Rare Chinese Execution Video by Gunshot to Back of Head

Rare Chinese Execution Video by Gunshot to Back of Head

There are not many videos of executions from China. These things don’t typically make it out of there so to have a footage is pretty rare. Of course, at the end of the 18th, beginning of 19th century, executions were a tourist attraction in China with many flying there just to see it and capture it on camera. Postcards with men being decapitated were hot items. But that was before. Nowadays, China executes their death row inmates by a gunshot to the back of the head.

There are rumors, albeit unconfirmed that the Chinese government charges the family of the person they executed by a gunshot to the head for the bullet used. Also, notice the red check mark on the poster in the video. Red check mark by your name means that you’re a marked man. The Chinese used it for centuries. Both men executed in this video were allegedly murderers, convicted of intentional homicide.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Rare Chinese Execution Video by Gunshot to Back of Head”

    1. I can’t find a lick of it in any form on line but i’ve seen some extensive footage of the chinese executing alot of opium addicts in the 30’s. The government was sick of the addicts and warned the populace of one city by filling the town square with tens of thousands of coffins. they were shooting everyone for the merest suspicion. anyone could point a finger at anyone, and they dragged ’em out and smoked ’em.

  1. The first guy looks like he was wearing women’s shoes. As to the second guy, why did they need all those police vehicles and police to execute one guy? Also, there were three guys holding him up. What a shitty job. Good thing the shooter was accurate!

  2. Very clinical. Not like the media farces that sometimes occur in the US. Wouldn’t hurt some of us Brits to think that there is an ultimate consequence to certain crimes either, such as paedophilia, instead of the 4 years with good behavior and a new ID at taxpayer’s expense.

    1. 4 years, are you serious?! Fuck, seems like where ever you go, ALL judicial systems just do it WRONG every chance they get.
      Only 4 years for fucking somebody up from the get-go for the rest of their life.
      Crock of shit, I fucking hate this world.
      Should be law makers getting led out and shot in the head.

      1. Yeah Mate But To Be Fair 4 Years In A Scottish Prison For Something Like Pedophilia Means Your Days Are Basically Numbered. Everyone On The Outside Wants To See You Suffer The People On The Inside Ensure You Suffer Day In Day Out. But Still Is Shocking We Need Capital Punishment Something Mega Nasty Cos I Dont Think I Have Seen A BestGore Topic From Scotland Yet 😛

  3. Sure that wasn’t Thailand? They had to touch the coprse with white gloves, BEFORE he even became dead.
    And they all ran away like little fluttering fariys. The gayness all started with the shoes the guy was wearing in the first sceenes.
    WTF kind of prison issue footware is that, donated womans sandles?
    Cool vid Mark, none the less. Thank You.

  4. Some days ago a Chinese young woman in her 20’s who earned some seriously big money (allegedly billions in USD) through illegal pyramid scheme received the death sentence, and i was amazed at the news. Well of course you don’t have to be a murderer or terrorist to get shot in the head in China. I knew they would execute rapists, political criminals, drug-related criminals, human traffickers etc as well, but i didn’t know even economic criminals could meet the same fate seen in this video.

    Well, i’m not trying to say whether right or wrong on the death penalty issue itself. Actually i kinda think we need to execute at least some extreme criminals and sometimes i feel frustrated to live in a country banning the death penalty. However China goes too ridiculously far. Well yes it’s just China being China and i don’t really care, but what i strongly doubt about is their justice system, both in ability and fairness. Chinese government doesn’t reveal the exact number of heads they shoot off in a year but it’s widely believed to be more than 10k, and i can bet my anything that at least some tens or hundreds among those are victims of false accusation, misjudgment or corruption.

    1. In some large scale instances where many get fucked (and they did not have a choice, as to knowingly risking on something legit and experiancing a “shit-happens” outcome) but to truely be scammed and screwed, I could see where KILLING those involved in the fucking is a reasonable outcome.
      Like the Madeoff Ponze ass-fucking that thousands of people got cought up in.
      That was a scam, and his KID ended up killing himself over it.
      The ripple effect of money, is astonishing, because, although it isn’t everything, it does rank up there with oxygen.
      Get deprived when you thought you had enough, the outcome is NOT a good one.

  5. This is total gang bang. Extreme because it takes 2 guys to hold him and 1 to show the shooter where to shot him. Maybe this is ok but there are still innocent people out there on death row. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Why use the fear factor when it really does not work. Maybe China does have the right idea. No prison over crowding. And no tax payer paying to keep them alive for over 20 years until they get the shot. It would be interesting to see what their crime stats are.

    1. Why? would shooting their dicks off make it even better?
      Would a slow and horrible tourture make the family’s ability to deal with day to day loss of the murdered any easier?
      I do see what You are trying to get at, but certin things are used as a deturrent, and other things are just used as a punishment.
      Plugging a sleeping pill into the back of somebody’s head seems pretty mild if, say, they hacked some dude up with a machette (da Silva anyone?)
      But, to return the favor would make for a unlikely sence of justice, because that, would be just.
      I ask you, what in this world is ever just, ESPECIALLY justice that is delt by a government? Really, ANY government?
      They will want, and they will do, production line, rock solid consistant exicutions because they are cheep and they are predictable.
      If you want ANYTHING done properly, well my friend, You need to do it yourself.
      And exicuting somebody is no exception.

  6. This should be implemented immediately to my country, primarily to deter criminals and government people so they do not repeat again the greedy thought on their minde for took off the people’s right and stopped thinking about their own belly 🙂

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