Point Blank Execution of Sam DuBose by Cincinnati Citizen Killer Ray Tensing

Point Blank Execution of Sam DuBose by Cincinnati Citizen Killer Ray Tensing

On July 23, 2015, in the post about Sandra Bland, I told you that year to date, police in the USA killed 651 people. Here we are 6 days later, and the number has risen to 669 – 18 murders by citizen killers in 6 days, or 3 on average per day. We are definitely on the way to beating four digits by the end of the year.

On July 19, 2015, University of Cincinnati, Ohio citizen killer Ray Tensing executed 43 year old Sam DuBose by shooting him in the head at point blank range. As is a tradition among lying cops, citizen killer Tensing lied that he discharged his weapon because Sam DuBose pulled away from the stop and dragged him with his car. His body camera video however clearly shows that he murdered the motorist and was not in danger.

Ray Tensing pulled Sam DuBose over for not having a front license plate. DuBose is overheard in the video telling the citizen killer that he couldn’t find his driver’s license, but assured him he had one, and affirmed it by telling the cop to run his name.

The citizen killer then put his hand on the car door handle to open it. The victim placed his hand on the door from the inside to hold it shut. The citizen killer never asks the victim to exit the vehicle. He never tells him he’s being detained. He never has any justifiable reason to ask him to exit the vehicle.

Then the citizen killer stuck his hand through the open window to force the seatbelt off the victim. The victim was rightly frightened, confused and nervous about it, and was quickly executed. That’s all there is to say about it.

The video shows Ray Tensing falling backwards immediately after firing the weapon, which proved that he was not dragged by the car. Sam DuBose was killed instantly, however his lifeless body pressed the gas pedal so the vehicle rolled forward until it hit a post.

As such, not only did citizen killer Ray Tensing kill an innocent, unarmed man, but he also put the public in danger from a runaway automobile with a corpse at the wheel.

Ray Tensing was charged with murder, but we know all too well how precious few citizen killer get actually convicted and serve any time. A charge is often nothing more than a smokescreen action until the public is distracted by something else.

How do I know nothing’s gonna come of it? Same as always – the other cop who lied on the official report to cover up for his buddy was never charged, or fired. Video makes it clear that Tensing wasn’t dragged even an inch, yet his buddy still sided with the killer to support his getting away with murder. He should be charged with obstruction of justice and being accessory to murder for the attempted cover up, because that’s what a citizen would be looking at if he did the same.

From the report:

Officer Kidd was on scene with OIT Lindenschmidt. Officer Kidd told me that he witnessed the Honda Accord drag Officer Tensing.

Props to Best Gore member @Hugsthemuffin for the video. The murder happens at approximately 1:55.

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  1. I’m confused as to exactly what I’m seeing… why is he yelling “stop” like that? Could he have been dragging him? Either way the people of Ohio will end up paying the $25M bill for the wrongful death lawsuit that his family has probably already filed. At least his TEN kids will be taken care of a lot better than they would have if he hadn’t been murdered. Certainly didn’t deserve to die but driving around with a bottle of gin… definitely a winner.

  2. To be honest here, and I think most of you would agree.. The guyto one point was lucky to not be shot right in the beginning. I am surprised that the cop didnt start blasting when the driver reached into the glove compartment to grab the front license plate. From the video, once said glove box was open and he put his hand inside, it was out of view. I would have thought the cop would fire then and claim he reached for something.

    Point 2, when asked what was on the floor, again the drivers hands dropped out of sight. Another reason the cop could have used to shoot. When people carry guns in the car.. where do they keep them?? Under the seat and in the glove box. I dont agree with what happened, but in the end this driver could have been murdered a lot sooner… JUst my view

    1. just my analysis here, no expertise involved. when the cop grabbed the gin, it appeared to be unopened, which is legal to have while driving. could be he was already drunk/high/whatever, but still.

      second problem, it looked to me like the driver became frightened when the cop tried to first, open his door, then second, grab his seat belt. as the cop grabs at his seat belt he is clearly STARTING the car as he is being shot.

      im just not seeing how he can say he shot him because he was being dragged when the car wasnt even running until, it seems to me, the moment he was shot.

      suspicious behavior? maybe. evasive answers? yeah. did he deserve to be shot for starting his car in an obvious attempt to flee? fuck no.

  3. first i want to say that this might be a hoax, to stir the racial pot even more. to get the level of hate more elevetated, to raise the animosity. to increase the chances of people acting like animals, any excuse to bring forth martial law right? we are of course, right in the middle of JADE HELM 15. with that being said, dont believe everything on tv. the tv and the media lies, and if you think they dont youve been living with your head up your ass…..

    anyway, fuck obama. how come instead of talking about gun control, why doesnt he bring up “cop control”? why doesnt he make some sort of legislation where police are NOT allowed to shoot anyone UNLESS they are getting a weapon pointed at them or whatever. just because someone is running away from a pig, or because they disobey a cop, that does not mean that the pig gets to be judge, jury and executioner. fuck gun control you useless muslim monkey faggot cock sucker named obama! bring up COP CONTROL!

  4. The Jew media wins again…
    When a White person “murders” a Black person it’s always Whitey’s fault…

    Oh… I almost forgot… I’m sure this ‘dindu nuffin’ was just about to get his life together and when he was younger he was a really good boy…

    Charging this cop with murder is ridiculous…

  5. jesus fucking christ, I’m going to make sure my plates are up to date, my break lights are working and so on because i could get pulled over for something that should be a simple fine but then get shot in the fucking face for no reason at all. Cops man

  6. What with all the serial killers, terrorism, random violence, and vigilantes around these days, it’s really hard to understand why more police officers aren’t anonymously and frequently dispatched with an equally eager and unrestrained itchy trigger-fingered gunshot, similarly aimed directly at the head or face,… so that their families can also experience the pain have being not only robbed from a life in their own family, but from having an open casket funeral for that person, or even being able to look them in the face ever again.

    1. His whole body would have gotten stiff for a second then goes limp. So, yes, he could have shifted his weight as he died to where his foot came to rest away from the gas pedal and was in neutral or in drive, and the car would drift at the minimum speed of the car until an obstacle stops it. If the dead guy’s foot is resting on the gas just before he died then the car would drift at the speed that the pressure on the gas pedal from his foot. In looking at the vid a few dozen times I think his weight shifted from the break pedal so it drifted to the place where the vehicle came to rest a few feet away. I think this because his car would have been in drive as the guy braked to pull over for the cop. It didn’t seem to surge like his foot was on the gas.

  7. Hey good news!! The Grand Jury actually decided on charging Ray Tensing with murder. Bravo!

    You can drive without a front license plate, an open bottle of gin, and no drivers license. You can even been a dim-witted idiot / asshole about it. That doesn’t mean you deserve to die.

    1. My thought exactly. All the training cops do and yet he can’t handle a simple traffic stop? No front license plate is a ticket offense in CA but most of the time the cops don’t want to bother with it unless someone did something else wrong , at which time the cop can ticket you for it. If someone is pulled over and has a missing a front plate but the driver of the car is an asshole about it the CHP (state cops) find creative ways of fucking the driver over because they have a low asshole tolerance level. Every flaw to be found in your vehicle will be put on a ticket. If you still mess with the cops they conveniently tow your car and forget where it went for several days so the storage rate is in the 4 digits to get your car back. If you behave like a real idiot and try to run, or are suspected of a violent crime then you become a target for target practice of as many cops they have in a perimeter of 20 miles of the incident. I’d rather deal with the CHP.

  8. The knee-grow was a bum and loser with over 60 prior arrests. Typical knee-grow behavior. If they’d just follow instructions of the Cops things would go fine, but they never do. Just the dumbest race of people on the planet.

  9. Messing with the seatbelt by the cop is not being dragged. The cop removed his hand before the car started to move. So murder charges should be pursued in this case. If the cop was being dragged then how did he manage to take the gun out of it’s holster, get a proper grip on the gun, aim and fire all the while he was supposedly being dragged by the victim’s car? Does the cop have some sort of super power that allows him to make such moves all the while being dragged by that vehicle? I don’t think so. The cop is facing murder charges, finally there might b e some justice in this.

  10. The cop made bail. An ex-New York cop has supposedly been in contact with the district attorney concerning the two pounds of grass and a few thousand dollars found in the coons ride. Get ready Cincinnati, this cop is gonna walk.

  11. Hey guys, leave that poor officer alone. He was clearly fearing for his life, due to somebody refusing to remove their seatbelt. He was left no choice but to discharge a firearm into that mans body at close range.

    Police are Heroes

  12. Nah, I think the cop is ok here. The loser resisted, didn’t follow instructions and tried to take off. If you are that much of a low IQ ape that you can’t understand instructions like ‘open the door and get out’ or ‘do you have a license on you’ then frankly you deserve a SW .40 right in your low brow-ed skull.

    One less POS, a few billion more to go.

  13. Did anyone see the dumbass start his vehicle,shift it out of park,while the officer was reaching in to shut it off.he asked dumbass at least 4 times for his i.d.,got a bottle of liquor jnstead.Why can’t dumbasses abide by the law,instead of commiting suicide by cop.Am I under the impression that if I get pulled over and can either outrun or drive off from authority that their supposed to let me go.Thats fucking awesome,but I’m not gonna try it,common sense tells me otherwise.Wikipidia(traffic stop),it’s all cut and dried in detail,and remember,stupid should hurt.

  14. Boils down to this,,,,,,, driver paniced,,,,,,,cop paniced,,,,,two men changed forever. Both made mistakes. The end result can NEVER be a good one, when both make mistakes. However,,,,,,, Im a white guy, and I must say,,,,, the cop was supposed to be the professional here.

  15. 1) Cop had probable cause to conduct a search , an open container is plain view
    2) He could have smelled booze, meth, pot etc.
    3) Cop was lawfully doing a routine stop, wasn’t aggressive, simply stated “missing plate”
    4) the cops right foot was close to the door , his gun was tight on his right side, trigger guard was off.
    5) the cop had a one second draw time,
    6) black took off, a car is a lethal weapon in all regards.
    7) good riddance, but he may have been the next president? Right? Lol President dindonuffin

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