Naw Kham and the Mekong Murders Gang Paraded Before Execution in China

Naw Kham and the Mekong Murders Gang Paraded Before Execution in China

China has executed four foreign nationals that engaged in criminal activities including drug trafficking, kidnapping, hijacking, extortion, gang violence and the notorious murders of 13 Chinese fishermen on the Mekong river in 2011. To shame them before the inevitable, the convicts were paraded live on state TV which prompted a backlash of anger on Chinese social media.

Has liberal bullshitry completely bleached the brains of everyone all over the world, including the Chinese? WTF, seriously? Can we selectively nuke all liberals out of this world already?

You know how the ultimate, full on retard liberal sheep of the west meets all three of the following criteria:

  • Owns an Iphone
  • Has a Facebook Account
  • Uses Gmail

I suppose China has their own breed of full on retard sheep but there they use their own version of Facebook and their own version of Gmail. So after seeing the Mekong Killers being paraded live on TV before execution, the Chinese sheep turned to their social media to express outrage, calling the parade “insensitive“.

You found that insensitive? I’ll tell you what’s insensitive – these four career criminals, drug traffickers and gangsters killing 13 hard working fishermen who likely barely had enough to put food on the table for their families and these greedy lowlifes that likely never tasted the joys of hard work in their whole lives killed them for the sake of their own dirty profits. That my Chinese friends is insensitive. There is nothing Chinese authorities could do to the gangsters that would match insensitivity these filth showed to harmless workers when they killed them in cold blood.

Naw Kham of Myanmar (Burma), nicknamed the Godfather of Golden Triangle was the chief warlord in the “Golden Triangle” region (where the borders of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet). Naw Kham, along with his three gang members named Hsang Kham, Yi Lai, and Zha Xiha (one from Laos, one from Thailand and one from an unspecified country) were executed on March 1, 2013 by lethal injection in Kunming, Yunnan province, China. The execution itself was not shown, only the shameful parade.

The 13 Chinese sailors were admittedly killed because they refused to pay the protection racket. Gangsters bound them, stabbed them, shot them and threw them overboard into the Mekong River. It took several days to recover all their corpses from. 13 Thai soldiers and policemen that were found to be a part of the racket were arrested and reportedly charged in Thailand. They have not been extradited to China yet, although the Chinese demand to impose punishment upon them themselves because the victims were Chinese nationals.

Videos showing the broadcast of the parade is below:

And quite an extensive report on the Mekong Killings and the gangsters by NTD China News:

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34 thoughts on “Naw Kham and the Mekong Murders Gang Paraded Before Execution in China”

  1. Those who kill should be prepared to be killed, its as simple as that.

    Whereas I understand that the death penalty is not a deterrent for all, it does educate some in that they understand that if they engage in these behaviours and should they get caught that they will be killed.

    Crime will always flourish regardless of wealth divide, regardless of social stability and regardless of death penalties because to kill for self gain is a very egotistical thing to do and we human beings are egotistical creatures, our sense of self and our desires is what drives our direction, our action.

    The two most important aspects of the death penalty cannot be denied, closure for the victims families and taxpayer money saved from no longer having to look after the shit of society.

    There will always be an innocent person now and again that will get executed for a crime that they did not commit but then again there is an innocent person killed everyday in our societies.

    I am not a liberal and so do not have dreams of a perfect world where everyone smiles at each other and is kind to one another, a liberal world after all would be one just like the movie Demolition Man before Wesley Snipes fucks everything up, I therefore would much prefer a society that for the most part works well and is fair, sadly, the world we have at the moment is nowhere near to this.

    I live in a wicked, cruel, violent and unfair society so in order to survive and make sense of my society I cannot be too kind and forgiving and therefore one cannot be too Liberal in this world, a fine balance between extremes is the better method.

    1. Harsh treatment of criminals and mandatory death sentence for drug traffickers have worked magic in Singapore where crime levels are strikingly low. Yet it doesn’t work at all in other places. I wonder why that is.

      1. Hi slicer,

        It would depend upon what the individual person had to lose or how big their motivation was for self gain.

        In a lot of countries welfare aid does not exist, this means that if there are no jobs in the community to be had that person will starve to death.

        A death sentence would mean very little to a person like this because to stop committing crime would be to stop having money and no money means they would starve to death hence their life is one big death sentence.

        Other individuals want to have money at all costs even if they might be killed one day.

        So to conclude, a death sentence means very little to those who do not fear death or those that believe that they will never get caught.

  2. It’s sad, but not shocking, to hear that the reach of Liberalism has assailed the shores of China.

    I guess it’s the price you pay for Westernization.

    I would hope the Chinese government, seeing what such ideologies have wrought in the West, will be much better defended against it.

    Their citizens.. Well, I’m sure it’s just a minority. The trick is not to feed them or let them, or rather it get a foothold.

    1. I’m in agreement with you on this. Western society and it’s Liberal views are too “soft”, for lack of a better word. Unfortunately it’s now spread across the world and people cry about the most senseless things.

  3. That thug had a smile on his face even on his way to the gas chamber. China must be one happy place to live.

    PS:Why did the cops have “Police” on their vests if they’re in China?

  4. I haven’t got an ounce of sympathy for the fuckers. If they are disease free (a long-shot I know) they should have their organs harvested, sold to the highest bidder, and the proceeds given to the families of the fishermen who were murdered. Don’t execute them, just give them general anaesthetic, whip out their kidneys, and leave them to wake up handcuffed in a bath of ice to a slow and horrifying death, while the families of those murdered wave “bye bye”

  5. I hope they had all their internal organs removed to help the disadvantaged organless street urchins of the region.And had their nostrils filled with melted cheese in the traditional Swiss manner.

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