Public Execution by Stoning Pursuant to Sharia Law

Public Execution by Stoning Pursuant to Sharia Law

Public Execution by Stoning Pursuant to Sharia Law

Speaking of terrible camera work, here’s another gem.

Obviously, the incident happened in the Middle East, but I don’t have any backinfo to know where it’s from exactly. The rocky landscape suggests either Afghanistan or Pakistan, but that’s a guess.

The video shows a public execution of a person by stoning pursuant to Sharia Law. The condemned is placed inside a hole on the hillside, as the crowd hurls rocks which are in bountiful supply.

Last time we saw an execution by stoning the condemned was a man, and the rock throwers stood further away from him to avoid getting hit by a bounced rock.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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98 thoughts on “Public Execution by Stoning Pursuant to Sharia Law”

    1. Allahu akbar i think i have heard that phrase more than any other phrase to man! What is beyond sad is the fact that the majority of muslims in these countries are completely illiterate so none of them even know the true extent of the words the are yelling out nor do any of them know the real meaning of the Koran unfortunately they are all brainwashed by extremely educated ppl such as Osama Bin Laden who had a degree from Harvard who completely understood the Koran but twisted it’s words into what they want it to mean and then teach their fucked up interpretation of the Koran to less educated pp. Literate muslims who can decipher the truth of the Koran are nothing like these idiots!!!! I have many muslim friends and my bestfriend is a real literate muslim and denounces everything these extremist preach about! A lot of ppl say oh real muslims should come out and denounce these extremist and a lot of American muslims have but to do that in countries such as this one in the video is an immediate death sentence and a horrible one at that! So all u non muslim ppl who feel muslims in these extremist countries should speak out against the bad ones i would love to see u do exactly what you want them to do in that country i want u to be present in that exact situation and do what u want them to do and let’s see how many of u pussy ass bitches live up to your word i bet my bottom dollar my life savings on the fact that none of you bitch asses would bcuz the majority of you on here are either punk ass bitches who can’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag or you are future school shooters who were picked on your entire life for being a fucking loser and now that your bitch ass can hide behind a computer screen and don’t have to be face to face run your fucking dick lickers like you are about that life when everyone and their mother knows you’re not

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    2. Another Perfect example as to why we don’t want the religion of peace in Europe or the civilised west.

      All Islamics should live in traditional Islamic lands and NEVER rest their heads in lands where the infidel has always been. In addition, True Muslims should not take benefits from non Muslims.

      We would all be much happier.

    1. Yeah, but use the wrong pronoun and they have a fit.
      The ones who want statues of presidents torn down because they were former slave owners but don’t make a peep about current slavery of prepubescent girls if it’s in the name of Islam “the religion of Piece”.
      I know the type, Marxist bitches who are the money behind things like black lives matter.

  1. Did not know the Rolling Stones were touring the middle east. Looked like quite a rock concert was put on and the seating was a great. Every seat or vantage point was just a stones throw away from the performers

  2. This is cruelty for the sake of cruelty
    Left over from ancient cultures – cultures who would sacrifice babies to ‘Moloch/Ba’al’
    And as the Arabs still live in the ancient past, and have not caught up with modern
    philosophy this cruelty goes on
    All ok’d by the ALL MERCIFUL ALLAH
    Alot of mercy, huh?
    And then you get these Leftist TV anchors saying
    “Oooooh there’s no stoning in those cuntries in these days mate …. It’s all gone now ….”
    All sorts of filth goes on in any Arab cuntry, and now they are bringing this same
    filth to the West, demanding Local Govt. rights in the Muzzie parts of England etc.

    Death to all Muzzie Scum

  3. Let me get this straight. Several grown men prance around in layers of clothes in the desert where it is 120 degrees and stone someone to death in the name of god. This and the liberal party is why mankind is basically over in the foreseeable future.

    On the bright side she could have died by having to smell everyone’s asshole which would have been a worse way to die

  4. This happened in my home country Afghanistan . In Jalalabad. City of heroin refinery’s which honkey white monkeys love to inject in thier veins our brown sweet poison.
    How stupid is this white race that they pay for death itself.
    #brownheroin no3

        1. Johnny boy I even know what your mothers favorite position is! Swine white bitches love our brown cock. Just look at all the slag junkies in the night selling thier pussy for a bag of our brown heroin.
          U white bastards r pathetic!

  5. You, know this woman was probably stoned for adultery.
    The funny thing is that most Western women do this kinda stuff all the time, with complete impunity, i.e. cheat on partners because simp men defer to them all the time and they get Equal Pay and Alimony.

    But life sucks if you’re a Middle Eastern woman. You’re not even allowed to attend university or drive a frigging car. You have to submit to an unwashed man who can disown you any time.

    So basically in the East we treat them like crap and in the West we over-pedestalise them
    The true way is somewhere between the two. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point that out, a child of 10 could tell you that. Jus’ saying.

  6. Yeah. And just to think the stupid fuckin’ liberals in the United States APPROVE of Sharia Law in our country. How fuckin’ stupid could you be to let a bunch of dune coon sand niggers who kill each other over a fucked up religion into the United States and kill what consists of the worlds greatest people. Proof is right here folks. Not hard to find.

  7. man shoot her once in the fuckin head man you fuckin psychos with your ideology. what good is torturing people with no purpose you believe she already going to hell send her there quickly. fuck man RIP to this woman.

  8. Your entire country is in ruins and you’re living in poverty and having horrible animal and human rights. But instead of rebuilding your country, making the better laws and taking good care of one another this is how you choose to live, this is what you choose to spend your time on (Cold blooded murder) and this is how you choose to treat each other.

    I try to do as much good possible everyday to make this world a better place for all living beings. That includes harming or hurting no one. But helping, taking care of, being nice and respectful to. Seeing things like this is really heartbreaking!

  9. people of Europe watch closely what happens here this is whats going to happen in your home streets once the islamization is finalized in a not so far near future get used to it its inevitable to happen cause ppl nowadays in Europe are clearly left greenish brainwashed especially in germany

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