Nighttime Public Hanging in Iran – Victim Fights Back and Tries to Get Away

Nighttime Public Hanging in Iran - Victim Fights Back and Tries to Get Away

A nighttime public execution video from Iran shows a young man being led to the scaffolding gallows to be hanged until dead. The victim had his hands cuffed behind his back, but struggled until his bonds fell loose and then put up a really good fight with the executioners.

It took half a dozen men to restrain him and finally fasten the noose around his neck. Even once hanged, he still reached for the scaff with his feet, as if in a last ditch attempt to get away. Unfortunately for him, there was no realistic way to get away from this.

Props to Best Gore member drpaisan for the video:

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        2. I’m a Muslim and I appreciate you trying to stand up for us but anyone with two brain cells wont get deeply offended by it, well it may irritate me alittle but someone saying my beliefs are bullshit doesn’t really phase me, you can say math is bullshit but 2 plus 2 still equals 4. Not trying to saying my religion is the “right religion” but it’s my beliefs and anyone can have their opinions about my beliefs.

      2. These people don’t know Jesus teachs to forgive people cuz if we will do the same with them what they done there will be no difference between us n them n we will be called sinner too ! There’s only no religion it’s humanity n we all need to learn that!

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      1. When did this site start having ignorant people? Iran is Indo European. Iran and Iraq were the cradle of civilisation. The Islamic invasions took it backward. Many escaped to India and are now the Parsis.

    2. 1. you don’t need a book or religion to know death is inevitable.

      2. Truth is a fabrication, it exists yet it doesn’t exist. It’s all about perception. Assuming you’re of the religiously brain washed sort, you have no grounds to lecture on truth.

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    3. I’m from Iran and obviously I can understand what he is saying there. Actually, he doesn’t want to escape, he just wants to see her mother for the last time but police don’t allow him, so he tries to get to her. It seems to me that the woman cry sound in background is his mother, because he is swearing police to the God, Muhammad and Quran to let her see him.

      ” Let me see my mother ”
      ” I want to see my mother ”
      ” wont you said that … ”
      ” Get my mother here ”
      ” Don’t you let me see my mother? ”
      ” Do you let or not? ”
      ” I want my mother ”
      ” Dick suckers, get my mother here ”
      ” I’m saying get my mother here ”
      And after the fight, which executing:
      ” Mother, forgive me, Mother, forgive me, Mother, forgive me ”
      ” Mr. somebody, forgive me” (I can’t understand the name, but it seems that he is asking the policeman who he fighted with him, or the man who didn’t forgiven him and wants to execute him for – probably – murder)
      ” People, forgive me ” And then people say “Halaleeeeee”, which means “You are forgivennnnnnn”

      It’s really a shame that nobody ask the police to let them see each other, except one man who is whispering it very slowly “Let him see his mother”. He did a crime and he accepted the penalty, but I don’t understand why they don’t allow them so see each other for the last time?

      And here, I don’t know why you asshole are saying that he wants to escape from death and quote from Quran, so other people say such things in the comments?

      I’m not muslim, but I live here, in Iran, in a religious city named Mashhad, and I know that there are only a few situations in Islam that people get executed for, like murder, rape, fighting against Islam religion, spreading the wickedness, etc…, while it is highly recommended to forgive each other too.

      Also, as Ali Larijani, chairman of the parliament said, over 80% (or 90%) of execution in last year was because of trading drugs like heroin and cocaine in very large quantities. It just means that it is common that people forgive killer(s) of their family persons and their rapists, because here 80 million people are living, and there was about 1000 execution last year, which means 200 people executed because of non-drug-trading crimes, which covers a lot of titles like murder, raping, spreading the wickedness, terrorism, etc. I know that 200 is still a very high number, but it also shows that a lot of people here forgive each other and don’t execute the the guilty, and this is good too 😉

      Although, even though I hate execution, I support execution of big drug traders, because they are playing with weak people’s lives and more importantly, their families, by their own will, because of earning large amounts of money. I believe that They should go to the jail for ever, and because life-jail is very hard situation, I support execution of them.

    1. My Farci is broken but I think this happened in north Iran from their accents , possibly Karaj, I believe it was a “drug dealer”, probably dealing opium. My husband is Iranian, so he speaks Farsi, I’ll ask him to translate this when I get off work later.

    2. ? Let me see my mother ?
      ? I want to see my mother ?
      ? wont you said that ? ?
      ? Get my mother here ?
      ? Don?t you let me see my mother? ?
      ? Do you let or not? ?
      ? I want my mother ?
      ? Dick suckers, get my mother here ?
      ? I?m saying get my mother here ?
      And after the fight, which executing:
      ? Mother, forgive me, Mother, forgive me, Mother, forgive me ?
      ? Mr. somebody, forgive me? (I can?t understand the name, but it seems that he is asking the policeman who he fighted with him, or the man who didn?t forgiven him and wants to execute him for ? probably ? murder)
      ? People, forgive me ? And then people say ?Halaleeeeee?, which means ?You are forgivennnnnnn?

      It seems to me that the woman cry sound in background is his mother, because she is swearing police to the God, Muhammad and Quran to let her see him.

      It?s really a shame that nobody ask the police to let them see each other, except one man who is whispering it very slowly ?Let him see his mother?. He did a crime and he accepted the penalty, but I don?t understand why they don?t allow them so see each other for the last time?

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          1. Butthurt? Never. I’m not a sand nigger. But at least g can tell the difference between, a Sikh, arab, and a Persian
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          2. @TheRunawayBalls
            I agree with you 100%. From what I understand they will put people that sell small amounts of drugs in prison but they will execute the traffickers usually bringing it over from Afghanistan.
            The Iranian people are good people, their government? Well that’s a completely different story altogether.
            Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to, but I don’t think it serves anyone well to say all the people in a particular country are “goat fuckers” and ” rags heads” because they don’t “like” their government or how that country is run.
            To be honest, most Iranians don’t nessererly like how it’s being run either, but it doesn’t make them bad people.
            My mother is persian and
            I have two sons and two daughters and a husband that are Persian, so when people like HLAM makes uneducated remarks about their nationality, well it’s hurtful to say the least…

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        2. I’m not going to try to convince anybody of anything, I can only speak about my own experiences, not about what the “media” or “YouTube” teaches me. With that being said I’m American and I have gone to Iran every summer for the past 20 years with my husband and kids and I have been treated will nothing but respect from the people that live there. When they find out I’m from the U.S. they only have wonderful things to say. This country is rich with couture and amazing people.
          I have to also say that I have never seen any goats wondering around anywhere there, and why would they fuck goats there anyway, when they have beautiful Persian woman.
          The streets of Tehran look just like any other street I’ve been on in the U.S. Irans a
          beautiful country with beautiful people in it.

          1. They don’t have stone buildings, but they have city squares where, it might as well be hanging people.
            In the usa, canada, Britain.
            Portugal, Italy have towns outside the city where they should be hanging people. But they rather give criminals, thiefs, murderers, whores, child molesters, politicians, rights to a fair trial. While the victims are fucked for life too with no compensation.

          2. Some people have goats. Some fuck cats, you’re no different. I bet you fell in love with a beautiful goat when you did your time in Iraq. You’re just hurt you couldn’t bring her the usa and marry her.

          3. @nazanin. I’m from UK and I’ve never met a bad Iranian yet. Obviously they are doing something right when they bring up their children. Nobody should be hung for selling opium though. I live a very comftable life I sometimes smoke opium and the person I get it off is no pusher or prayer of the weak. As the MSM would have everyone believe.

  1. Just like that retarded X-Factor show on tv he probably just wanted to make the most of his 15 seconds of fame whilst the judges kept trying to hurry him up so that the next ?deadbeat? contestants could get their turn.

    The Iranians could make a tv show out of this, all those people scheduled to be executed could be forced to perform for the public who would vote on who gets to go through to the next round and who gets the noose, with the winner getting an official pardon.

  2. Bravo to Iran .Hanging is one of the most efficient ways to destroy vermin that prey on the innocent. I wish we could hang rapists robbers and murderers here too. Instead of feeding them for 15 years while Jew lawyers try to free them on technicality. Then they get the needle and CNN writes sob story how the poor pos suffered.

    1. It’s because of people like you over 100+ innocent people have been wrongfully executed since the 1970s and even more before that. Do you feel any remorse for your kind putting down innocent people? No? Then shut your ignorant mouth. You all trying to play God with other people’s lives. You’re all hypocrites.

    1. To nazanin…..
      Now you really are going to confuse them …..
      Don’t even bring up “Zoroaster”…..they won’t understand…..Iranians are not Arabs…….and that may be the problem…….the west is going to figure it out……Persians were fierce warriors….you were a great nation….till you let Islam in.
      It’s pretty time for you guys to run for your life….the christians are pissed…..Iran
      Won’t make it…..the only help you guys can get is from the Jews……reaping you off……life is a bitch
      And she knows she’s beautiful……hang in there
      In sha Allah!!!!!

  3. Putting aside what he may or may not have done to deserve this for a moment, he put up a decent fight, he wanted to live, which warrants a little credit at least.

    Although they are obviously temperary, those Gallows just don’t look right. Scaffolding is a poor excuse for such a construction. Plus the fact that he choked to death rather slowly instead of having his neck broken, which is either good or bad depending on the way one views these things I suppose.

    1. That’s right they do look chintzy, from what I understand is they aren’t a permanent structure, they take them down and erect them at the specific spot (or around) where the “crime” was committed.
      So let’s say a dude murdered someone in the park on 1st street, they were found guilty, and would be hung, in the park on 1st street as well.
      How crazy?

      1. That sounds awesome to me. Kill them where they committed their crime and send the bill to their whore mothers/devil fathers who brought evil into the world. An eye for an eye a tooth 4 a tooth so said Hammarabi one of greatest men ever

        1. The term “eye for an eye” has been stolen and miscontrued. The people that came up with that did not believe in trading a life for a life but it was more of a financial compensation system because they believed it was better to receive money than risk one innocent life.

      2. @Nazanin
        What if a criminal did crime in a kindergarten will he be executed before toddlers ? I know that is a stupid question on a country that executes minors and gays.

        Dont you think making such spectacles would disturb public ? Or may be make peoples heart in to rock for the gruesome scenes happening in your streets ?
        Glorifying death or revenge mentality ,which ever may be !?!?

        Here his face is not covered i am sure all the people present must have a sleepless nights ahead especially for the guard who received kick from the guy who just dont want to die.

        May be guy was shouting ”Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone..

        The exacutions in Iran usually happen early in the morning before prayer around 4:00am. Most exacutions are done in prison. Usually you would be executed for murder, aggravated rape and large scale drug trafficking.
        10% (or so) of these would end up being a public exacution usually done where the crime was committed. They usually save public exacution for VERY hanus, highly publlicized horrible crimes.
        Usually people attending the hanging would be related to the crime or the victim and the family of the criminal.
        Most people don’t leave their house with the kids in tow at 3:30am to go watch exactions.
        And it’s finished before everyone is on the streets going to work etc..
        Most Iranians don’t want to see it.
        Now with regards to the “kindergarten” question, if the crime was hanus enough and they wanted to preform a public exacution they would probably do it nearby but not in the school . Lol
        The guy in this video was angry because he was denied his rights to say goodbye to his mother.

        When the fight was happening the crowd was telling the guards to not kick him or hurt him. WTF?
        *please note I’m not Muslim nor is Iran my home country nor do I agree with the government, my husband and my mother are from Iran and they also hate the government and pray for a revolution, so the Iranians can have their country and freedoms back.

        1. @Nazanin
          Thanku for the details..
          but dear friend not all executions are that necessary . China and Iran are the few countries that executes maximum people..
          Isn’t punishment should be to deter people doing ”wrong ” again?

          here is a movie on the real incident if you haven’t watched it already

          Just think what is the use of executing adulterers because just like any accident people sometimes fall in love unintentionally.. and women in-general in most cases don’t have the freedom to get a separation or go on their wish.

          I don’t think people in these countries are bad but do think they must abolish certain system and tribal tradition ,as societies progress towards more civilized.

  4. With my hands free and nothing to lose I would have been knocking some fuckers cold too. Props to that guy, he bought some few honourable minutes and in the final end that’s no different to a thousand extra years.

    1. I bet that if a guy would put up a serious fight…..
      In the past he would have walked free……but that’s with the Arabs…..arabs respect a very tough fucker…..not this clown……
      I don’t know about Iranians…..never been there….I met one in Paris…….his name was akram O.
      I use to introduce him to gorgeous women……at a thousand dollars per head…..this guy was unreal…….
      That was 30 years ago….

    1. Your local pharmacist is a drug dealer and the raghead that sells you your alcohol at the kwikie mart. Are you gonna stone them or burn them to death?… NO you probably tip them your change so shut the fuck up!

  5. He had nothing to lose at this point, he was already “Marked for Termination”… Good to see people fighting back, but only if they did that earlier… they could have escaped. 🙂 Also, i hear a woman screaming back at him… maybe thats the reason he fought back.

    3:34 – “THIS IS SPARTAHHH!” 😆

  6. A blonde decided to commit suicide by hanging herself from a tree in the park.
    A few days later, a man was walking his dog and spotted her hanging from the tree. He asks the blonde what she is doing and she replies, “I’m hanging myself.”
    “You’re supposed to put the noose around your neck, not your waist,” said the onlooker. “I tried that,” replied the blonde, “but I couldn’t breathe.”


  7. Hi
    i am iranian, the man was executed asked from executioners to see his moteher for last time that moment, when executioners rejected he tried to fight for see again his mother, i heard mother voice in video, the young man asked from his mother to Forgiveness him in last secends and mother just screaming and sayed ” i did it my son”

  8. Would have liked to see more of the crowd, probably doing a human wave while participating with they’re hanging cheers, these people would make good football or soccer fans.

  9. Starting to see the condemned put up more than a pitiful attempt at beating the executioner. I watched a beheading on another site where the “Chosen One” had to be held down and the lucky fellow holding the head lost a few fingers!

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  11. I speak persian but it’s difficult to hear what they are saying . In the beginning he keeps on yelling “madaram” and “madar” which means mother. he’s calling for his mother. and someone in the crown says “his poor mother”. and someone else also says “his brother is here too”.

    in iran capital punishment is usually for a serious crime like murder/ rape, and usually drug smugglers.

    iran is a pretty civilized and same country it is not like arab countries, we don’t have islamic terrorists kidnapping and beheading.

    all iranians are also not muslims there are jews christians etc and they all live in peace contrary to what you may hear. there are mosques, synagogues, and churches in tehran. most people despite the government since 1979 are also not religious and actually anti-islam.

    the current islamic government is due to foreign interference. In world war 2 the king of persia was good friends with hitler, and the germans were heading to persia. So the UK and russia invaded persia before the germans could get there. The king was removed and a puppet that supported the UK and America was placed in his spot. So in 1979 a revolution happened and the king left and this allowed the crazy islamics to come in and take power. People did not know that the revolution would result in an islamic government taking over.

    even with the islamic government you can’t compare iran to arab countries, it is nothing like iraq or syria, it is a nice country with nice people but the government isn’t ideal.

      1. Iran is not a desert like most people think. where my parents lived in northwestern iran and even tehran it’s all mountains and they get lots of snow.

        we are also not semites like the arabs we are more related to the people of the caucuses like armenians and azerbaijanis (30 percent of iran is Azerbaijanin, 50 -60 percent persian), and we are caucasian. I had blond hair as a kid and don’t look like an arab.

        our only tie to arabs and semites is the stone age religion of islam which was imposed on us by the islamic invasion. hopefully iran will get rid of islam completely. back in my parents days woman did not have to wear a veil now they are forced. no persian woman outside of iran wears one because it’s not a part of our culture.

        1. we are also not semites like \ arabs we are more related to the people of the caucuses like armenians and azerbaijanis, ossetians (30 percent of iran is Azeri), and we are caucasian. I had blond hair as a kid and don’t look like an arab.

          1. @Persian
            I love Iran I go with my family every year. My family lives in North Teran.
            My favorite city is Shiraz!
            We are going again this June, can’t wait.
            Man bayad Farsi ro bishtar tamrin konam lol.

            Khoda Hafiz

  12. What kind of a sick fucking nation actually has people flocking to see a man having his life snuffed out by a rope? Do these people even have TV? If they do, every channel is probably filled with beheadings and misery and all that allah bullshit. Do us all a favour and build one bitching bomb that you can wipe yourselves off the face of the planet with.

    1. wrong. there are no beheadings in iran. this is capital punishment which i don’t agree with but which country does this you say? well look at the united states and it’s the same thing they have families usually come view the execution. and iran is not a country full of misery it’s not an arab country like syria or iraq. and in iran executions are usually reserved for either murderers, rapists, or drug smugglers. capital punishment should be abolished but iran is also not isis or a country filled with lunatics. go watch an electric chair execution or lethal injection in the states and then claim that people in the states are murdering lunatics. also most people in iran are in fact not religious and don’t like islam.

          1. I’m pretty sure there are SOME beheadings in Iran. In any case, I didn’t mean to offend you. I just think the people who support this and go out and watch it are probably really twisted. I find it hard to believe that there’s any crime at all over there with those kind of consequences.

    1. another ignorant response. we are not “sand nigga” monkeys. Iranians are not arabs our country is not like middle eastern arab countries. And genetically we are close to caucuses people like armenians and azerbaijanis(30 percent of our populations). We are caucasians and a lot of us like myself have light hair (blond as a kid) and eyes and do not look like arabs or “sand monkeys” you refer too. our culture is also different, persian culture is not “sand monkey” arab culture. you are watching a state execution of a criminal, likely a murderer, which i don’t agree with but the U.S still executes people with lethal injection and electric chair go call them barbaric.

      1. you are judging a country with 80 million people based on a video of a state execution of a criminal. let me post a video of lethal injections in the U.S and then judge the country an dpeopel based on that.

  13. This video is made much more disturbing by virtue of the victim fighting back. With all the horrible shit I’ve seen here, it seems that the vast majority of those about to be executed are somewhat resigned to their fate; seeing this young guy’s vigour and willingness to cling to life makes it all the more terrible to see it snuffed out.

  14. What an amazing thread. I think the comments were brought upon by this man struggling for his life…unlike most videos of executions on this site. This man wanted to live, was strong, probably in the prime of his life in his 20s or early 30s, and as most of us are men, we respected what we saw. This video in a sick way gives power to anyone’s arguments as his brave death and fight to live is an allegory of the very struggle we all have to argue for our own ideas. Does anyone really know what he did? Was it a useless murder of a man who just did something accepted in the west that might be a crime but not punishable by death? LIKE: Drug possession, drug dealing, speaking against his own state, being gay, rape…..the crimes calling for death in the countries that allow capital punishment in the West are usually premeditated murder. I can think of many more but I doubt anyone will read to the end of my comment if I keep going. I’d like to write for this site if anyone wants me to.

    1. he’s not really fighting for his life. he wants to talk to his mother and they won’t let him, his mother is in the crowd and so is his brother. also check out the statistics for capital punishment in iran it is almost always for murder. after murder it is drug smuggling not just drug possession (usually opium smuggling that goes to turkey). executions for other crimes are pretty low, like being accused of being a spy, terrorism etc.

        1. I herd the hanged Schahram Amiri lately, an US spy
          He was US witness against the Iran nuclear project
          and has been very damaging to German economic relations to Iran
          In this respect, I welcome that he was hanged

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