Public Execution of Syrian Soldier by Jabhat al-Nusra with Rifle

Public Execution of Syrian Soldier by Jabhat al-Nusra with Rifle

Jabhat al-Nusra (also known as Jabhat al-Israel, since that matches their loyalty more accurately) has released a video of a Syrian soldier being publicly executed by them with a close range rifle shot to the head.

In the beginning of the video, the soldier is shown being interrogated. It’s all in Arabic so I don’t know what they talked about, but I imagine he “confessed” to whatever they wanted him to confess to. He’s then driven to a public square in a white sedan. With his hands tied behind his back, the soldier kneels on the ground as a masked executioner gives his speech.

The executioner then fires a single shot to the back of soldier’s head at point blank range, and walks away. Other snackbars armed with rifles of their own spend additional bullets on the corpse.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

59 thoughts on “Public Execution of Syrian Soldier by Jabhat al-Nusra with Rifle”

    1. io spero solo che alla fine le n.u. si stanchino di questo macello vero e proprio e vada a combattere sti 4 teste calde la voglia di fare la guerra gliela facciamo passare x davvero a colpi di missili terra aria e sul campo e stermineremo il terrorismo x sempre non possiamo vedere ogni volta la caccia al cristiano,questi estremisti islamici sono solo delle teste calde contro l’esercito europeo (italiano francese spagnolo ecc. una minima parte x ogni paese compresa l’america e il terrorismo sara solo un ricordo

  1. Don’t they ever get tired of death and destruction?
    If I were a citizen there I think, eventually, I’d welcome a bullet to the head rather than trying to survive, day after day, living in fear.

    1. He never got a chance to see his family one last time… Will never marry, have children and grandchildren never grow old… I have two sons and it freaks me out this senseless slaughter. Obama the jew clown can choke on his blood money.

      1. I understand what you’re saying.
        While it is tragic, this man was a soldier and no doubt knew the risks he faced. He died bravely, mercifully his end was quick.
        I was speaking about the civilians, the wives, children and elderly. Those who try to survive in the middle of a warzone. They’ve lost their loved ones, their homes and their country is in turmoil. For some, fatigue must set in eventually to the point that you no longer care if you survive.

  2. is it just me that are fed up with these short arse fuckers. There are wars going on, innocents are going without food or proper medical care. These look to me like fat bastards, where are they getting they’re food from?

  3. Wicked mama I’d be thinking that they’re taking out the citizenry then taking all the belongings they want. That fag with the flag wasn’t the sharpest pencil in the box was he? Must have been his first gig me thinks

    1. fucking bastards. remind me of the bully in the schoolyard and his handful of lackies.
      after the bully delivers the head-kick to (whichever) weak child,… all his lackies have to run in afterwards and deliver a pointless blow each.
      like a bunch of fucking kids

  4. After the guy has been shot in the head, the other clowns shoot him in the back, there does not appear to be any blood seeping through his jumper. Perhaps he’s wearing a bullt proof vest, a total waste of time, if the first shot demolishes his brain.

    1. Let me give this a go…

      “An Americanist was disgusted by the Islamic terrorist butt-fucking the pro-Russian to death. Tighty whites don’t fit me right, too much room. Gringos give me ringworms. WWIII is in my ass.”

  5. There are so many of these vids now that I look at the background shit now. Some of its fuckin hilarious. This one is a peach, we have gumby on the right in his skirt and pajamas,with his shabby little flag , nice sneakers……wearing his train spotters anorak.

    then you got fucko on the left who looks like hes wonderiing where to get his next pair of combat sandals from…………..and what the fuck is with chewbacca….he wanders in late,,,,,stands in the back ground like he had one too many of the local ‘i got the good shit’ weed………dont they all?
    Then he wanders over to gumby and whispers in his ear to l’step away from the infidal’……………….lmmfao….Then he wanders off again for another hit and strolls back and starts dancing……


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