Public Execution of Alleged Infidel by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq

Public Execution of Alleged Infidel by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq

This video contains English subtitles put in by MEMRI TV (Middle East Media Research Institute). Memri is an Israeli Zionist propaganda organization that whitewashes Israeli war crimes by misinforming the public with intentional mistranslations of speeches in Arabic. They were caught countless times giving different meaning to the words of Iranian and Palestinian public figures to keep the Muslim sentiment alive. This video however is of little significance, as its sole purpose is to foster the negative image of Muslims, whether they support ISIS or not, which means that in this case it would make little sense for MEMRI to intentionally mistranslate.

The video alleges to depict a public execution of an alleged infidel by ISIS militants in Mosul. The victim is shot in the back of his head at point blank range. There appears to be at least one child in the crowd.

The video also contains a little bit of footage of soldiers captured by ISIS at Camp Speicher.

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          1. Of course I’m gonna make a special gun to shot canned beans πŸ˜† I haven’t decided wich one I don’t like them maybe I’ll start a new one as obli sayd with ninja training and all that stuff,beheading with katanas and gruesome deaths it’s going to be pretty cool πŸ˜†

    1. those fucking snackbars look like teenie boppers trying organize a selfie. it’s only a matter of time before these sand fuckers post murder on vine.

  1. Was that the line of people to be executed at the end of the video? I think I have figured out why these people are so violent. They need a little statue of Mohammad to wear on a chain around their neck. When Christians want to feel closer to Jesus, they hold the gold cross and pray. All Muslims can do is kill people and yell Alah snackbar. Providing them, with an alternative might just be the answer. If there are any talented people out there that can design such a thing, I won’t ask for percentage.

    1. Wow I can’t believe the ignorance in the writer of this article. Israel and nobody for that matter needs to make any propoganda against the Muslims. Just read the Koran. They do an awesome job of that themselves. Of course its a religion of peace….only after they have beheaded and murdered anyone who wont convert.

      1. If you’re correct, Muslim population wouldn’t be 1.6 Billion & increasing..

        If the Koran was so violent as you say, we Muslims would’ve eaten you & the world by now.

        This verse from the Quran proves to you and all the ignorant propaganda believers that Islam never called for the killing of non-muslims..

        The verse :
        “2:256 There is no compulsion in religion, for the right way is clearly from the wrong way. Whoever therefore rejects the forces of evil and believes in God, he has taken hold of a support most unfailing, which shall never give way, for God is All Hearing and Knowing”.
        Please educate yourself before judging other religions & people, so you don’t be another zionist puppy.

  2. They always act like they’ve achieved some great victory by killing a bound man. Muslims don’t need Israel to foster a negative image of Islam. Yes, they are manipulated the same same as you and i, but that does not make them our allies.

      1. That works in a poetic sense, @Proto, but not in real life. Allying ourselves with the middle east to achieve a goal would only result in one side betraying the other once victory has been achieved. This is real life. Without the Khazar, Islam would become the new world threat. That is why third world countries remain third world: violent gangs (rebels) overthrowing violent gangs. Once victory is achieved, they become the same as the previous rulers, interested only in themselves despite having been fighting “for the people”.

        Xenophobic Nationalism may be the only way to protect ourselves and our race.

        1. Strategic alliances can be useful. Hitler worked with the Arabs. After you overthrow your enemy, both groups can agree to a peace agreement. That how the jerkoffs of today rule the world. They let anyone of any race join masonry and do their dirty work. They use our own people against us.

          1. So we can become the new Khazar Order, using other races and countries to further our own goals while setting up sketchy “peace” agreements between them while at the same time playing them both?

            No, Appeasing everyone will only add to the destabilization of our culture. Nationalism and outlawing immigration. that would be a good start.

            We don’t need the Middle East for its oil, we have other sources. And even if we did, we are on the brink of a new industrial revolution. Things are changing in these regards. The Arabs can’t rely on their “black gold” forever. They must be left behind, as well as other third world “nations”. This babysitting the world must stop.

          2. Yeah, I don’t think we should be babysitting other races. I just think we could have strategic alliances with groups that have the same goals as us. After we regained control of our countries, we could just stick to ourselves. I’m not for manipulating other races. I think every race should govern themselves. No race should be trying to conquer other races. No one race should be trying to rule the world. All races should only aspire to rule themselves.

  3. Here’s a little example of what can happen to you when you betray your race and collaborate with the enemy. So be smart. Don’t betray your race. White men would be wise to stay away from freemasonry. One day that could be a group of white men executing a white freemason race traitor. All you white men, love your race.

  4. I don’t think I’ve heard that many alahu fucking snackbars shouted in their bloodlusting glee before. Anyway, 1 more dead sand monkey down, 10 million or so to go. I just hope they don’t reproduce baby Mohammads faster than they die

    1. I hear you there @mr. slider . It’s OK , I think they only get the opportunity to shag the odd goat in and amongst their deluded murderous sprees . We could , however , be seeing the return of the man goat …. The Satyr !

  5. I thought more execution videos would have surfaced recently – BBC News this week reported & showed a man being led away for execution beside a road, but obviously didn’t broadcast the act itself. I though it might have surfaced here but no πŸ™

    1. No,it went thru his right eye straight to his back head and went in again thru the other eye,then it go out thru his ear the bullet make the whole “freak on the leash”video trajectory it went to the kitchen make a sandwich and return,went thru the back of the head and went out thru his mouth,it’s true I was there

  6. They bring a bad name to Islam. But this is the Saudi/Zionist version of Islam which was created inside ibn Saud’s intelligence agencies & CIA dungeons to fight the cold war on behalf of yanks..

    Chop the fucking head off, scream like an idiot lust for blood, act the hollywood stereotypical indiana jones muslim , who screams “alalaal boom” while waving a sword..

    Why are Zionists so evil ? and why are us muslims so stupid to act like they want ?…

    Fuck this world.

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