Saleel As-Sawarim 4 – ISIS Propaganda Video with English Subtitles

Saleel al-Sawarim 4 - ISIS Propaganda Video with English Subtitles

There has been so much interest in Saleel As-Sawarim 4 – the latest propaganda video by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Shaam), the mujaheddin decided to re-release the video with English subtitles so non Arabic speakers know what it’s all about. Even lyrics of background songs have been translated.

ISIS/ISIL is growing in strength and even though they started small, by now they are a force to be reckoned with. If they continue to grow at the same rate (likely), they will soon be one of the mightiest forces on Earth. As you can see from the video, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Lavant is attracting many Sunni Muslims from all over the world. There are people from Kosovo, Chechnya, Bahrain and other countries among them.

If Sunnis were not caught up in an eternal struggle with Shi’a Muslims, if the two joined together and started fighting as one, there would be no stopping them. But as this video confirms, they are so in each other’s face, they negate each other out, allowing their both’s real enemy to advance.

Here are some of the Islamic words used throughout the video explained:

Safawi – a derogatory term for Shi’a Muslims used by the Sunnis. The word describes them as being misguided

Raafidah – a division of Shi’a Islam which Sunnis perceive to be deceivers and hypocrites

Ummah – community of Muslims throughout the world

Kafr – a derogatory term used to refer to an infidel, a non-believer

Enjoy Saleel As-Sawarim 4, now with English subtitles.

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        1. I wouldn’t waste 2cents worth of data listening to these fucking ugly not yet even evolved to a Neanderthal level, bullshit video. They are all just different packs of fucking wild animals that deserve to culled from the Earths surface like the pests that they are.
          Fucking peace religion, what a joke.

          1. I too wouldn?t waste even 3to5 minutes to listen any religious preaching whether it be Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or any primitive theory that preaches god. In India people just go mad when it comes to religion they I mean we very conveniently forget about toilets but die for caste and god. Shame to be an Indian and shame to be born in a gods infested world. Amen, Allah ho Akbar, Om Namah Shivaya and Ron Jeremy I mean who knows tomorrow someone patent him as a god and begin to behead if anyone opposes him.

    1. The world fights for fake religions or fathers outies books of ‘how to live 2000 years ago’ or ‘Dummies for living year -2000’
      Each holding onto some wrapped piece of text that some guy or people did as a what we cll a diary, short story, or education book .The do not eat pork, then yes as the way they slaughtered it it would kill you, now all pork going to slaughter safe. if was just a health note not a do not do for ever, hence the books were not written as forever books more for that time period, just nobody did

      1. I learned from watching about Muslims! But it became boring after awhile! Ancient thinking Seems like there was lots of fighting too back in the Day! Muslim world is so closed and empty!

      1. The one of many filth balls in the sandals tearing up his passport stated they want to claim Spain and Rome. Neither have ever belonged to them. The Maronites in Syria have existed there centuries before Islam was even ‘invented’ so they have every god damn right to stay in their homes even if those brainwashed Arabs like it or not

  1. I would advise these extremists to participate in a retreat . Cleanse the soul . Anyone who can manage that for any length of time , is most definitely comfortable within their own skin .

    Instead of twisting the so called teachings of a book , thus becoming indoctrinated , following blindly . Look inwards and peace can be found for ones self .

  2. When that dude on the microphone was talking and I read the subtitle I thought to myself…wow, it?s no wonder that they do what they do. They are completely religion-brainwashed stone-age folks. These people will never invent something, they will never develop an industry and they will never change. They use western technology…but only to kill each other. Without us they would still be swinging swords and be dressed in furs.

    I?m not looking forward to become a witness of WWIII, but I think it?s just a matter of time for the shit to hit the fan. Someone needs to build a big wall around them, pour it with concrete and turn it into a big parking lot. What a fucked up world…

  3. Anyone who would kill in the name of the creator does not know the creator. No one can live in the name of the creator if one doesn’t have love. Cause it’s love that sustains the agony in the world and the spirit in you.

  4. Does anyone want to deepthroat the guy who screams ALLAHU AKBAR! when people are getting killed? …. If those Arab countries didn’t have oil they would spend time shagging camels, they are intolerant not only towards other religions but towards different sects of islam too. These militants want their people to live like how they lived during Muhammad’s time, people who support these extremists will regret it in future, how can a child there grow up normally like we all did. They are against westernization but they use western technology to wage wars, they are just brainwashed by mullahs and militant leaders. I’m with USA when it comes to war against there Arabs. The core problem to Islamic terrorism is the existence of pakistan, saudi arabia, afghanistan and iraq. pakistan is the breeding ground for terrorism, saudi arabia provides financial back up, afghanistan is where the terrorists get their training from and also recruitment is done there, iraq is the battlefield for these guys and many youngsters are brainwashed and recruited. saudi and pakistan are the main culprits, there will be no peace on earth with these two countries.

    1. Don’t stand with the Jew S A, to make war with the Arabs. You’re only fighting Israel’s war for them. But certainly, arab shitskins will never be happy until their particular sect of allah bullshit has conquered the earth. Islam may be larger in numbers, but Israel is a far bigger threat, because it already has control of our money and media.

  5. anoyone wana join me on a crusade?
    gona give those fuckers a taste of old and good christian religion.
    I want to kill them all, because they are killing each other.
    I would love to ruin my life for ever as long as none of those allah people kills again

  6. I don’t get it, If they are truly fighting allahs war then why are they blurring out the faces of the men who are shooting at cars? If they believe in what they are doing then show their faces, that way when they get caught, they can’t lie and say they had nothing to do with it.

  7. I guess this guys like war… But if somebody will want to make peace with them what will be the ask from ISIS ? I think they dont know to do something else then war. I expect some unsers! This will be interesting

  8. As a Muslim the more I watch the more I feel sick the propaganda is so nicely made that it will attract millions of innocent uneducated people I feel sorry for every soul killed every innocent beheaded why humans are crual the world would be better without humans are we gonna see peace one day we had enough of blood inovpcent blood people poor people Plz Allah help us to bring peace and harmony is getting to much. Bless

  9. Fuck these sicko sado devil worshipping evil rats from when 1 muslim kills another muslim well that’s it it’s over for the pedophiles religion may thay all burn for killing shooting and raping and blowing up innocent humans they will burn without fail

  10. Wow! I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate islam, Allah, the Koran, and Mohammed any more then I already did! This type of shit just proves islam is a bullshit cult that murders everyone. I pray that a shit load of nuclear war heads completely wipe that bullshit cult and ALL of its followers off this planet! Muslims are murderers, the Koran needs to be used to wipe people’s shitty asses. Allah sucks camel cock and Mohammed licks camel ass!

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