Papuan Activist Yawen Wayeni Killed by Indonesian Paramilitary Police

Papuan Activist Yawen Wayeni Killed by Indonesian Paramilitary Police

was a revolutionary rebel, or freedom fighter of Matembu village, Serui, in the Indonesian province of Papua. He was captured by Indonesian paramilitary police, shot and bayoneted. He tried to escape through the jungle with intestines hanging out of his midsection but died shortly after. As Best Gore member Hawk says: “The people of Papua have to share the Island with the (virulent) Indonesians Muslims.

As an activist, Yawen Wayeni was accused of burning buildings and police vehicles. He was an escaped political prisoner who had been jailed for 9 years because of his pro independence activities.

On August 3, 2009 upon orders by Bagus Ekudanto, commander of police in Papua province, Indonesian paramilitary force BRIMOB set out to “clean the West Papuan political movement“. Their targets were the communities in Yapen, including the village of Mantembu where Yawen Wayeni resided.

Indonesian government prohibits international observers from entering Papua so reports on how things went down vary. Papuans claim that the police raped Yawen Wayeni’s wife as their child who was bedridden with sickness watched. Yawen Wayeni reportedly tried to intervene but was shot three times with an SS1 automatic rifle and bayoneted in the abdomen. Wounded, he tried to escape but was caught, thrown in a car and taken away to be sewn up.

BRIMOB police however maintain that Yawen Wayeni was injured because he was resisting arrest with a homemade firearm. The Indonesian government also rejects allegations that any form of state violence takes place in Papua.

This is a raw video showing the moments after the assassination of Yawen Wayeni filmed on a mobile phone camera by BRIMOB that somehow leaked onto the internet. The police were taunting Yawen Wayeni as he was dying:

This video is a report on the assassination by Al Jazeera. It contains translation of the police taunting wounded Yawen Wayeni as well as interviews with his widow Talasung Ladari, representative of the police and international humanitarian organizations people:

And a gallery of a few photos. Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the pics and videos:

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    1. Of course America is behind it, not only is Papua rich in resources but its becoming infested with Muslim extremist scumbags, Papuas rich resources may be the real reason why America is backing the revolution there….but taking those rich resources from Muslims makes it that much better.

    2. Ah yes. Whenever you speak to a Muslim. Its the same old Bullshit. Its the Americans, its the Jews , its the illuminati.

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      1. True. Usually BestGore feeds my inner beast. A few posts hit me in the gut. Muslims……..everything said about them is right. My husband is a muslim. I listen to the slander of others by him, and I think of what a self righteous, know it all piece of shit him and his parents are. Islam ruined the man I love. Its not a religion of Peace. Its a religion of motherfuckers putting their faith on a pedestal and damn everyone else. Islam is the cause of me filing divorce. Where it says “reason” I’ll say “irreconcilible allahusnackbarist bullshit” sorry for psycho babbling. Ciao

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  1. Taken away to be sewn up? What ever they “sewed up” it wasn’t the wound in his stomach! Shot 3 times plus bayoneted? That was one tough man!! If I looked down and saw my intestines… :O … probably not trekking through the jungle! RIP Yawen

  2. That guy was sitting up with 3 gun shot wounds and guts sticking out., that’s one tough man. I’m curious why he shook the cops hand at the end if they were taunting him and supposedly raped his wife while his child looked on.

  3. A very sad video indeed and the troops are inhumane.Even while dying the troops taunt him by saying that he is a ‘kafir’ (muslim term for non-believer) and that God will never grant his wish for an independent Papua.What i can never understand about this conflict is why would the indonesian government sent in large numbers of military and made west papua a heavily military zone while the separatist were just tribesmen armed with bows,machete,spear and homemade hunting rifle that fires only one bullet.A rather unfair battle i suppose pitting under equipped natives with army armed with automatic weapons.

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