Seven Men Executed In Front of Crowd of People by Al Qaeda Jihadists

Seven Men Executed In Front of Crowd of People by Al Qaeda Jihadists

While the people of Syria and gaining an upper hand in their strife against the Zionist proxy killers, many mercenaries remain active in their country and continue to kill at will.

In this video, seven man are executed with a point blank gunshot in the head. The condemned are kneeling in front of a crowd of people, as a group of masked jihadists stand behind them with Al Qaeda signage adorning the walls around.

Given that rule of law is unenforceable in Syria at the moment, the extremists can accuse anyone of anything and execute them for it on the spot without giving the victims any realistic chance to defend themselves. That this is really the way it happens can be proven by the recent execution of one of their own. Keep an eye out for an upcoming video of seven dead men whose death the Jihadists will blame on Bashar al Assad and his soldiers.

A different angle video of the same execution also shows the aftermath with blood flowing down the street:

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    1. Is it wrong that I get so fuckin’ infuriated by these assholes who don’t even have the common decency to a) get a decent camera, b) hold the fuckin’ thing steady and c) keep the camera on the action, and not waste time giving us views of the scenery??

  1. How?s that for a backwards society. It?s ironic to think one of the greatest libraries of the ancient world came from the Middle East. What a fucking shame that place of accrued golden knowledge got destroyed…

    Cause these ?grown? humans are acting like a pack of sheep fenced in a paddock while staring at each other?s ballsacks as their owners keep feeding them to have them eventually turned into profit.

    Funny thing is these guys drive themselves to the meat works. They have the ability to question their surroundings yet they still operate under herd mentality. ?The life which is unexamined is not worth living.? Maybe that?s why there so quick to strap on the C4.

    1. @420Kiwi – that last part is especially insightful, particularly for when people shake their heads over how young some members of these groups are. i’m certain it comes as a relief for some of them when their moment arrives because all those nagging questions will come to an end as well

    2. What’s worse is white or western “haves” who decide to join up with this religion of peace . also if they are so righteous in killing folks why wear masks? How can a Muslim have peace knowing his neigbor could by law execute him on any whim? Stupidity.

  2. Syria needs a hero to stop these rag head pubic hair-face cunts walkin around killing whoever they want. The Ebola fairy would suffice. Get a gay westerner ninja to dress up in a fairy costume and move carefully through the night with a syringe, stealthily injecting all these cunts with that lovely, fast acting virus while they gently sleep, dreaming of a virgin orgy with Muhammad and friends. I can see it now, Ebola fairy carefully navigating around the sleeping Taliba, and as he treads on a creaky floorboard, one gently stirs and mutters a sleepy “allahu ackbar” before resuming snoring, and recieving his midnight surprise. Pack of cunts is all they are.

      1. Thanks @realitycheck07 and @lilmissSunshine, it’s my contempt for these cunts that inspires my angry creativity. I’d love someone to animate that little thought into a cartoon. But at least bestgore gives me a chance to share, cause if I said this shit out loud around “normal” people, I’d get some funny stares.

        1. Oh that’s why I love this site so much. My dad says I have a “dark side” because I visit this site and the few times I’ve tried to engage friends in conversations about something I’ve seen on here or else where gore worthy I get, “Oh Em Gee why do you like that stuff?!” Or “Ew that’s sick” or my favorite “That’s not normal that you like that stuff.” One of my exes actually said to me, “You’re a lady. You watch way too many horror movies!” Lmao. It’s refreshing to converse with people I don’t have to explain myself to. Not that I do anyways.

          1. Agreed. I think it’s very important to know what’s really going on in the world we live in and what humans are truly cape able of & since we can’t get any of that on the local news I am quite thankful for BestGore and sites alike.

        2. What even is “normal” anymore. The “normal” family living next door could be rapists or masochists. Everyone has demons. At least folks like us don’t try and sugarcoat reality and live life looking through rose-colored glasses. Fuck the sheep. Oops… not sheep, sheeple. Unless you’re a faggot terrorist, they’s love the sheep cock!

    1. @Brokeback – they do have the makings of a three ring circus. they could take turns shooting targets across those two rooftops, juggle severed heads and see how many jihadist can fit into a little clown car before blowing it up

  3. if they feel what they are fighting for is right and that the rest of us are infidels why on earth do they hide their faces? Are they not proud of their beliefs? Are they not doing what is right? Bunch of freaks getting off on killing is all they are…may they rot…

  4. So this is what they do for entertainment over there? What a show! But out of all those big sexy guns, and they use a handgun? A fucking handgun!? To kill 7 men? Twats. I’d gorilla rape their assholes with spiked clubs first. Then procede to rip out their throats with my teeth. Now THAT would be a show!!

  5. The executed men are FSA rebels too, they were executed with their leader Hasan Al Jazara who had a bad reputation and was accused of stealing, blackmailing etc.. He was the leader of a jihadist front named “Ghuraba Al sham”

    In the video the man making the speech recited those accusations and declared that the “Islamic court” sentenced him to death.
    I’m happy as long as snackbarists are killing each other.

    I saw this video a week ago, I didn’t want to send it to you because I already sent you one Vasily.. and I know that you are struggling with enough videos here.
    (I still didn’t get your answer btw)

    1. The goat fucking thing is true! Maybe not every single one of em but I saw a army flir video where they catch three men gang rape a goat in Afghanistan! Sick shit. Yet we are only worthy of shaking their left hand which they wipe their ass with… Lol.

      1. Oh yes, they really fuck goats in Afghanistan, they also choose a wife when they see a 7-10yr old they like and steal her away from her family. Then they force her to have their kids and live like a slave until they are sick of her and find another. Few of them are decent people, too few to save that shit hole. Taliban Jawas just can’t stand to see a good looking woman in nice clothes, if they find one they usually just behead her if she’s older than 15. No fucking joke about any of that.

  6. At this rate, you’d think they would eventually end up wiping out their entire population at some point or another. It’s too bad they breed like rabbits! I’d much rather have them all spayed and neutered than dogs. That’s a compromise I’m willing to make, haha! I don’t think too many people would mind if they weren’t able to populate or shove their ridiculous religion nonsense down anyone else’s throat anymore.

  7. In India, when there is a crowd like this gathered around someone talking on the mic, it is either a political speech or a street play. This is depressing to say the least, but I find it eerily incredible that the people sitting on the ground do not show any signs of resisting. Would they be drugged maybe?

    1. Are you Indian and/or live in India? Such a beautiful, colorful culture I must say.

      I don’t think their drugged but instead they have this sorta’ outcome drilled in their heads their hole lives so they know what to expect as well as wanting to get to their 72 virgins. Well that and the fact that they all know there is absolutely nothing they can do to escape their fate and I would imagine they’re most likely praying to Allah and preparing for the descent into the after life. These are all just my theories on the matter though!

      1. I never understood the 72 virgins thing. Have they ever been with a virgin? You can’t get rid of the bitch if you’re her first. Give me a dirty bitch any day. At least when we break up she won’t stalk and/or murder me with scissors proclaiming her love for me.

  8. I sometimes wonder why people in these war-torn countries go to public executions. Is it really to see enemies and criminals being punished, or is it because some members of the community are afraid of not being seen at them to show their support for the side that’s enforcing what they see as justice? The fear of later being suspected of something, anything, has to be part of your daily awareness if you’re surrounded by lawlessness that can be converted into justice whenever it serves one group’s purpose.

      1. Yeah, don’t want to be the “sore thumb” that sticks out. What an awesome religion, you get to fear your own neighbors ratting you out for not being a good Muslim and showing up and cheering at the local beheading/ execution.

    1. I’d say it’s more or less because those type of events are held as “entertainment” over there sorta’ like a parade or fair would be for us. I assume they don’t have any movie theaters or that sorta’ thing in those countries so this is the best they get. Plus they’re all desensitized to these events as they grow up around them as well as many other acts if violence & killing. Just another day at the park for them!

      1. LilMiss, Syria currently only has about 20 theaters left. Some of those watching may consider public executions entertainment, but I believe the vast majority attend because they’re fearful of what may happen to them, or their families, if they don’t show up.

  9. As the Article in the Constitution of Allah clearly states “Nobody is allowed to own a Nintendo 3DS or redbull.” And these dudes are guilty, I mean look at Aladdin’s eyes here, hes wasted. The punishment for the crime is….hold one….on sec….reading…Oh, yep death. I swear Aladdin, you know, you have to die today, but I’m kind of, you know happy for you because when everybody finds out how much I’ve been jerkin off Ill probably get shot and up getting laid like you in heaven tonight bro, can I get an Allah Snackbar.

  10. Pause first video on 0:32 😀
    You see that guy with glasses? Hahahah ‘D

    What a savages, incredible. But i am sure that 90% of them would vanish into rich western country if he can. In the mean time he will scream in fear “Allah Ekber!” every time someone is killed, hoping that he will not be the next.

    This is pure fear spreading mode. This savages know what they doing.

    This world is definitely prison camp.

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