Necklacing Execution Photos

Necklacing Execution Photos

One thing that’s easy to notice when visiting gore sites is that humans are exceptionally creative when it comes to inflicting pain and suffering on another. Executions are no exception. As if killing a human being was not good enough, some came with ideas to preceed death with unendurable agony. Introducing necklacing – an execution artform that delivers 20 minutes of unimaginable anguish before it turns victims into crispy barbeque of dead flesh.

As you can see form the photos below, necklacing executions are carried out by putting a tire around victims body, the tire is filled with flammable substance – usually a gasoline – and set on fire. As you can imagine, the fuel filled tire bursts into huge flames instantly, delivering severe burns to the body of the victim right away. Even though the name of Necklacing implies decorating victim with a tire that’s put around their neck, this would be slightly ineffective as upon bursting the victim would impulsively remove it from there. Hence the tire is stretched around victim’s chest, usually over one and under another arm – as seen in a small photo in the gallery below.

Necklacing executions are most commonly practised in Africa, most notably in South Africa where it was first photographed by the Bang Bang Club Photojournalist Kevin Carter in the 1980’s – I think some of the photos below are the ones he took. However executions by necklacing are also common in Brazil, but they tend to refer to is as microwaving (microondas) and other bonus, crime ridden countries like Haiti, India or Sri Lanka. Other African countries with known history of necklacing executions are Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.

Victims executed by necklacing are usually killed without trial, often based on nothing more but the community’s belief that there is something wrong with them (witchcraft suspicion), or that they had committed a crime. Victims of South African necklacing executions during Apartheid were mostly those suspected of working for white people or otherwise supporting white’s ideology. Those victims were also lynched while they were burning with a tire on fire around their necks.

Gallery of necklacing execution photos is below:

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  1. It’s always the countries where it’s hotter than the hinges of hell where they think up the most barbaric shit. What up with that, they go crazy from the heat? You hardly ever see eskimoes or seeded doing this to eachother. Will global warming cause the good old ultraviolence to migrate north, o my droogies? Time will tell!

  2. Good God, that is so barbaric. And if you live in such a hot environment, couldn’t you think up a method that doesn’t unleash so much heat? I guess those people don’t exactly use their brains though. I find it kinda funny that they use tires too, since they don’t have any cars to use them on…

  3. Whereas I will think of necklace executions whenever the ol iPad shuffle-plays through that song!

    LL, I got called out by punk-ass Afrodude something or other in contest #5 for cheating on my haiku format to get more syllables. He made me feel dirty, so now I may have to trade in the elegant haiku form for some filthy limericks. Stay tuned.

  4. Hey Gorphan- Limerick is just the blue-collar form of Haiku. HEHEHEHE

    There once was a man with a tire
    who wore it ’round his neck as attire
    But he spoke rather worried
    as the mob grew more flurried
    I’m toast if they set it on fire?

  5. What I love about a burning human body is this:
    Even after death, the body will move quite a bit. The fire will burn through muscle and connective tissues and start making them shrink and draw up. As that happens, the limbs will move as if the person is still alive.
    Watching a cremation, a body almost turned over on the beir as the muscles and tendons shrunk, drawing the limbs to extreme limits. EXTREMELY EERIE

  6. ‘Twas the night before Kwanzaa, and all through the village
    Were all forms of looting, raping and pillage.
    The Tutsis were hung by the roadside with care
    In hopes that old Satan soon would be there.
    Out on the street there arose such a clatter
    I grabbed my machete to get me some splatter
    The ruckus was from a lynching, you see
    The kind you don’t get to watch on TV.
    The kind with necklaces made from old tires
    Hung around necks and fueling bonfires.
    A flaming young Hutu was screaming in pain
    Praying for death, or maybe just rain.
    As the last embers slowly went out
    I heard Tutsis bellow their last throaty shout:
    “Merry Kwanzaa to all- and all Hutus GET OUT!”

  7. i think the information is wrong. there is no such thing as necklacing executions in india and the post makes an actual reference calling india “crime ridden”, india only has issues with corruption,

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