New Public Execution by Hanging Video from Iran (January 2012)

New Public Execution by Hanging Video from Iran (January 2012)

This is a good resolution video of a public execution by hanging from Iran, but it was filmed from a distance without zooming in so the convicts are barely seen. As is a tradition in Iran, the execution was carried out by standing the convicts on a bus (two buses in this case) which would then drive away leaving the men to hang by their necks until dead.

The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center identified the men as:

  • Sassan Basami, 36 year old
  • Ali Reza Ahmadi, 48 year old
  • Sadegh Eskandari, 33 year old

In 2011, 659 people were executed in Iran. By January 5, 2012, at least 39 were reported to have met their end at the gallows.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “New Public Execution by Hanging Video from Iran (January 2012)”

  1. They just love to watch a slow hanging don’t they?
    From the time that the second bus pulled away to the end of the video was roughly 2:40.
    Even though the camera man shook like he had Parkinsons, he stayed on them.

  2. And soon an American soldier with dual citizenship in Iran will join them. He was convicted today of espionage while visiting his grandmothers. He was sentenced to death. Woke up to that breaking news text message from the AP, I was thinking.. Damn that sucks, why would any American visit Iran right now??

    1. Yeah I’ve heard about it. He should have stayed home knowing Iran these are the original scumbag that hate US like the 1979 US embassy hostage crisis they should be nuke before they fully develop an ICBM that will hit America.

    2. probably an Iranian-American who thought he would be safe in what is essentially his ‘own’ country,he may have gone to live in US with his family as a youngster and gone ‘home’ to visit relatives?

  3. Anyone else laugh their balls off when they noticed it looked like they were hanging from a fucking “LG” billboard! What do you think the chances are anyone over there has any idea what “LG”s slogan is? If thats not genious ironic advertising than I dont know what is but if I worked for LG I think i’d be telling them to take the sign down or hang people somewhere else. Funny shit though, that really made me laugh

  4. Just a little entertainment for the masses. What the hell did they accomplish ? Nothing can beat going to these things with a picnic lunch and the kids running around playing. Reminds me of Tombstone. Dear god what is with these people? Free entertainment for the grown ups and a sight for the kids to see. And the parents saying if your not good that is what will happen to you. I can hear it now. And the kids quaking in their boots.

  5. A few years of this in the U.S. would go a lot further in deterring crime than our current gladiator pit warehousing at the cost of hundreds of millions per year. Never happen since everyone just buries their head in the sand and ignores the problem until they are victimized, then of course they would ask why you didn’t do something like this before hand.

  6. What are you up to? we’re just going down town to watch three public hangings, what you up too?
    Oh! i’m going round dad’s to watch him cut someone’s head off with a butter knife.Yeah a good friend of his as it goes. Bye see you later…tc

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