Outlaw Killed in Shootout with Police in Eunapolis, Brazil

Outlaw Killed in Shootout with Police in Eunapolis, Brazil

The police stationed in Eun├ípolis, Brazil were doing their routine rounds when a man who attracted their attention with suspicious behavior pulled out a gun, fired in their direction and fled on a bicycle. A pursuit lead the police to a school on Avenida Brasil where the outlaw hid in the bathroom. He was killed in the shootout and identified as 25 year old Riquinho Silva Santos, better known as ‘Galo Cego – Blind Rooster’.

Riquinho Silva Santos had previous brushes with the law and carried eight grams of marijuana and two grams of cocaine on person which were seized after the shootout. He also carried a .32-caliber revolver which he used to engage the police with.

After he was cornered in the bathroom with nowhere to escape, the police asked Riquinho to surrender but instead he fired two rounds at the police to which they responded and made him history. I wonder if there was more to his actions cause why risk certain death if all you’d face were drug possession charges.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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