People Executed by Muslim Brotherhood Death Squad in Syria

People Executed by Muslim Brotherhood Death Squad in Syria

So what’s new in Syria? Nothing. Same shit, different day. People get killed – that about sums it up. Muslim Brotherhood have their death squad execute random civilians and record it on video to put blame on president Bashar al-Assad. He probably does the same in return, except for those ridiculously obvious propaganda videos.

This video is a compilation of three different executions. The first one shows a handcuffed man executed by a bullet to the head – which is typical of Muslim mercenaries. He also appears to have been shot in the kneecap – possibly to make his death more agonizing.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “People Executed by Muslim Brotherhood Death Squad in Syria”

  1. Its videos like these that just make me feel so lucky I just happened to be born where I did. Not a care in the world except for what time the liquor store closes at or how Im gonna spend all of my money on ridicules things that I could easily live without. Trust me I’m not bragging, its just a weird thing that you have absolutely no control over where you are born but boy does it make a difference. Its the first lottery you are ever introduced to.

    1. I agree. So glad I live in this country and don’t have to worry about going out of my house and getting shot for my efforts. No freedom of speech or religion in those wacko trigger happy countries. Even kids are murdered. We spent billions of dollars supporting American troops in Iraq, and for what? A bunch of ungrateful towel heads? Nothing’s gonna change in the Middle East. It’s in their blood.

  2. Your comment about Syria, basically “SSDD” …. you know I was pondering that yesterday. Of course Brazil seems to the undisputed champion as far as a source of Best Gore posts, with Thailand a close second. But SYRIA has been subtly flying under the radar yet all the while making a serious challenge to the seemingly invincible Brazil. Mexican drug cartels also are in the top ranks and can never be taken for granted. 2012 should be an interesting season for Best Gore as “parity” seems to have evolved and you really can’t call Brazil a dynasty anymore. I say Best Gore needs a playoff system to determine a true champion. The trophy could be a bronze depiction of a beheaded head with a bullet hole right between the eyes. Just a thought …

    1. Probably from russia they seem to supply the terrorist that we killed in iraq lol possible the weapons that came from iraq was polished up so they can be sold on the black market for profit just to make a buck but that’s how it seems to me russia supply’s the terrorist the sells the weapons left over after a war then most of the time the same gun can end up back in a different hand the week after.

  3. Ignoring this will mean you just don’t see it anymore. Christians are annoying, but Islam is destructive. At least Christians don’t bomb too many places per year, even if they do kill tons of people in their god’s name. Muslims seem to glorify high profile, big show events. Better to just be a jaded Atheist and watch the world kill itself from a distance. If there was any god, just think how it must feel. Bet so called god regrets the creation now!

  4. The smell of death must be the normalcy on the Streets of Syria. I say it is KARMA–my american son was kidnapped in Syria–andI died there at 8 years old–, I asked Syria’s help to get my child out–they ignored my Pleas for help! I say let the Blood Flow on the Streets–because it is KARMA.

  5. It’s all because of what they believe in. after they have studied the Quran, they become possessed and need to be killed, in my opinion.
    I live in the Chicago area where there are quite a few Assyrians and they are very nice people. They would probably be angry at me for mentioning them as a comparison but I did because their people live among the filthy people over there.

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