attitude that causes white women to not have kids while savage prone people are reproducing like rabbits and also how Canada and the states allow any fucking body in our countries to turn them to shitholes and breed more terrorists to go fight for FSA and groups like the one in this post.

        1. Nice reality check there.

          Did I hear the other day that Canada accepted 50 thousand immigrants last year ?

          How do you suss out that many in one year and not expect some radicals.

          Here in Australia it’s a whole other story again 😉

          1. Yeah I love my country a lot and its very embarrassing how Canada is becoming known as somewhat of a terrorist recruiting station in the last little while. Its dumb because our prime minister isn’t even liberal and just passed some new anti terror law aimed at would be terrorists heading overseas to start their ” tours of duty” and no I’m not talking about our military I have mad respect for the CAF. Also bringing back the old insignias and what not which is cool.

          1. Well I’m half white and Cree , live in an pretty isolated community and slowly but surely am spreading the word of what’s really going on with liberal agendas and threats to the life we know. My fiancee and some other familymembers are coming around. I let as many people know as I can because one thing I am glad about is natives aren’t on the decline as much ( you never see abortion here) sure they have problems and challenges but with leadership and people who are true to their word maybe we can become a real force to face the onslaught of non Canadians flooding the population. Natives sure can fight when pushed and I’m trying to let them know the dangers coming despite feeling relatively safe in the isolated communities. Some aren’t so isolated so you have alot more black culture type of influence but if natives hold on to their pride and culture they can go very far to aid the rest of the country. USA , don’t kick down natives you see help them see the truth .

  8. Thanks for all the informative posts lately..these pics were crazy..but not surprising..black on black violence is everywhere specially here in socal..it happens..there’s nigers in every race..except dakka dakkas they’re all dune coons imo..here we see the aftermath of these idiots rampage.. =/

  9. Too bad Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge weren’t there, they would’ve handled business.
    All over a fake god or Allah or whatever the fuck you want to call the non existent belief of all religions.

    1. Thanks everybody for the feedback; the aim is to keep BG up and running in the absence of MM; remember, though, it’s not just me; Ate, Acneska and Vasily are all equally active in this, and Ate has many more posts than me!

      I’ll update this post as things continue to develop.

      Also, I was intending to put up some videos on Rabaa Square but Nairobi kind of popped up so, keep an eye out for those in relation to some of the comments already posted.

        1. Apparently so, but where are the ‘missing hostages and terrorists’; a fair number may be under the rubble but, I suspect, that many of the terrorists just walked out with their hand-up and dispersed; a double bluff as I don’t think the ‘rescued’, excepting those taken off to hospital, were corralled and interviewed to determine who, exactly, they were.

          Claim that your group are not going to negotiate, seek martyrdom and then vanish, to fight another day.

          1. I was gathering information on exactly that, yesterday. The post will be up in the next couple of days as my brain is still in some other time zone. Already discussed within BG and I have clearance to put it up.

  10. Okay, but does the post-er of this story have any sort of background into what’s going on?! [sarc]

    Great job. So informative, I just stopped reading and headed to pics. Very great job. [no sarc]

  11. This scenario plays out my worst fear everytime I enter the death traps we call malls. Get your Christmas shopping done early: if idiot American citizens can pull high kill rampages, I’d hate to see a team of death-willing-and-dealing extremists on our shores. Study your Muslim ideology– I heard they quiz you for your life prior to execution

  12. Just remember, the next time someone comes up to you with a gun and demands to know who Muhammad’s mother was, you tell them eye to eye, “She was the best damn woman to ever live, you heathen. The woman was a saint!”

    Scrolling to the bottom of these long pages on my iphone to leave a message makes me such a better clit massager… all clitori (plural for a clitoris master) thank the iPhone for the ‘phinger’ workout. More like the “she-said-iCame” phone.

  13. People…look at the photos…what is the colour of the skin of the soldiers and security officers risking their own lives…? BLACK. Now look at the number of posts on this site denigrating black people and calling them every awful name under the sun. Then go away and read anything by Maya Angelou. Think. Then think a whole lot more. Thank you.

  14. Who cares? Why is this a discussion? Did the congo monkeys of kenya care when the twin towers got sacked?No they celebrated! Why bengazzi scandal and just neander-coon homeland? let the lions and hippos deal with …I Dont Care…Fuck em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pull every ambassador out of africa period. Let them go back to living of the land and bring 2.7 billion ..ya a b ..back to oakland and chicago and detroit, Curtis le meaih, order a bomb run,like tool said Plase mom wash it all away! God dammit lets do something.

      1. Whats the tallest skyscraper in africa? And yes I know africa is a contenent not a country? What have these people done for us? I dont consider myself as a white supremisist but the jury is out…Im 35 years old and straight up..95% of black /”african american” the niggs ,they got to go, I’ll take the racicst label,Get Away from me cause “I do not like niggers”! Just the other day a black man broke in and raped a mother of three while her husband was at work.Local media would have crved “justice” had it been the other way around.he beat her to an inch of death for i know. ? i saw her on a gourney with obvious head trauma and internal bleeding. I know how I would feel if that was my wife and calling 911 gets you on this leftwing platform? castro is a joke? “current mayor of san antonio” The mexicans will tell you that the niggers are “to much” and im sick of this double standard.Dont be scared to fight… fight!

  15. Lol, that video doesn’t look like Africa at all… In fact, I honestly think that looks a lot like America! I know it’s not, but damn… I thought Nairobi was some dusty shithole along with the rest of Africa, lol.

  16. And once again the fee world will look the other way, with its liberal take on diversity and a healthy promotion of all nations religions, put up with this shit and do zero. Fucking laughable..people can crow on and on about political philosophy, the evils of the west blah blah blah…fact is these muslim nationsvextremists are a fucking hazard and a liability to the advancement of the people it clims to protect in the name of God…..ridiculous…funny how everyone knows what the fuck God wants

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