Public Execution of Murderer in Yemen

Public Execution of Murderer in Yemen

A man was murdered in the town of Yafea, Yemen and the alleged murderer traced down by the people who surrounded his house and convinced him to surrender. Then they handed the alleged murderer to the father of the victim to decide whether to pardon the murderer or execute him. The father chose the way of the execution and was the one granted the power to carry it out.

Surrounded by a large crowd of public onlookers, the seemingly very cooperative condemned laid face down on the ground and the victim’s father fired three shots at him from an automatic rifle. The death was allegedly instantaneous, although after the third shot, the condemned appears to raise his head and them lower it down.

Also make sure to check out the post about five executed Yemenis crucified on display in Saudi Arabia. I’ve updated the post with new, crisper and closer-up video. Also, here’s another video of similar public execution by gunshots from Yemen.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. LOL good idea could also of kept the dog happy as well. The punishment must fit the crime I would love to see this punishment on the welsh child molester Mark Bridger who raped six year old April Jones then chopped her up and burnt her remains in his living room open fire he now sits in prison with unlimited satellite television clean pressed clothes,bedding free break fast lunch and dinner gym 4 to 5 times a week the evil bastard is getting 5star hotel treatment

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  1. Well in a weird way it all sounds pretty fair to me. If the guy decided his son faith its only fair for the father to decide the faith of the murderer. And death was not made long and painful so thats good.

      1. its,
        someone left a mean comment for me and you, juice and doc all took my back. I wasn’t back on the site for a few days. When I came back I left all a comment to say how much I appreciated you looking after me, but it was an older comment so you might not have seen it.

  2. If you are caught red handed, without question you committed the crime, this is how it should be done. Too much money is being poured into a trial that us so obvious the defendant committed the crime. Why waste time and money and get it over with!

    1. I agree completely! I love that the family was able to choose and to carry out the punishment! I think this should be the way it is everywhere! Might make criminals think twice before they do what they do! Why keep prisons full of scum?! There’s no good reason at all!

        1. Look, all I’m saying is why keep scum like this alive when they’ve been proven to have done a heinous crime? I guess it’s a matter of opinion on human rights for some but once you’ve crossed the line and killed someone- you obviously didn’t give a crap about their right to live, so why should you go on to be fed, clothed, etc in a prison?! I think the punishment is fair.. as far as addressing the problem, I know I can’t speak for every single person, but I’d think twice before acting on impulse if I kinda my punishment would be so bad! So many convicted child killers, etc just get little slaps on the wrist and go out to commit even worse crimes against children! They wouldn’t if they were dead though.

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