Second Audio Message from Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto Jogo, Talking About Captured Jordanian Pilot

Second Audio Message from Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto Jogo, Talking About Captured Jordanian Pilot

Japanese man Kenji Goto Jogo, alleging to be a hostage of the Islamic State, has released a second audio message. In his first audio message, Kenji Goto said that because the government of Japan did not pay the Islamic State ransom for him and Haruna Yakawa, the latter was executed.

As its predecessor, this audio message is nothing like anything previously released by the Islamic State. It doesn’t have the same format we see in other ISIS videos, and it doesn’t even have the logo of their media team anywhere on the video, which is what Al Furqan – Islamic State’s media arm, never leaves out. The use of lines like: “The ball is now in the Jordanian court” also makes the script sound like it was written by a Tel Aviv based script-writer.

In the message, Kenji Goto Jogo says that his kidnappers are willing to exchange him, and the Jordanian pilot they had captured, for Sajida al-Rishawi, a female suicide bomber who has been held in a Jordanian prison since 2005.

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  1. When I heard the accent in this footage I knew it wasn?t a Japanese accent straight away, he even pronounced Japanese names wrong in the last one which was a bit silly for a Jap guy.

    Anyhow, type in ?Latest interview of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto Jogo captured by ISIL? into Youtube and don?t worry if you can?t understand Japanese because he repeats it in English afterwards and as you will see he pronounces English words completely different from the guy in this footage, even the voice is different.

    My conclusion, it?s not the same guy.

  2. Fuckers sure are pushy, shit like he’s talking about isn’t going to happen overnight.
    People need to exercise patience……you got 24hrs B.G. to get me the new videos of their be-headings !!!

  3. This just shows us all how the so called leaders really don’t give a flying fuck about joe doe the average citizen and when you travel to a foreign country it’s at your own risk…I guarantee if you were in his shoes you wouldn’t want people question if it’s just a fake recording or not…actually, the threat to also kill the downed Jordanian pilot just might save his neck….

  4. This is not ISIS. I don’t hold any love or hate for this particular group but I did my research and this is not ISIS. They don’t give a flying fuck about the United States. They don’t want to “bomb” us. They simply want the United States out of the fucking middle east. We never had a reason to go over there and interfere with their way of life even if it was 1000 years ass-backwards. Enter Israel. Israel is a blight upon this world and that is where all this bloodshed stems from.

    A jew is a funny thing. Many “jews” insist that it was something that they were born into. What a laugh. To be a jew or practice judaism is the same thing. It’s a religion. It always has been. It is not this goofy bloodline that they cling to. If you are a “jew” it is simply because you hang your head and follow a book that is identical to all of the worlds main religions. I can’t tell you how many “jews” I’ve conversed with who love to proclaim “Oh, im a jew, but I don’t practice”. ……That’s like me proclaiming I am a christian but I don’t practice. What the fuck does that even mean? That’s like saying you are a hitman but not a murderer. Sickening times we “thrive” in.

    1. You’re wrong about the Jew thing… It’s more than a religion… It’s a fucking tribe. You don’t get baptized into it like being Catholic…. Those who convert to Heeb land are always considered third class citizens.

      As for ‘fuck them’… Yep, dead on. 30 years ago we got half our oil from the mid east… Now, less than 10%. Let them kill each other… In my view, the Jews are in the same league as the A-rabs…. worthless.

    1. What is he doing there. In the first place…..with all the
      Cute chicks at home……I would have a lot of fun in Japan
      Right now ……waiting to see the cherry trees flourish at the bottom of Mount Fuji…….playing hide and seek…..
      All naked and horny…. In the grass…..with Japanese
      Wisdom word of the day:
      Your stupid choices will undoubtedly kick the shit out of your head …….off your tiny lil body!!!!.

  5. i doubt if ISIS if a front for israel. As soon as they get ahold of the Pakistani nukes, there are going to be some dirty bombs going off in Tel Aviv and Haifa

    1. LOL. Pakistani nukes. Do you really believe that? Do you really think that if nukes/atomic bombs even existed for whatever time period “science” announced their arrival that some madman, dictator or megalomaniac wouldn’t have attempted to blow a said country off the face of the earth? Nukes are nothing more than a farce. If they were on this earth we would all be aware of their potential and power. We would be able to draw our own conclusions rather than listening to some japanese shill explaining the horror and devastation of Hiroshima. That same song and dance is echoed with the few jewish shills remaining alive to spread the holohoax lie. Nukes/atomic bombs are nothing more than a fear mongering game that is played against the people of super power countries to keep them in line and to willing deceive the masses into filling the front lines. Think im crazy? Well, watch your current news. Watch what the tabloids read. When we go to war with Russia, not a single nuke/atomic bomb will drop.

  6. My take on it, is this is some shit rivet who is playing the Jap Gov for the tune of $200 mill and when that failed, he’s trying to “buy back” that bitches “freedom” by selling her to her rightful owners, for a few bucks I’d imagine.

    Hard to trust a picture of a cat on a snowboard when it’s online these days, let alone international Fv swaps with several hundred trillion yen at steak-deals with rag heads.

    I’m over it, where are the pics and vids of psychopaths with swinging sharp sickles?

  7. This psychopath should be executed along with the Feminist terrorist and pro-American dictator Abe will face a threat not from the Islamists but the population within his country must understand, he is not only a dictator but a terrorist whose disastersing the Japanese state to dissolution. He must leave to save the Japanese economy or the economy will suffer from his dictatorship is Terrorism.

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