Robber Shot Dead by Police, Bullet Entry Wounds Visible in Skull

Robber Shot Dead by Police, Bullet Entry Wounds Visible in Skull

In Osasco, a municipality in São Paulo, Brazil, the police got into a shootout with a pair of alleged robbers. One of the robbers was shot dead while behind the wheel of a vehicle. He took two shots in the head. Neatly positioned entry wound are clearly visible behind his ear.

Not sure where the other robber is. Also, during the exchange of fire, a policeman was also allegedly mortally wounded. He was taken to a hospital in serious condition, where he succumbed to wounds.

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        1. Looks like he hit a pole, his airbag went off, maybe rendering him dazed or unconscious, the a cop came up and gave him 2 shots to the head. Hard to believe they could have otherwise aims so well to give those kill shots so close together in his head. No sympathy since it was a shootout with the cops.

          1. I think your right Gramps – the cop who is videotaping looks down at his own hand that is still holding the black hand hold gun, and he has blood spatter on the back of his hand quite possibly from close range shooting….

          2. @Dutchy – you’re right and I think it was a revenge shooting because not only did another cop get shot but this driver seemed unharmed in the shootout so someone had to take the driver out, lol. Be interesting to see the CCTV footage of this incident.

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  1. Because air bags deploy very rapidly, serious or sometimes fatal injuries can occur if the occupant is too close to – or is in direct contact with – the air bag when it first begins to deploy.

    I’m happy to see that Mr. Da Silva did not get injured by the air bag, but instead was shot in the head by the po-po. It would have been nice if there was video of the actual shooting of the head, but I’m happy with what’s been posted for my entertainment. So, thank you.

  2. Someone give this guy a napkin, he’s drooling a bit there.

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    1. @GrimCompanion,

      As a professional manipulator I would suggest debating back and forth with her on subjects that often arrive on Bestgore before introducing her to Bestgore itself, that way you prepare her mind for what is to come.

      Gore is better received if it comes with a social/intellectual understanding after all because gore is merely the end result of action and action is the end result of thought.

      1. I sent her a link to the about page long before I even left that comment so she could get an idea about what this site is about first. I remember when I was still really new here and debating whether or not I should come back, reading the about page really helped me to understand why this site is so important. Since she’s a bit of a libtard, I figured she’d be more open to seeing straight up gore than something like the holohoax articles. Some people just need to ease into reality. That’s actually what happened to me the very first time I came here – I could handle the gore, but as soon as I saw “holohoax” I freaked out. I just needed some time, and she probably will too.

        Have I ever told you how much I love your comments? You’re really brilliant, but you don’t seem to give yourself enough credit :/

        1. @GrimCompanion,

          ?Have I ever told you how much I love your comments? You?re really brilliant, but you don?t seem to give yourself enough credit?.

          Thanks for the kind words but I?m just a drunk who rambles and rants a lot. However, If I can just encourage a few people to think a little bit more about the world they live in and the long standing opinions they hold I will consider myself vindicated somewhat.

          1. I agree with @Grim…you don’t give yourself enough credit @Empty…

            On your drunkest day…you’re still more intelligent than anyone on this site…period…and this is coming from another drunk…

            Cheers brother!…

          2. @empty..i fuckin hate hate hate when you keep being so negative about are 1 of the reasons i still keep visiting this site every day! I love your insightful and intelligent comments but like she said you just dont give yourself enough credit where credit is definitely due so stop dragging yourself down. We all have issues but i love your flaws and all…. .

        2. @GC – genius move, getting her hooked on gore then ease her into the real reasons for the site 😀 . As you said she’s a bit of a libtard and they need a lot of persuasion to even look at another side of life. Good luck and keep up the good fight!

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      I think you should send both a beheading and a bloater 😀

          1. Haha same. I recently found a really interesting video about something called a “body farm” and it had great close up shots of bloaters and an explanation of the decomposition process. I keep meaning to send it in, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet XD

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            Yes!! You are so considerate! 😀 I would be happy to pop a bloater. I’ll make sure to record it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

          4. You mentioned body farms…. I live an hour or two from a body farm and you would never know it’s there…very well concealed. They have donor body’s everywhere but you can’t see them, they say they have them in different environment’s to study rates of decomposition…. Imagine going to work there for a living.

      1. Damn, that’s actually pretty sad… But I sent it to her anyway (along with your message) and I reminded her that she has to fully see reality now that she’s 18.

        I remember on the morning of my 18th birthday, I sat in the dark and cried over a cup of coffee because I regretted all of my life choices and didn’t want to start acting like an adult. But isn’t that what most adults do every morning or is it just me? XD

          1. @Dutchy

            – “Where’s the gun’s magazine?”
            (the other cop asks something)
            – “I dont know, I only… (someone interrupts him complimenting him) …whats up?”
            (on the radio someone asks repeatedly, “Who was the officer? Who was the officer?”)
            The cop said something i didnt exactly understood.
            And in the end he just shouted “FUCK, Man…” 😆

  3. Brazil is a mixed race hellhole, The Europe of the future if you ask me.

    I therefore have an interesting question if I may be so bold, why are Brazilian policeman supported in their endeavour to kill tar-brushed suspects but American policemen are not?

    Both Brazil and America suffer from dark-skinned destroyers and yet one is supported whilst the other is not.

    The crime statistics paint a clear picture in that blacks are not to be trusted or accepted, why then are Brazilian policemen focused on and hated for what is essentially an international problem?

    My conclusion is that we fear laws that may use the blacks to extend newly enacted restrictions against ourselves.

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    If you ask me it is time to address the vulnerabilities of the whites in order to address and defeat those who wish us harm.

    Time for an open post in relation to us whites I think.

    1. First answer that comes to mind…
      “We were enslaved and that’s our “ace in the hole” bullshit excuse for accepting accountability for anything.”
      Even long AFTER the slave excuses, the new “self immunity” is playing the systematic oppression card. There’s NO shortage of white guilt ridden masses enabled by their equally pathetic politicians.
      Open post is a great idea…

      1. @justice6996, You are right, white guilt is just bullshit propaganda.

        Just as the Scandinavians of toady are not responsible for the Viking invasion of England, nor are the modern Romans guilty for their invasions etc, neither are the modern English responsible for the slave trade.

        The list goes on and on as far as history is concerned and yet we whites are supposed to feel eternally guilty?, I don?t think so.

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        We whites have nothing, ?NOTHING?, to feel ashamed about other than multiculturalism and political correctness which some of our dim-witted flock voted for.

        @Gnat, black people are more racist towards themselves than white people could ever be. The murder and interracial dating statistics proves this to be so.

        We certainly need an open post on whites to address this rotten far-left liberal attitude many of our ranks have.

        1. On top of what you described, it even goes deeper. Whites are not allowed to be proud of their heritage because it is “rayciss”. Just as it is not P.C. to have national pride, because it alienates minorities and has fascist undertones. I’m pretty fucking sick of the liberal attitude that has taken hold of modern society, dictating the proper way to think and behave.

          A good example of this in the news today occurred in Germany involving the PEGIDA movement. The media is labeling them as “far-right” and “xenophobic”… I think “concerned German citizens not wanting their country to turn to shit” would be a more fitting description but what do I know…

        2. @empty once again, you’ve proven my point by my comment above. I could not have said your statement above more elegantly than you just did. You, my dear sweet empty, speak the truth…open post on white power..err..ahem..i mean, opinions, would be a great idea…

    2. “why are Brazilian policeman supported in their endeavour to kill tar-brushed suspects but American policemen are not?”

      Well…because the US is a so-called “White” nation and anything that is done to anybody “wrong” other than White people is “raysiss”…even though Blacks are their own worst enemy…just look at the murder/crime statistics of Chicago or the crime statistics of Washington DC of the 80s and 90s…which I’ve seen myself having worked in the DC metropolitan area for the last three decades…

      Each one of the world’s most violent cities (per capita) has a large Black population…

  4. Somebody is one helluva shot or damn lucky. The article says they were exchanging gunfire. In a firefight, I dont care how good you are at the range, your not gonna group like that, even aiming for center mass. Maybe I missed something?

    1. Operating under the assumption they were using pistols of course. You’d have to be an expert in GSW and all that to even ballpark the caliber. Alot of variables come in, round, grain, weapon, etc. Maaaybe a three round burst, tho I doubt it. Looks to me like someone reached in the door, tilted the gun and popped him twice. Maybe im drunk. Maybe not.

    2. Hey Blayvier!
      I’ll surmise that there was a firefight followed by an accident that stunned the driver just long enough for a cop to get in real close then…pop-pop. Unlike over here, there will be no protests in the streets proclaiming monkey-boy’s innocence…

      1. Yeah id say we cracked the case justice. Given the the wrecked vehicle and all. Your theory is about as sound as it gets, given the info and video provided.

        You right about the protests, also our cops wouldn’t need an exchange of gunfire, or a criminal for that matter. They’d pop you… Well.. Just cuz.

      2. @Justice – haha, I posted a similar version of what probably happened above yours but it was posted later than yours (& before I read yours). I think it ended up being a revenge killing for the shootout and having one of their own cops shot/killed.

  5. I’m not always a big fan of the Policia but in this case, it looks like these guys deserved it, especially with the bullet holes in the cop car windshield. It was a true shootout and the best shot won here. Pretty incredible marksmanship by the cops given the dude had two fatal holes in his head inches apart. Video was within a few minutes of the shoot out given he still had blood dripping out of his mouth. This was a good one!

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