Photos of Tamil Women Raped and Executed in Sri Lanka

Photos of Tamil Women Raped and Executed in Sri Lanka

During the last few years of their offensive against the LTTE (Tamil Tigers), the Sri Lankan army committed many war crimes and crimes against humanity. Of course, Sri Lankan government denies any such allegations but more and more evidence surfaces to prove that things like summary executions of anyone Tamil, including civilians and systematic rape of Tamil women really took place.

It must be said, that even though Sri Lankan army clearly committed heinous crimes in their war against LTTE, the Tamil Tigers were not any less heinous in what they did. There was a lot of wrongdoing on behalf of both, but the army had an advantage of (at the time) international support because Tamil Tigers were considered a terrorist organization by many countries.

The unrest and tensions with ongoing killings and rapes on both sides lasted for over a quarter of century when Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa made a plea to eliminate the LTTE once and for all and to not stop until they’re done for. Massive military campaign was launched during which rapes documented in these photos took place.

For those who would like to learn more about alleged atrocities, including systematic rape perpetrated on the Tamil population by the Sri Lankan military during the offensive against the LTTE, here’s the documentary titled “Sri Lanka – Killing Fields” by Channel 4 UK. It’s split into 3 separate videos, the last one has some graphic footage:

Gallery of photos of Tamil women who were raped and executed by Sri Lankan army is below. Props to Eowang for the pics:

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  1. I was there two weeks before the war started, and then returned two weeks after. Heaven and Hell. My friend Mike was living on a shack on a beach and got brained by a Sri Lankan thug with a 2×4. He recovered. The accountant at the Sri Lankan hotel was a Tiger. Later on I discovered he was living a few doors down in London. Nice chap.

    They shouldn’t have assassinated Rajiv though. That was their undoing.

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    Never really could understand why people get all worked up over atrocities committed during war. This has been going on since man first began warring with one another. War is just that; Dirty Business.

  3. This is a wrong description for these pictures. these girls are terrorists (LTTE) And they were dead during the battle.. they were not raped. Most of terrorists were Suicide bomb kits. so army remove there cloths while searching foe bombs. thats all

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