Public Hanging of Man Convicted of Kidnapping and Raping a Pregnant Woman

Public Hanging of Man Convicted of Kidnapping and Raping a Pregnant Woman

On February 26, 2014 three young men were publically executed by hanging at three different locations in Karaj, west of Tehran, Iran. The three were convicted of kidnapping and raping a pregnant woman in March 2009. This video shows the execution of one of the condemned – 25 year old Hamid Yousefi.

The process of hanging was botched both by the executioners and the victim. You can see that around 2:25 the executioners were adjusting the length of the rope for the size of the condemned but before they had it securely in place, the condemned decided he didn’t want to wait any longer and crouched down to start with the hanging. Then as he kicked off the table on which he stood, it was pretty much done, but because the rope has not been adjusted yet, his toes were touching the truck bed. He basically prolonged his suffering by twitching there the whole time.

It was nice of the executioners to pull his pants back up before they could slide all the way down.

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      1. The executioners saved him of adding more insult to his death but they didn’t save him because that is not what an executioner does.
        Am I clear or not?

        #1 uli is clear (I love him)

        #2 uli is a senseless prick but he is so cute…

        1. If he really did it,okay. But there?s always the possibility that he?s innocent. And that sucks big. Especially in 3rd world countries that don?t give real trials. Stinks?..

          I agree…

          At least our third world country, (the United States) allows real trials…

          …paid for by the real corporate media, who cover for the real corporate politicians, who cover for the real corporate Supreme Court, who issue real corporate legislation…


          …then they’ll execute you, in the name of their “Corporate Jesus.”

          …I’m speaking in tongues already!!

        2. Iran isn’t a third world country.
          Things aren’t much better for women in the west where most rapes aren’t reported for fear of being blamed, like going to a man’s house to what they wear. I guess many weirdos on here who want rapists to get off like that.

    1. ide watch it too some of these scumbags deserve it alot quicker than they get it too. this is a very rare time im gonna go with texas. they should give em a choice too. firing squad, hanging, electric chair or stoning by actual stoners LOL

    2. we had it here in the uk, the problem is, when you hang an innocent man or woman come to that,what then? voodoo? bring your loved one back as a zombie and chuck in some compensation for a cage and some bones to gnaw on? Its a barbaric punishment meted out by barbaric people in a barbaric world.

      1. There are only two types of people who would wish the death of another human being.

        The ignorant and those who possess a vengeful spirit. You sir are Neither. You are Golden. You realize a very real mistake that can and has been made by this style of punishment.

    3. They should have just hit the guy over the head with a bat or something. Hanging should be a quick death, not a 15 minute leg kicking spree. Fuck they should have done the fire hydrant / rope and van decapitation on him.

        1. I’ve known plenty of persians and they weren’t that cool, most of them would shit a brick if you lumped them in with other arabs, coz they see themselves as far superior. I do appreciate that Iran is practically the only country with the balls to say that Israel needs to be destroyed, so I guess they aint all bad. But they still look like Arabs to me.

          1. True, Persians sometimes are confused with being Arabs by westerners. In the media what you see is a clever Jewish trick for diverting public attention from themselves and onto others. This is why you see them labelling Arabs as terrorists and making them the bad guys in hollywood movies. Jew owned media is all propaganda meant to brainwash us.

          2. Islam sucks as much as jews, judaism, and Zionism does and the persians let Islam infect them too. Not cool. But it’s only my opinion.

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      1. yea that rope didnt even tighten isnt it supposed to break the neck? that looked more like a very slow strangulation to me.
        they should send all the death penalty cases to saudi arabia. push em off of that hump thing they all walk around during the haj. if you are killed on the ground collateral damage 72 VIRGINS FOR YOU !!

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  2. You’d think since public executions and amputations are carried out there, they’d have an area set aside in every town strictly for that purpose.
    But in all the vids it seems like they’re just impromptu events.

  3. It all so seems so unprofessional doesn’t it? I mean what about his clothes, has he been wearing those clothes since his arrest? Actually I wonder how long ago his arrest was ? I d be inclined to think that justice is served pretty quickly in iran and long drawn out terms on death row only happen for the rich rapists and murderers….

          1. It’s a fantasy thing. Just hope people can differentiate fantasy from reality. Wouldn’t want anyone to go off another person because of that or off themselves.

        1. It would be a bit ironic. If he had just used his hand for stimulation instead of an unwilling pregnant woman’s vagina, everything would have been fine and dandy. But Hamid was a thrillseeker and palm and her five sisters just didn’t cut the mustard anymore.

          1. Palmula and wristina just didn’t cut it ANYMORE…sometimes i worry I’d be a rapist if I was a dude…just kidding!!…I LOVE my wristina and or my Palmula….they do me just right… πŸ˜‰

  4. I don’t share any of the enthusiasm for public death. Well, for any death for that matter. What brings me to this site is not excitement in thibking a death scene is cool to see. There are too many.people killed who aree innocent of any.crime. this goes for suspected killers and victims alike. Unlike western culture, there is little to no “due process” in many countries. There are no.liberties to say you even gwt a trial or evidence must be presented. A claim by someone is enough to get someone put to death. Imagine you did nothing and someone said you did. And somebody, whether it is the correct person or not, must be punished for the crime. This is especially true for high profile cases. I agree with somebody about how unprofessional this seens. Like an impromptu execution. Hanging him on a crosswalk bridge. The crowd control barrier seemes better than the hanging. This seems sad to me. I hate to see a slow death for anyone. You can see the executioners attempting to keep him on the table until ready, they also seemed caring, and gentle with him. This could indicate they disagree with this hanging. This guy might be innocent Or questionable at least. The public also wasn’t cheering, and often it is required attendance. I dont know what the announcer was saying but i will guess it was religious in meaning. I saw lots of people filming and taking pictures. If so much as one innocent person dies, it is not worth killing all the guilty ones. I can’t help but want to know for sure that someone is guilty of a crime. And even then, I still value life and do not want to torture anyone..even when they have brutally hurt others. You cannot cherry pick who to kill and when to kill that person. and the ystem is too flawed to make blanket statements as to who should die and when. More than 100 people have been let out of US prisons who weee awaitng execution or were dound positively innocent of the crime. And nearly 200, 000 people are imprisoned for monviolent crime and sentenced to death under the three strike law, even when eaxh steike is unrelates and nonviolent. And most of you will get pissed with my comment and trash me. This is just my opinion. You won’t care to look at your own opinions until you find yourself or someone you care about killed For something they didn’t do. Something just seems wrong with this death, the reaction is not consistent with pleasing a crowd of people and the gentleness and consideration shown makes me question if this guy was really the guilty party.

    1. Actually, In the US, the 3 strikes law in itself is not used to sentence nonviolent offenders to death but to dramatically increase the prison sentence of habitual offenders of violent crimes and serious felonies- usually meaning life imprisonment. Of course the criteria of which felonies contribute to the statute vary from state to state. There have been many amendments to the statute throughout the years and many changes have been made including the reduction of the sentences of those whose crimes were not considered especially violent in certain states.

      I’m not trashing you, just providing you with information that I have acquired . πŸ™‚

    2. how many people on death row are innocent in the US? Probably lots, accused of crimes they did not commit. In the middle ages, you just needed to be accused by your neighbour of sorcery and that was it, impaled or hanged. Or if you live in Brazil, you can get decapitated playing soccer!

    3. I personally think that he was a scape goat for the police wanting blood revenge for a crime that was committed, but had no suspects. But because this guy might have known the victim long before, the family might of put pressure on them because they did not like this guy because he left their daughter, or whatever, there could be millions of reasons but welcome to the lawless region of our planet πŸ™

    4. I love you and your healthy respect for life. I realize people on here most likely have some kind of fascination with snuff, but I came here trying to find the dudes name. Because his death will forever have changed my life for the better. I used to be ignorant around the death penalty subject, now my eyes have been opened. after much self conflict, soul searching and research on the matter i’ve come to the conclusion that the death penalty is all around wrong. Life is to valuable to treat it with such disregard. I weep for those who do not understand this, for they either have a vengeful heart or are just ignorant, or recently finding they just have some kind of snuff fetish and want to see someone suffer til death. Let’s keep our fantasies separated from reality ppl!

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  5. The moral of the story is; rape someone in a civilised country where most likely you will be housed and fed and have all your medical needs looked after till the day you die,ie prison. If you are in Iran it would be better to just rub one out. If someone definitely rapes someone and is caught, it might be fitting to have them raped to death. Like for like executions would throw up some interesting material for Bestgore.

  6. The language sucks ass. Even worse over that decent PA system. And whoever tied that shitty ass noose sucks fatdonkeyballs. I prefer when it’s fast and they posture super quick (at least in terms of viewing pleasure.) but watching this fuvking rape-0 get his just deserts and agonizingly slow.. That earns mr full diaper here an 8.8 out of ten

  7. Why can’t we have public executions here? We got plenty of killers, rapists and molesters just sitting in prison not doing shit….better yet, let’s bring back gladiator battles and pit them against each other

    1. That’s the best way to feel for them. it’s not their fault they were born into it. Not all are bad, some even envy westerners and would rather live over here. Oppressed by their own kind. People vs Government. It stinks.

    1. Those baggy pants are typically worn by Kurdish men. I got a pair of those from Tehran for my birthday about 10 years ago. If you wear them right they will look almost like normal Western-style pants, but you can go commando in them and you don’t have to “dress left” your dick and balls because it is nice and loose like pajamas.

  8. she wasnt even raped she just regretted having sex with them.. if she were raped she wouldn’t have lived to say she was raped. some guys will even kill the girl just for her saying shell say shes gonna tell the cops he raped her even if it wernt true now why would a rapist let her go to tell? must be a new way to commit suicide they should call it happy ending..

    1. For eastern countries, you can’t actually tell if he deserved it or not. But IMO, life is to precious to just throw away, I don’t believe anyone deserves to die. Especially a slow gruesome death.Just answer for their crimes

    1. I can still believe because of an experience i’ve had. Though I can’t believe everything that’s i’ve been taught. I believe there is more to everything than what the bible leads you to believe. I’m somewhat of a philosophical thinker and i like my independence of thought. Some may think my views blasphemous but that doesn’t make my questions any less valid.

  9. A quick death is okay but that’s not why I’m here! Such a wonderful Soliloquy by one of the kinder elements aboard this train of chaos! I have little sympathy for criminals as they tend to beg for the mercy they weren’t willing to give to their victims.

    1. I say people make mistakes, some more than others. If they apologize and repent, that’s all i’d ask for. Of course punishments still need to be carried out though i wouldn’t opt for the death penalty.

  10. Running man in parachute pants. Coincidence? Touchy subject this one is. I’m all for executions and the works but this one tugged on my heart strings for some reason.

    And let’s be more creative and shave off a ball or something, not lynch him in a court yard.

    Poor guy, last thing he heard was an annoying fuck with a megaphone while his pants were falling down.

  11. Right that those who rapes a woman should be sentenced to death by hanging, but at least you should use a normal gallows! Black hood on his head, hands and feet tied tightly and trashed him in the hatch enough to break his neck!

    1. Why would you wish the death of another? Even if he committed murder, if you think killing is wrong, why would you go around and kill yourself? Would you wish the death of a family member if they did wrong?

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