Public Hanging of Convicted Rapist in Iran

Public Hanging of Convicted Rapist in Iran

Public Hanging of Convicted Rapist in Iran

According to the info I got, this was filmed in Iran. The video shows the public execution of a man by hanging. The man was allegedly convicted of rape.

The crowd appears to chant “Inshallah“, but it sounds more like repeated “Please shut up!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Public Hanging of Convicted Rapist in Iran”

  1. Reminds me of that movie Argo. For looking civilized Iran is still in the stone age mentality wise. But hey it’s citizens wear shoes not flip flops so they get a pass. I wonder if crane companies over there fight over government contracts to provide the cranes.

    1. Agreed. The preferred technique is to raise the condemned off a platform. After a few seconds of smooth lifting, the executioner gives a professional tap to the crane to jerk the rope and break the scoundrel’s neck. The crane continues to lift smoothly to the desired height.

        1. Good Evening my old Miscopy chum, greetings from Arty McBlarty in Blighty! Yes, it’s enough to make one place a scorpion in a child’s slipper, so utterly spiffing to know the Miscopy firm are still hard at it providing hilarity and happy commentary to those who have succumbed to tragedy!!
          May we reign for as long as Lucifer blesses us with the power to provide happiness!

    1. That’s what old creepy Uncle Bill deserves. You can always tell it’s Iran because they do the shit the same way every time. The poor nigga slowly strangles to death while the crane hoists him above the crowd. I’m surprised we didn’t hear any Allah Snackbars.

      1. still on the fence trying to decide whats better 20 years in a cage with your own rape and abuse and constant fear for your life.. or a quick hanging. what do you think is more civilized?

    1. Referee Jack McG’s Scorecard:

      The setup, crane operation and filming of this sporting event were not up to big city standards.

      2-point deduction for each infraction.

      At the judge’s discretion for rope twirl and potential for high quality photo set, 1-point bonus is awarded.


    1. what method a cage for 20 years at 50k a year burden to the tax payers.. then to get released to go rape and kill some more.. after 20 years they come out pretty pissed off. I think the hanging is less barbaric than the worst punisment of all is .. time.

  2. Damn!.. He’s was one letter away from solving the clue too!… All he had to do was guess the one letter to complete the word they chose for him to solve and he would’ve been freed … This was the clue…

    … DI _DO …. Wonder what the missing
    letter is..?

  3. Earlier…

    Executioner :… “Any ..(Belch!) .. Last request you fukr?”

    Cuntdemned … “Yes… I would like to hangout in Tehrir Square, one last time…”

    Executioner:…”Of course… I’ll hook you up… And give you a lift there!”

    Cuntdemned:… “How long can I hangout..?”

    Executioner:… “Eeehhhhh… I’ll letcha hang about for a good while..”

    Cuntdemned:… “After that.. You’ll take me to get executed?”

    Executioner:… “Uuuummmm……..Yeah?”

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