Public Hanging of Two Alleged Rapists in Kermanshah, Iran

Public Hanging of Two Alleged Rapists in Iran

Two alleged rapists met their demise in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah where they were executed the Iranian way – by hanging by their neck until dead. As is customary in Iran, hanging of criminals is done in public, typically at the spot where the crime was committed. No complicated gallows, the convicts are placed atop a vehicle which then drives off, leaving the convicts to dangle off what appears to be a billboard stand. It would seem as though the hangman on the right gave himself an intentional spring so as to break his neck rather than struggle until his strangulation is complete.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Public Hanging of Two Alleged Rapists in Kermanshah, Iran”

      1. I totally agree – in countries where there is few police protection (wars & stuff) + people are bloodthirsty enough to unleash punishment for every crime here and now, only thing that matters is that some pals are suspicious enough to dispatch and forget about them. Abandon all hope if all ye who think there’s good chance they got what they deserved.

        To clarify – in my previous post I said that crusades are futile

  1. Hanging without the drop to break the neck apparently means it takes ages for you to die, like up to half a fucking hour. I wouldn’t mind that outcome if these guys were actually rapists, but there’s always a chance of being falsely accused even in the most advanced of jurisdictional systems.

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