Remains of Burned Young Man Found Near a Road to Valle de Angeles

Remains of Burned Young Man Found Near a Road to Valle de Angeles

Remains of young man between 15 and 20 years old who was murdered and then burned were found thrown in a ditch on the side of the road to Valle de Angeles, 15 km from Tegucigalpa, capital city of Honduras. The identity of the victim as well as whom or why they killed him are unknown. Honduras is staying true to its well deserved spot of the leader in a number of homicides per capita in the world.

Props to Best Gore member Vladimir aka Zarqawi for the video:

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26 thoughts on “Remains of Burned Young Man Found Near a Road to Valle de Angeles”

  1. Jesus H Christ, they don’t fuck around with censorship in their news broadcasts in Honduras do they, my kids get upset when they see a bushfire let alone a man who’s been set on fire…maybe that’s why it’s up there as one of the murder capitals on earth.

  2. This is the best kind of newscast there is; one that shows the complete reality of a story. Unlike the overly sensitive local news crap from my city… Which is full of hopeful, inspirational garbage. Like stories of dogs being found by their owners, or kids who are raising money for corny causes.

    My theory is that the local news is trying to prepare their viewers for the fear mongering that the national news indulges in. Which comes on right after. I guess it’s supposed to balance things out, so nobody gets too happy about anything. People need to see footage like this, if they really want to be tuned into the goings on of the world around them.

    1. hell, in sweden they don’t even show you pictures of criminals or WANTED criminals ! You have NO IDEA. They do it to hide the fact that so many immigrants are the criminals. The pixelated images of blacks leave impression they are white – and white ppl either aren’t pixelated at all or just have a few pixels on their faces. They won’t even NAME convicted killers, rapists when they are filthy shit stink muslim immigrants.

  3. Remember the video with the two young boys trying to hack a boy with full machetes? They were hitting the road With the machetes and weren’t able to cut through the kid’s abdomen. (It happened in a road.) Then they poured gas in him and fired him up… this looks like that!

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