Public Execution of 13 Men by ISIS in Ar-Raqqah, Syria

Public Execution of 13 Men by ISIS in Ar-Raqqah, Syria

Members of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS – the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service), publicly executed 13 men whom they said were from “Murtad Group” linked to the Nusayri regime. Nusayri is another word for Alawite – a religious offshoot of Shia Islam practiced by some prominent Syrian public figures, including president Bashar al-Assad.

The execution was carried out in the city of Ar-Raqqah, the Islamic State stronghold in Syria. Much of the video is dedicated to introducing the captives and interviewing them. They are then shown being transported to the execution ground where a mujaheddin talks angrily for a while before finishing off with loud Allahu Akbar.

The execution starts at approximately 5:40 and is laced with special effects, including slow motion and white outs.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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  1. The thirst for knowledge is what leads many people to a site like this, but yet that same thirst can be manipulated and taken advantage of due to the weakness of a humans ability to read between the lines of what he or she is told. Be it the mainstream media, newspapers or listening to other people’s opinions of what they have digested by these corporations, a view which is hard to change after putting believe in misinformation that results in fear and a feeling of mistrust. That’s why when really faced with the facts the party in question will not accept the possibility of another reality or scenario where what they have assumed was right is actually wrong.

    The enemy, being the power elite have spend billions of taxpayers money developing systems which strike so devastatingly hard in a persons psyche that it’s near impossible to challenge their force fed psychological warfare on a persons mind. It’s only possible to fight their control by sites like BestGore that presents facts and lets the user make their mind up on what is reality and fiction. The truth can be hard to distinguish and almost shocking to discover but when the cold light is realised only then can you really start to think like a true realist. God bless the freedom of speech and may it ever reign supreme in the battle of understanding and revealing the truth of the tangled, twisted spider web we are faced with.

    Good luck in the new year people!! Don’t become content become the solution.

    The Judge 😉

    1. The beauty of it……I mean the absolute absurdity is that this is only possible with “OUR” money……it’s a total joke?
      This ” Ueber alles classe” has milked and enslaved humanity for thousand of years….
      Creating dynasties. …and empires.
      To better oppress.

    2. @judge.

      So true, and as things seem to be escalating regarding shootings by cops, “terror” attacks and government corruption, there’s so much going on you can’t keep up trying to figure it out.

      And when you start questioning what is going on there’s a multitude of disinfo to hack through. The tide is turning but not fast enough I fear.

      Hope you had a good holiday!

  2. Anything your allah can do, my allah can do better
    my allah can do anything better than you
    No, he can’t
    Yes, he can
    No, he can’t
    Yes, he can
    No, he can’t
    Yes, he can, yes, he can!

    new national anthem for isis lol.

    Frank: Anything you can be I can be gre

    1. They won’t stop until every country is theirs. Then they will kill people of different race. Then certain ethnicities. Then they will kill anyone who doesnt agree with them. Then finally, they will get their wish and live in the stone age again for millenia.

  3. Ok, a bit late but here goes. The beginning part is where they talk about which village they come from and what their names are. These guys all happen to from the same village. I find that strange… I could be wrong but what i can pick up from this conversation is that they where found blowing up an ISIS vehicle. They where also found with explosives?? They later got caught at an internet cafe and now they are serving time in the ISIS prison until their execution.
    ISIS guy: Pray to Allah and his great messenger Muhammad! These people are murtadeen who where caught commiting crimes against the Islamiv State and will be punished accordingly god willing. The kaffirs (infidels) will be dealt with by gods hand! These dogs of Nusayria (a sect of Shia) have no place Dabqa (the place the crime took place). Allah snackbar!! God is great!
    And then their shitty music turns on that talks about shooting the kaffirs for god. Fuck you and your islamic state!

      1. That part i found hard to believe because it seemed rather strange for some people from a certain village to do that. I think they kidnapped them but i might be wrong. Or they could be innocent. The captive seemed pretty calm and i found that odd. Alot of things are possible.

  4. To live is an honour but to die is your duty. But to give up your life to a bunch of terrorists is a shame. They are no longer part of the human race because even animals have more respect for life. When Hitler did exactly the same against the Jews it was a travesty then but is it now accepted in the modern world. To die on the battlefield is warfare but this is just murder. Time and time again.

  5. Jesus, I can smell that pile of dead goat rapers from here. I think it’s a mistake to believe that any one group over there is ‘good’ or ‘better’. They’re all a bunch of sand roaches that have been killing each other for thousands of years and I approve of this video. Allah snackbar!

  6. Well done to whoever did the editing for this, seamless. The first minute and 30 seconds gave me a brilliant idea for a compete to avoid elimination style reality tv show. It would be like Survivor or that other bullshit programming. Once a week a player is voted off until the “winner” gets to join ISIS. If anyone wants in on this let me know, we too can cash in on complacent westerners.

  7. Fucking TERRIBLE! How can they do that to their own people? Starting to think that perhaps ISIS was either directly (or more obviously indirectly) created by a Western power. Is it genocide to wipe out your own people?

  8. These fuckas denounce Western ideology yet feel happy to wear Western clothes such as Addidas and Nike trainers and use Western technology to upload their videos the internet for us Westerners to watch…What a bunch of hypocrites ISIS really are…slot the lot of them

  9. Someone really took the effort and made with this nice clip! Some pretty hefty editing skills there, too! It’s like watching some crappy, jewish B-class movie (jewie). Well, that’s the intention of this whole clip, isn’t it? Made to look like an easy-to-grasp, ready-chewn flick for the masses to consume.

  10. To them human life is worthless and that’s what I think of Arab culture and mentality, too… Better stay away from them for, there are too many monsters among them!
    Kill, kill, kill is their way of life.
    Murderous “Alahhhuakba” songs! Engl: “Aloah snack bar” …

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