Palestinian Man Executed by Former al-Qassam Fighter Who Joined ISIS in Sinai, Egypt

Palestinian Man Executed by Former al-Qassam Fighter Who Joined ISIS in Sinai, Egypt

In the video released by ISIS in Egypt, an ax al-Qassam fighter, who joined ISIS in Sinai executes an agent of al-Qassam who infiltrated ISIS in Egypt allegedly to deliver weapons from Sinai to Gaza.

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades is an armed force of Palestinian fighters affiliated with Hamas. Whereas ISIS is strongly pro-Israel, being Israel’s brainchild and the forever supported extremist organization, anyone affiliated with al-Qassam is on the ISIS hit list.

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      1. LOL at jew on damage control.

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    how the forkinhellman do they get their clothes that clean?

  2. What is it with these guys and their costumes? They look like a bunch of live action roll players acting out a movie script. These guys wear Halloween costume 365 days a year. These guys in the middle east really believe in fairy tales. Allah doesn’t exist guys….surprise!!!!!!!!

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  3. It seemed rehearsed to me , they even edited the video ! It seemed more like a PSA (public service announcement) then an actual realtime execution video. Anyway…. another one bites the dust… hey hey another one bites the dust… and another ones gone ….. and another ones gone hey, they gonna get you too … another one bites the dust……

  4. When i first saw the video and saw that it’s written that ISIS (now known as ISIL) is pro israeli, i got confused. so i checked wikipedia, and it clearly says: ” ISIL regards the Palestinian Sunni group Hamas as apostates who have no legitimate authority to lead jihad and see fighting Hamas as the first step toward confrontation by ISIL with Israel”

    Basically what it means is that they don’t think that hamas is extreme enough since they don’t hold the same religious views as them…
    Their final goal is conquering israel but first they need to make all Muslims extreme as they are, that’s why they execute everyone who dosent agree with their agenda… after they “Purify” all Muslims they plan to move towards israel.

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