Nighttime Public Hanging in Iran – Victim Fights Back and Tries to Get Away

Nighttime Public Hanging in Iran - Victim Fights Back and Tries to Get Away

A nighttime public execution video from Iran shows a young man being led to the scaffolding gallows to be hanged until dead. The victim had his hands cuffed behind his back, but struggled until his bonds fell loose and then put up a really good fight with the executioners.

It took half a dozen men to restrain him and finally fasten the noose around his neck. Even once hanged, he still reached for the scaff with his feet, as if in a last ditch attempt to get away. Unfortunately for him, there was no realistic way to get away from this.

Props to Best Gore member drpaisan for the video:

188 thoughts on “Nighttime Public Hanging in Iran – Victim Fights Back and Tries to Get Away”

  1. It’s the first time I have actually seen a person struggle for his/her life on videos like these… It seems like the most natural thing to do, still It’s extremely rare to see something like this. Pretty mind-boggling if you ask me Oo

  2. first of all its not night time , you better say early in morning since its a rule in iran that hanging must happen in early morning
    second of all the reason that he struggles is that he is asking to see his mother, and he even says get her to me an i will climb up myself
    and also as the crowds are saying he happens to see his brother and i think they hugged
    and third after he mostly dies one man says , say a prayer for his soul to become happy and all the crowd cry out a *salavat* which is the kind of the prayer
    and after that the guy who is filming happens to be irna news agency reporter and asks the crowd what was the reason for execution ? and no body knows the reason , and also the crowd is insisting that whatever crime he did , he must have allowed to see his mother as he frequently asked for
    i have been reading comments about iran and it seems that you guys barely know iran and most of the commenters doesnt have the slightest idea about iran , if i get some replys asking about rules in iran i will be explaining lots of thing going on there , just let me know if you’re willing to know

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