Police Execute a Man Brutally Lynched and Burned by a Mob in Kenya

Police Execute a Man Brutally Lynched and Burned by a Mob in Kenya

On August 9, 2012 a mob of raging Kenyans brutally lynched and burned a man accused of having stolen a goat. The incident took place in area 87 of Uthuri. The police watched from a safe distance as the mob tried their version on necklacing on the victim and not only did not interfere, but chipped in for gas used to set the victim alight with. Once the police figured that the mob has had enough fun, they executed the man with a shot to the head to end his suffering.

This is not the first lynching slash burning video from the birthplace of the US president. These thieves accused of stealing potatoes were also from Kenya. And so were the five accused of practicing witchcraft.

Watching these heartless bastards lynch the guy makes it clear why Barack Hussein Obama become the world’s most prominent war criminal in modern history immediately after taking over the White House. You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

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86 thoughts on “Police Execute a Man Brutally Lynched and Burned by a Mob in Kenya”

      1. I don’t really care how Africans act amongs themselves. I don’t care about a their Raping, necklacing, murdering, and apeish behaviors.
        How the Negros behave in Negroland is THEIR Problem, not ours.

        But when we allow the presents of Criminally prone Blacks to effect OUR society, and we have our Childrens idols be Coon spooks like Kanye West and Rap Diddie, than yes indeed there is a problem.

          1. Holy shit. Here Viets purposefully kill each other in a car accident.

            If the person is injured or disabled you have to pay for hima nd his treatment/ diablity for the rest of his life… but if you kill him you just pay a single fine like 10 bucks or something.
            So when there is a car accident and someone is hurt the gooks turn around and run himover to make sures hes dead.
            Sick, just Sick.

        1. That’s how the white South Africans felt back in the day, who I might add didn’t choose to live there but were born there (few generations already) but everyone accused us of racism…its simple really, we just wanted to be on our own because our cultures are different (as you can surely see in the vid!!!!)

      1. I am a savage bro and I totally need the help of a foreigner, I can’t function without being a slave… I suck ass at being civilised bit picking cotton, whole other story.. please my good sir come and save us with your marvellous white logic…

  1. Fucking retards; notice how none of them want to go anywhere near the burning tyres when the try to throw the ‘accused’ back on them.

    Burning tyres; contributing to global warming.

    I’ve been to Kenya on three occasions; don’t stay in any hotel that doesn’t have 24 armed security, and carry a personal firearm at all times.

  2. I cannot fucking believe that in this day and age, some poor soul is burning because of hunger. W.T.F. is wrong with that picture? The Vatican City pigs with their golden chairs, and highest government revenues of 476,363,636 per sq. km of land (2001), could easily fix this problem worldwide. These lying pigs are NO BETTER than those scull capped slave drivers. They brainwash these peasants, pass along their baskets in church, and all in the name of god. Jesus had no coin, he himself lived like a peasant (the bible says) and helped others in need. Why the fuck are those fuckers not feeding the world instead of building more palaces. Religion what a fucking joke !

  3. If this was in the Congo, they would eat the guy after roasting him.
    Fucking stupid country. No wonder Kenyans are really good at running events at the Olympics: they’re always running for their lives back home.

  4. A group of monkeys content on torture. Cops here have pee stains in their diapers after trying to keep the population from doing what they do best. Baboons have more culture than these idiots still astounded by the creation of fire.

  5. “Watching these heartless bastards lynch the guy makes it clear why Barack Hussein Obama become the world?s most prominent war criminal in modern history immediately after taking over the White House. You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can?t take the jungle out of the monkey.”

    You’re right it does make it clear why George Dumbya and Dick “CLEAR!” Cheney are the worlds most prominent war criminals. I’m sorry but which monkeys are we talking about?! The ones in this video or the monkeys that have done the same exact shit in the U.S. for decades??! These people probably learned it from the best in the great ole’ USA. Hey the USA wants to be the leaders of everything right?!?

  6. The “take the monkey out of the jungle” thing was genius. I guess it takes a Canadian to understand Americunt politicks. Dumbassed Americunts sure don’t understand their so call Prezzident is a foreigner. Americunts are so deeply in denial its not even funny.

  7. Another man burned to death in Kenya! Wow! Do you know the reason why?

    Kenya is a country of over 40 tribes. Before the British showed up and called them all Kenyans, these tribes were their own communities, kingdoms and fiefdoms. Those along the coast are different from those near Lake Turkana who are different from those in the Rift Valley who are different from those near Lake Victoria who are all different from the nomadic Maasai. Then one day, they?re all Kenyans.

    The European powers, in what?s called the ?scramble for Africa,? split up the continent amongst themselves then drew lines on paper to determine these new nations. And whoever fell within the same lines were now considered the same. Nigeria has over 200 unique people grouped together.

    The Kikuyu and Luo (President Barack Obama?s tribe) can be considered the two main and most powerful tribes in Kenyan. But there was a moment in time when those dynamics wouldn?t have happened if it weren?t for a simple decision made by the British 100 some years ago to group them.

    Originally when drawing the western boundary of the Eastern Africa Protectorate, to separate what would become Uganda and what would become Kenya, the line was drawn at Naivasha, a city about 200 miles deeper into Kenya right in the heart of Luo country. If the boundary had remained there, the Luos would?ve mostly been Ugandans instead of Kenya?s second largest tribe.

    Therefore if you are a Luo and you resides in the Kikuyu, just a simple silly mistake can send you to hell because you are considered as a foreigner. The same thing can happen the other way round.

    I?m not a historian, definitely not an expert in African politics or social studies, but I have a feeling these tribal conflicts will continue for a couple more generations until a future generation begins to see themselves as Kenyans first then their tribe regardless of who drew the lines to determine their nationality.

  8. well so far this is the only video i have seen and thought to myself thank goodness for the shot in the head. i cant even think about being left for dead with burns like that. i suffered 3rd degree burns and holy shit worst pain of my entire life!!!!!!!!!

  9. revolting…truely….are these..things even worth being called humans?come on….for a goat you torture a man that way? i mean,they were Nazi who were punished for thousands of slaughters with just a hangover…and he,for a goat…fucking sickos!

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