Point Blank Execution of Sam DuBose by Cincinnati Citizen Killer Ray Tensing

Point Blank Execution of Sam DuBose by Cincinnati Citizen Killer Ray Tensing

On July 23, 2015, in the post about Sandra Bland, I told you that year to date, police in the USA killed 651 people. Here we are 6 days later, and the number has risen to 669 – 18 murders by citizen killers in 6 days, or 3 on average per day. We are definitely on the way to beating four digits by the end of the year.

On July 19, 2015, University of Cincinnati, Ohio citizen killer Ray Tensing executed 43 year old Sam DuBose by shooting him in the head at point blank range. As is a tradition among lying cops, citizen killer Tensing lied that he discharged his weapon because Sam DuBose pulled away from the stop and dragged him with his car. His body camera video however clearly shows that he murdered the motorist and was not in danger.

Ray Tensing pulled Sam DuBose over for not having a front license plate. DuBose is overheard in the video telling the citizen killer that he couldn’t find his driver’s license, but assured him he had one, and affirmed it by telling the cop to run his name.

The citizen killer then put his hand on the car door handle to open it. The victim placed his hand on the door from the inside to hold it shut. The citizen killer never asks the victim to exit the vehicle. He never tells him he’s being detained. He never has any justifiable reason to ask him to exit the vehicle.

Then the citizen killer stuck his hand through the open window to force the seatbelt off the victim. The victim was rightly frightened, confused and nervous about it, and was quickly executed. That’s all there is to say about it.

The video shows Ray Tensing falling backwards immediately after firing the weapon, which proved that he was not dragged by the car. Sam DuBose was killed instantly, however his lifeless body pressed the gas pedal so the vehicle rolled forward until it hit a post.

As such, not only did citizen killer Ray Tensing kill an innocent, unarmed man, but he also put the public in danger from a runaway automobile with a corpse at the wheel.

Ray Tensing was charged with murder, but we know all too well how precious few citizen killer get actually convicted and serve any time. A charge is often nothing more than a smokescreen action until the public is distracted by something else.

How do I know nothing’s gonna come of it? Same as always – the other cop who lied on the official report to cover up for his buddy was never charged, or fired. Video makes it clear that Tensing wasn’t dragged even an inch, yet his buddy still sided with the killer to support his getting away with murder. He should be charged with obstruction of justice and being accessory to murder for the attempted cover up, because that’s what a citizen would be looking at if he did the same.

From the report:

Officer Kidd was on scene with OIT Lindenschmidt. Officer Kidd told me that he witnessed the Honda Accord drag Officer Tensing.

Props to Best Gore member @Hugsthemuffin for the video. The murder happens at approximately 1:55.

Author: Acneska

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  1. The still picture in the headline shows the aftermath of the shooting. The actual shooting took place as the policeman was being dragged, or appears to have been. In any event the shooting did NOT take place in the still picture. Surely whoever posted this must know that.

        1. Perhaps the whole vid should be watched then, because it was on national news and the cop wasn’t dragged, and there were no aggressive moves by the guy in the car. Nor was the dead man asked to get out of the car before the cop touched the doorknob. Also, he isn’t a regular city cop, he was a campus cop. I’ve been around asshole campus cops, they are idiots.

        1. Right? Not driving on a suspended license would be a good start….actually having a legitimate one to hand the officer helps. Not having an open bottle of gin in the car would help. Not running (or driving in this case) from the police. Dumb nigger knew he was up shit creek. He already had a warrant for failure to pay child support….big surprise there. You can hear the car start up and him floor it….he asked to get shot.

      1. Niggers are what’s “wrong with me”.

        With very little to no impulse control, zero future orientation, high biological propensity for violence, rape, murder, and non stop “muh dik” it is clear that niggers have ZERO comparability with a civilized society in which citizens are law abiding folks.
        The Jew master is pushing the nigger ever closer to all out race war as the feral pavement apes are taught to hate police, hate authority, kill whitey, rape white women, and ingest drugs and alcohol 24/7.
        Listen to any nigger “music”? Just do a little JewTube search of Popular black music then and now. Al Sharpton channel will help you understand a little.

        I don’t disagree with Acneska that cops are also henchmen of the Jew. The Jew is playing both sides out to the very end. He wants a nigger state and a police state to kill every last white, which is a threat to Jews in their hive mind, and so far it has been working for him at an astoundingly successful rate.
        For the uninitiated: JEWS AIN’T WHITE! Simply, “Whites” are Europeans. Jews are NOT. Population genetic data indicate that Jews are a Middle Eastern group and that there is substantial genetic distance between White Europeans and Jews.

        Typically, jews do not identify with the people and culture of Christian Europe and its offshoots because of course they are a separate people with different genetics, culture, identity, and history. But when it is necessary for the purposes of deception, they will identify as White. Traditionally, jews conceptualize judaism as separate from White European, Christian-based society.

        There is a long history of very mainstream jewish activism and identity that sees White Europeans as an evil outgroup responsible for a long history of persecuting jews — and as we see here, niggers. Jewish ethnic activism typically excludes non-jewish Whites and favors jews.

          1. You rail against Jews for being manipulative and controlling your country yet fail to realize this is exactly what the U.S. Government has been doing to Muslims. Yet you have to gall to claim Muslims are the problem.

        1. You sir are white trash. Teach your white trash cops to pull out a taser or pepper spray before they pull a gun. Lol. Black people are taking over so if you have a problem you are free to leave the country.

        1. AMEN brother. One less nigger to attack innocent white people with their inbred violent ways. He already had a lengthy police record….a habitual law breaker that society is better without. Thank you officer for taking one for the team.

      1. Hey,you Portuguese turd,the cops justification for shooting this black piece of shit was ‘he tried to run me over’,I may be wrong,but cars drive forwards,not sideways.The cop pulled his gun and murdered this guy without ANY reason.Not having your license and acting suspiciously is not enough reason to be killed.

          1. Oh,I’m starting to get it….If you think your popular enough,then you can troll and its considered funny and witty,if your not popular,then your considered a douche and a loser…I’m pretty sure that’s about the strength of it.

        1. Excuse me BUT when you get pulled over, shut your car off (while the officer is talking to you) do you generally leave you foot or paw on the gas pedal? Al sharpton started the car (in the middle of being questioned) PUT HIS PAW ON THE ACCELERATOR TO FLEE…officer attempted to get key out of ignition and got hand and arm caught BECAUSE OF FORWARD MOMENTUM….FEARED FOR HIS LIFE AND AS KAPUT (TUPAC backwards) would of said POPPED A CAP IN HIS ASS(head this time) SO SHUT YOUR COCK WARMER AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIDEO!
          Maybe that’s why his paw was still on the accelerator when he went night..night

          1. Albinos are not ‘unwanted’ in Tanzania, they chop pieces off living children, to order. (an arm is enough for a spell if that’s all they can afford)The local politicians believe in the magic of it too, there is no-one to turn to for help. They would love to get their hands on a real white kid or adult.

      2. There are many ways the cop could’ve done the right thing here. Shooting out the tires. Shooting him with a taser? Where are the non lethal tactics? Why aren’t they defending anyone? Shoot before you ask questions. So much easier. This cop is a citizen killer and he will do it again.

    1. I hate cops and niggers. It’s a win-win situation. Cop is going to prison and nigger is dead. Does anyone else know that Debose had a lengthy criminal record and 13 children? More than likely he taught his children bad criminal habits and created 13 more criminals.

        1. It’s really quite baffling reading some of these comments.
          It is not the Police’ job to be judge, jury and executioner. Black, white or fucking pink with yellow dots, has no bearing on the situation whatsoever. This rogue piece of shit cop killed a fleeing man, shot him in the head from behind like a true fucking craven twat.
          If that’s fine and dandy to some, well, wait your turn, because the colour of your skin will make zero difference.
          Condoning these cowardly acts based on race only serves to exacerbate the situation. Plain and simple.

    2. The policeman was not being dragged. Did you watch the fucking video? He shot the man before that could happen. He should have pulled out a fucking taser if he felt threatened not a fucking gun. This was murder. The cop was trying to say that the victim was attempting to run him over. What a fucking liar. He was standing just to the rear of the front driver side door. The victim could not have run him over even if he tried. This is a fucking joke. The cop was charged with murder but we all know that won’t stick when the people who are investigating are your fellow officers. That’s why they pull this bullshit. They know they can get away with it. Did you hear his fellow cop? “Yeah I saw that”. If these were citizens he would be charged with accessory after the fact for helping to cover it up. But of course that won’t happen either. Canada is becoming a police state.

    3. Not a cop lover, but if u act right when pulled over, 9.9 times out of ten you will be fine. Sandra Bland was an asshole, and needlessly escalated her situation. I’d have arrested her too. This guy, same thing …

    1. What the fuck you retard. It’s a screenshot from the video, just like every post with a video contains a screenshot. The screenshot is just that – the screenshot. It’s one frame from the entire length of the video. It would be less work to just post the video, and not have to mess with screen capture, resizing the image, watermarking it and the whole lot – but we do it to give all posts consistent formatting. Screenshot is not meant to say the whole story as it can’t. The story is told by the written account. Besides, in a video like this one, when camera action is shakey, and picture is blurred during the actual action, the only option is to use a frame from when all the shaking stops. So please, do feel disappointed to the point of fucking off already.

      A screenshot of when the actual shot was fired looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/LHJiRce.png

        1. By the DA making that comment it seems like the officer has already been convicted? Also I believe he’s going to be convicted just because of he’s a white officer that shot a black man “blacklivesmatter” BULLSHIT and the government and populous DOES NOT WANT ANOTHER FERGUSON! if this trial doesn’t get moved….this officer doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting a unbiased trial! YES HE MAYBE SHOULDNT BE A COP BUT THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY SHOULD OF SAVED A COMMENT LIKE THAT FOR COURT!! #whitelivesmattertoo
          What’s everyone’s opinion?

      1. i dont think in warranted murdering the asshole., but he seemed to me as tho he was starting up his car to flee the scene., in that case this guy could’ve killed an innocent person whilst fleeing.

      2. Really??? two in one day who apparently lack the little intelligence required to understand common sense. How hard is it to understand one @fermier was under the impression that the screenshot was supposed to shot the precise moment or climax , so to speak, of the video considering how long he’s been here he should have long knew better @Anceska was explaining the screenshot because clearly he doesn’t understand and apparently neither do you. Most of us appreciate the extra work the mods do by adding a screenshot to the videos so we don’t have to see the same black squad with a triangle in over and over for every single video posted. Think of thumbnails in your photo gallery showing just a preview of what’s inside the folder unless your unable to understand that as well and if not go back to elementary school because even 1st graders know how to use a computer and can understand these concepts.

      3. Good article, Acneska.

        You’re exposing the kiken-vermin controlled pig henchmen for what they are.

        BG needs to keep exposing black on white hate crimes like it does because the Jew MSM isn’t doing it. Especially in this pathetic country called Canaduh.

    2. Watch the video and then you will see! The still picture at the beginning is just a frame shot from after he murdered that guy! Not having a front license has never been punishable by a shot to the dome! I am for the police most of the time but this fucking chode deserves to be locked up for the remainder of his shitty life

      1. He wasn’t shot for lack fo a liscense plate. He was shot for fleeing and endangering an officer and anyone else around. It’s cut and dry.

        If this guy fled and killed a innocent lady crossing the street everyone would be saying “oh how come the officer let him speed away? Stupid cop couldn’t do his job”

        1. Thank you!!! Every fucking retard in the news keeps saying he lost his life for not having a plate on his front bumper. No, he lost his life because he was a fucking dumb nigger on a suspended license, warrant for not paying child support, open container in car, and fleeing from and endangering a police officers life. Obey the fucking law and you will survive the day.

    3. What disappointing is your lack of common sense I’ll lay things out for you to make it easier to understand things in the future. 1. Read headline- if its a story that interests you click said headline. 2. Read the written account of the story – you know all the words in between the headline and the video/pictures that you haft to scroll past to get to said video/pictures. 3. If video click play and watch video for picture gallery its best to click on them and actually look at the to get the full scope of what’s going on. 4. Do not post until you have completed steps 1-3 to avoid further ignorant behavior.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

      1. An0ur that?s outstanding! This should be a ?sticky? on this site. It would help eliminate half the dumbass comments.

        On the other hand it wouldn?t be near as much fun without some of the dumbass comments.

    4. @ fermier what a fucking retard you are. Dont you have any common sense. A screenshot is not about trying to give the wrong impression. Its just one image from a video. First you read the discription and then watch the full video. Then only do you get the full picture. Ya dig. On a diffrent not did you all hear the pig say i thought he was gonna run me over. I was like fuck when do cars move side way. What a lying piece of shit. Hope he gets ass fucked in jail that is if he is ever prosecuted.

    1. Until such time as the Jew owned and operated MSM quit suppressing and lying about the crisis of black on white hate crimes (murders, rapes, robberies, beatings) and calling them “teens” and “alleged” this or that and referring to white victims of burtal nigger behaviour as in a “robbery gone wrong” or “wrong place at the wrong time” then niggers will be free game.

  2. Just saw him in the news tonight he’s sitting the night “in jail” until his court hearing tomorrow. I bet the piece of shit doesn’t even sit in a cell just kicking back in one of the rooms with his buddies.

    1. Just another day in paradise for the boys in blue…
      Then again, they may sacrifice him to calm the jungle in this case. Perhaps Cincinnati doesn’t want to burn like Baltimore & St. Louis .
      Regardless, I guess we ought to thank the blacks for bringing attention because no one seems to give a shit when whites are killed even more frequently.

  3. Unless there are some actual punishments for the crimes these cops commit, this shit is never going to stop. Even with video evidence nothing will probably happen to this guy just like all the others who get away with murder. Everybody still wants to believe cops protect us but they only protect themselves. Good, honest cops are very rare these days.

    1. I know several and one has been in a shootout with a crazy guy trying to get into a shelter while drunk… They called 911 and my friend got the call… He was shot four times and shot crazy guy several times… They both lived… He was ambushed as in dude was waiting to go out like a true crazy….short story long I believe most are good

      1. I know a few good ones and they’ve told me that more and more shitty cops are coming in every day. The one told me some of these guys do whatever the hell they want and joined because they didn’t have any other options and they want to be able to use a gun. He also said it’s almost impossible to get one of them punished. The good ones absolutely hate the bad ones.

  4. Some pretty fucked up shit right there without a doubt, it seems these officers that we entrust with protecting the public safety are acting as if they can do what they want when they want, and its only gonna get a lot worse.

    On a side note does anyone actually look at the bottom to what surfers search for to what they search and lands them on best gore, some pretty sick shit right there.

    1. On the side note topic this is an educational site….like me you probably never knew some of the topics they searched for even existed…the more you know eh. ?
      Creepy shit indeed.

          1. True, so many of them are into the sick stuff, last week that high ranking fellow Lord Sewell got caught in an orange bra, snorting coke off of a prostitute’s tits, but at least she was an adult!

        1. Whoa here’s another one, raped videos.com, kidnap sex vedes(videos), and woman raped in the ass. Goddamn if anything most of their grammar sucks, no its atrocious. half those morons can’t even spell. Pretty sad actually.

          1. Haha wow! Who wants to watch that ew!

            Sidenote: was I the only personwho thought there was lliterally air freshener in that gin bottle?Like I thought he for real pouredout the gin or just put air frefreshener in an empty bottle to keep in his car ha silly me….

          2. The air freshener was probably visible on the other side of the bottle, I mean seriously how can one go through the trouble of stuffing an air freshener in a damned bottle lol, unless it was a very tiny air freshener I guess haha.

  5. I love these videos that include the aftermath of the shooting because you can hear the cop lying and trying to piece together a scenario that would justify what they just did. I think he was just excited by the guy’s wicked fashion sense. He wanted to give him a bit more red to complete the look.

  6. I did a Google search for “Ray Tensing mugshot” as per one of the comments here and I read in an article

    “Deters said his heart goes out to the family of the 43-year-old victim ? and to the city?s angry African-Americans.”

    WTF? I feel bad for the his family, sure, but what the fuck, the city’s angry blacks? Let’s see a black cop kill a white guy and a black prosecutor say his heart goes out to all the city’s angry whites.

  7. Sorry man, this nigga wanna play nigga games. The cop had a grip on the seat belt as this kid gunned it (kinda dumb cop move), and the cop WAS dragged, and the cop shot AS he was being dragged.

    Excessive force? Yeah. Murder? Maybe, he didn’t NEED to grab the seat belt.

    But pretending the kid didn’t actually try to run and that the cop wasn’t dragged is idiotic.

    Normal people 1) have our license on us and 2) don’t hand the cop a bottle of liquor we have in the car and 3) don’t start the car and bail while he’s talking to us.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes as they say.

    1. You missed where the cop tried opening the door and the Nig shut it ? LOL!!!
      No license and a bottle of gin…at that point they do usually have you exit the car.
      He definitely played a role in his own demise.

      1. He said he had a license and asked the chode to run it several times!! Police don’t have all or any right to drag you out of your vehicle … Castle doctrine comes to mind… It applies to every color!!!

        1. Correct black or white…don’t drink and drive…do that in your castle or crib or whatever. Not an automobile.
          Drunk drivers kill innocent people of all races.

          1. Fair enough… A shot to the dome and sending an out of control car down the road with a dead guy behind the wheel doesn’t make much sense either… I saw a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk too and he’s lucky he didn’t get taken out by the ghost rider

          2. When niggs nigg and pigs pig the outcome is never good.
            But seriously no way even the whitest person in America isn’t going to have to get out of his vehicle when they can’t produce a license…just a bottle of Gin.
            We both know that.

    2. Long time lurker, first time poster. Watching footage from a body cam allowed me to see things from their perspective. I have to say, that driver is obviously up to some shit (agree with @turnerdiaries here). Car is registered to a female, he says it’s his wife’s car but how many black guys could say that and it be believable? Call that racist if you want, but then he can’t even get out the name of his “wife” within a normal and believable time period and looks even more full of shit. And the name sounds made up as hell but that’s beside the point. Then rejects the door opening, starts the car and clearly tries to get away.

      Must say, when I saw the cop’s mugshot, I’m guilty of looking and saying what a pencil dick. But by audio and video to really go on, I don’t see where I would have done anything differently given the situation. Just as there is a balance between being a member of the sheeple who don’t try and escape a stop and those who flee and get your ass capped by a cop, there is a line that has to be balanced .

      I don’t personally know any cops or support cops in any way. I’ve been pulled over plenty of times myself for absolutely stupid shit that I still believe was a cover for drug searches. I’m sure some are bad while most are good, but in this instance the driver set up his own noose, the office merely stumbled and kicked the stool pegs out.

  8. Not to excuse the cop’s action, but it’s notwotth that driver was acting suspicious and couldn’t even produce his DL. He instead hands the cop a bottle of gin? Cops are looking a body laguage and how a person conducts them self and it’s obvious to me this guy was hiding something. Again, I’m not defending the cop shooting the guy. I’m just saying the driver facilitated his own demise be bring a dumbass from the get-go.

      1. Death sentence? Of course not. The cop shot him for no good reason. No excuse for that. I’m merely pointing out that the driver didnt handle himself well. He should’ve had his shit in order before taking to the streets in a car. I try to fly under the radar, watch the rear view and make sure I don’t get caught with my pants down. This guy slipped up, tried to get away and unfortunately for him he did it to the wrong cop who decided to murder him. Fucked up shit all around.

  9. From what I understand is that this killer was a “cop” for the University of Cincinnati, (as stated above) not for the city of Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Police Depatment are making it very clear that the killer “isn’t one of their own” if he was, the video/audio recording would have been “misplaced” or “destroyed” and he would be free from any charges.

  10. Nothing surprising. Snoop Dogg here didn’t pose any threat. As usual, cop got frightened. He also thought he’s too fat to chase the guy and too lazy to catch him. So why bother? Take the gun and do the deed. That’s the solution. Of course, those other cops (including the killer) will fantasize about life-threatening situation and so on. Nothing new.

  11. True he wasn’t apart of the department its why he’s in jail and not paid administrative leave… Cincinnati is ,depending on how fast you drive, roughly two and a half to three hours from where I live and I absolutely hate when I haft to drive through there the place is infested and is fast catching up to Detroit.

  12. both the cops fault and the victims. If that is proper police procedure to follow that is bullshit. If this guy was being detained the cop should have made it clear and not just stick his hand in the car wtf. seems like a rookie cop.

    also the victim clearly had the car in gear or in neutral. if you get shot and the car is in park it doesn’t just start rolling forward and when you are stopped by the cops your car shout be shut off and in park

    still i don’t think proper response here is to shoot the guy in the head for being an idiot but this was a combination of dumb rookie coop and stupid victim.

    1. (tassie)., in 2014 over 1,000 ppl were killed by police in the good ol USA., according to a civilian watchdog site., the FBI has that number much lower at about 775 ppl killed by cops., however each state gives up that information Voluntarily., heres the catch many states like NY dont Participate in the voluntary program., which makes the FBI’s number inaccurate.

      1. Oh and that number 20 is relative becouse it is said that a black person is just over 20% more likely than any other., fck thats probly why they feel fleeing is optional.

  13. I fucking hate cops and they hate me.About 2 years ago i got 5 and a half grand (about $8 g) from my local police authority for being injured by them.Its a victory for the ‘man on the street’,even got charges dropped.Haha

    1. Saying that the incident happened 2 years before and they dragged it out and ran the costs sky high by denying it.Most people would have been frightened off, but I had an amazing brief and I called the fuckers bluff.They cannot stand me.Mhahahahah.

    2. $8 grand??? Chump change. Put 2 more zeros on the end of that number.

      Cops remain the only thing between civilization and anarchy. Why? The more niggers… the more chaos… Doubt it? look at the statistics.. Where blacks go, desolation follows

      1. its not all about the money (Rota), the fact that he took stood up to those pricks and won., i did the same thing when i was a punk, the judge awarded me the max., to bad it was small claims court., altho i had bragging rights too.

      2. 8 grand is better than a poke in the eye my friend. The point was that they tried to intimidate me into backing down by running the costs up to a point that if I lost I would be paying for the rest of my life.let’s just say,it felt very good indeed spending that money.

      3. I forgot to explain the charges.
        Reckless driving (of a mountain bike) and theft of the bike(it was borrowed off of my dad),they said I hadn’t asked to borrow it.The cop drove the wrong way up a one way street and hit me.Because the cop was in the wrong they tried everything to make it look like my fault,they even said I was out of my head at one point.(I passed a breath test and had no drugs in my system) Just one more story proving they are filthy fuckers who lie to cover their mistakes.

  14. To be fair the black dude didn’t look or sound like some thug, the cop certainly sounded like a proper cunt though. In Western Australia if you haven’t got your licence on you, the cop takes your name and wanders back to their car to run it through the system. I know you can’t compare but now Cincinnati might burn because this dumb pig took his job that little bit too seriously.

  15. Wow, officer Kidd wasnt Kidding arround… πŸ˜† (badum tss)

    Now putting the bad cop/innocent victim picture asside, the outdated cotton picking machine should know better then when a white person asks them for anything, weither that be a legal document or just to fuck off, they must only comply and not ask too many questions. So good show! πŸ˜†

      1. I have resorted to looking at old shit and dusting off the faces and traces of death. I actually used to go to the midnight showings and get the shirts. Any kiddies remember that shit? This modern HD head explosion in your face shit makes faces of death pale in comparison. The parachute guy landing in the alligator pond was wicked, though. Oh we’ll, off to backpage, hope there’s some new talent in my city. Just got paid.

      2. you got that right, (irisheyes)., i would tell people this shit makes “Faces of death” look like a Disney for kids film., did u no most of that shit was staged., (the beheading, the monkey brains all that shit), anyway the old stuff here is Fucking Awesome..!!, ime sure there’s a still a ton o crap i have yet to see.., see ya gotta go get my fix. lol.

        1. When I was about 10 I watched a video called The Killing of America, it showed a man getting shot in the head/face which stuck with me (high powered rifle) but most of it was Disney too. I have ALWAYS been interested in gore though, I always read the newspapers (from around 8) I used to skim through my mums Stephen King books looking for a word like ‘fuck’ or ‘blood’ and read that bit!

          1. I order machine parts from Taiwan for about ten years now. They pack them and then use newspapers to stuff and secure the items. I started opening the papers, they show half naked chicks and fuckjng gruesome accidents like it ain’t shit.

          2. Wow, no censoring, that’s great. In Australia you wouldn’t dare photograph an accident, some prick would slap the phone out of your hand, even if ambo had already been called. Some do-gooder would think you are being disrespectful. The ‘authorities’ quickly put up tarps/sheets so no-one can be ‘traumatised’ by the site of anyone hurt, idiots, people might slow down if they see what really can happen to a body in a car accident.

  16. The 43 year old African American did not show any aggression accept to flee. The police officer was already nervous from his hand gesture. Was the police officer walking? If not, reenter your cruiser and follow procedures for a pursuit.

    I read all your post, and tanks acneska.

  17. I sincerely hope this rogue among rogues is sent down. Surely, petty appeasement of the public is just not going to cut it for much longer !?.
    What is it going to take before the public has had enough of this ?.

      1. @gramps.

        To be honest, I think the situation would have played out differently right from the beginning. I get the impression that due to there always being the threat of being shot over there, both the public and the cops act in a totally different manner to over here. There’s just way too much tension in these situations in the States, which, to me, seems utterly contrary to what should be going on.
        In England the guy would have been breathalysed in the cop car and dealt with according to the result. Either way, he would have been released within a couple of hours and lived to see another day.

  18. Another innocent black man who dindinuffin but try to escape from the clutches of the evil white man. He did the complete opposite of what he was told. The cop could have very easily fell and been run over by the rear tire. The driver could have done exactly as he was told and would have received a ticket and be on his way to rob whoever he was on his way to rob or rape and murder but he chose to ignore the cop. Due to recent events this cop will probably go to jail. I don’t know if it’s murder because I’m not a lawyer but he probably shouldn’t have shot him right there, he probably could have followed him until he crashed and maybe they could have let a police dog chew on him for a while. If the driver would have been a white asshole we probably would have heard very little about it because when a white person gets shot by cops they’re usually an asshole that no one cares about but black people are different, the law doesn’t apply to them and it’s okay for them to be ignorant.

  19. The guy shouldn’t have revved up the engine and put the car in drive, but there was no justifiable reason for the cop to shoot him. He should have stepped away from the car and begin a pursuit.

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