Naked Trio Found Dead in Mexico

Naked Trio Found Dead in Mexico

It was a narco related execution but not much further info has been released. The report said that four people all together were killed (for some reason only three in the picture), one woman and three men. They were all allegedly drug users.

The trio looks like they’ve just had the wildest MMF threesome in their lives and are catching their breaths for another go at the orgy. What a party.

From the look of it, the three were strangulated to death. The photo is very grainy so it’s hard to tell for sure, but there don’t appear to be any gunshot wounds in any of the victims.

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  1. From the color of the womans face alone, and the two men having something around their necks, I’d guess strangulation as well. The woman appears to have a blood smear on her right side, over her rib cage, but hard to tell if thats what it actually is. I wonder why they were killed?

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