Pro Israel Ukrainian Militias Execute Man and Pregnant Woman by Hanging

Pro Israel Ukrainian Militias Execute Man and Pregnant Woman by Hanging

After members of People’s Militia of Lugansk Republic (freedom fighters who put their lives on the line to defend the people of Ukraine from mass murder by Israel friendly militias headed by war criminal Petro Poroshenko) liquidated a group of Ukrainian Army insignia wearing militants, they discovered on one of their cell phones a video depicting the execution of a man, and a woman in the late stages of pregnancy by hanging.

With bags over their heads, the condemned are strung up to a make shift gallows in a forest. The ropes around their necks are attached to a nearby Niva (Soviet era SUV) that hoists them up by driving away from them.

The authenticity of the video is difficult to estimate. The video has no sound, and the bags over the victim’s head prevent the viewer from determining whether the ropes are tied around their necks, or connected to a harness under their clothing. I however understand why Israel paid shills work around the clock to ascertain the latter.

The killers were members of the Azov Battalion, which is a group of pro-Israel fake white nationalists financed by a Jew Igor Kolomoisky. They continue with what Jews started during the Soviet oppression of Russia – systematic extermination of white Christians. Azov Battalion was converted into a regiment last year, making it a de facto part of the Ukrainian Army.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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      1. That’s right!!! If you can’t run with the big dogs , stay on the porch with the PUPPIES…. We don’t know what they did! They might deserve it, and that case we don’t need some kid coming back later with a vendetta!

      1. I agree with troublegum91 on this one, they barely kicked and no involuntary spasm. Also they would have been incontinent before the video ended yet nothing from them even as the man posed between them.

    1. My question is what is the morale in murdering a woman who is pregnant, they gained nothing. funny thing is they could do it to some one else’s mother or some one else’s sister, how would they like it, if it were their mother, or sister.

    1. Those dam jew loving fake white people are just as bad as the slimy jew. If you think they are not “Israel friendly” who do you think is paying for them to kill all the good people of the Ukraine? I will tell you the dirty jew is

    2. No real Nationalist is in favor of the EU controlled by Bussels. This ukranian “neo-nazi” pretenders are right hands of the warmonger Poroshenko, who defends the stay of Ukraine on the EU… Its not that hard to put that in logic, its just a matter of adding 1 + 1.

    3. @over9000comments, ?you can?t blame everything on the Jews?.

      You can if the Ukraine anti-Russian opposition is funded by the western banking system which, as everybody on this stupid fucking Earth already knows, is run by the Jews.

      As if Jew money would be loaned without favours attached.

        1. @Justin Love, you really are an oxygen thief.

          The International Monetary Fund finances the western Ukraine government and the IMF itself is financed by the western banking system so I don?t need to prove anything because all this information is open to the public domain and therefore easily researchable.

          @Just-a-cunt, you being both Jewish and incredible stupid certainly is a recipe for disaster.

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          1. Welcome back @ DR! I’m glad you are out of the hospital and are back here where you belong!

            Now if we can only get It was me on back, too.

  1. They didnt struggle that much for someone being hung by asphyxiation, and not making their bodies to react violently when running out of oxigen… Also their hanging positions are very dubious… They arent held straight like if they were being hung by the upper part of their bodies… their bodies are angled like if they were being held by a lower part.

      1. To terrorise the population to prevent them from rebelling against them, deliver them a message that whoever oposes them, weither if they are innocent man and women, pregnant, eldery or children, will recieve no mercy.

      1. I havent had noticed the breast squeezing part untill you mentioned it. But i also noticed that the guy was a bit too worried about the bodies not being facing the camera… was there something behind them that we werent supposed to see? Like where the rope knot was really made?

        1. You are right. He made quite sure they didn’t turn away from the camera. But why? Facing either way we still can’t see SHIT! They’re covered. As soon as the guy kicks, he grabs him and he stops. Its all sorts of just…not right. Idk

  2. This seems fake because there was no movement once the condemned rose into the air. Also why did the guard have to hold their feet? Seems to have inconsistencies with real hangings we have seen on BG before.

    1. I’m suspicious of this one also…
      Mainly, they have the barbaric audacity to hang a pregnant woman, so why use hoods??
      -To let them hang with dignity? (yeah right!)
      -To hide their identity? (naaah!)
      -To cover up the body harness? (Ding!!)

    1. Only if you throw that up in the morning.

      Try putting the pickles on a burger, then eating the ice cream for dessert and you should be good. It’s the mixing of the two that will knock you up, BB.

        1. Haha no no. I had a suspicion it was possibly fake and mentioned it in my submission. The way the woman’s legs were arched backward gave it away for me. And Justice made a good point that if they were barbaric enough to hang a pregnant woman, they wouldn’t keeo her head cover for the execution.

  3. Definitely fake, the male swings back and forth like a pinyata until the masked gentleman in the middle grips his foot. That or he’s already dead and stiff as a board. I’d at least try kick one in the balls or something, wouldn’t go without a fight plus I’d almost hope they’d finish me with a bullet for the audacity of struggling

  4. Pro-fake side: Motion stopped too quickly for suffocation and no cortical-damage motions to suggest death by brain trauma.

    Pro-real side: Bodies properly balanced (no wires hoisting them up around their crotches), and all fakers just go limp (in contrast with the stiff legs shown here).

  5. sorry guys, i call this as fake, too little kicking before they ‘die’ especially the guy on the right, hanging of this kind wouldnt break the neck, meaning theyd struggle or at least twitch a fuckton more!!

      1. hanging is most definetly not slow, that wasnt enough force to break a neck, not without a little extra help, check other hanging videos where they hoist them up, they struggle alot more, and for longer

  6. I admit, I would have beaten that pregnant woman in the belly using a baseball bat. I would have broken her water and enjoyed watching her deliver her dead little package into her soaked panties. Then hang her as such, maybe with her top pulled down, so we could enjoy her engorged mommy tits!

  7. Does anyone else have problems watching the videos on here?? I downloaded a tor browser because someone said it might help, but either the videos just dont load, or they do and when I click play they never load, even if I refresh the page. And it’s most of the videos on this site. Can anyone help me out with this?? It sucks when I find an awesome video and then cant even watch the fucking thing….

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