Sheep Shepherd Found Executed in Mountains of Tunisia

Shepherd Was Executed with Hands Tied Behind His Back

A corpse of a man, alleged to have been a shepherd of sheep, was found in the mountains of Tunisia.

The alleged shepherd had his hands bound behind his back and was apparently executed with a gunshot to the head.

Props to Best Gore member @dido88 for the pics:

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27 thoughts on “Sheep Shepherd Found Executed in Mountains of Tunisia”

  1. I read something about it on our national news channel that said Isis members executed a shepherd in Tunisia, maybe he refused to support them with his hard earned cash since they go from village to village asking for jihad money, or he was a police informer
    What a way to go

  2. To clarify, this person was slaughtered and not shooting on his head and also has been slaughtered his brother in 2015 in the same way and I will send you the picture of the first brother

  3. Why is that when a Shepard tries herding his sheep he has to endure this . I am doubting if the executioners wanted the sheep laid for themselves and that’s one reason they killed him for.
    With bullets to his head and hands tied to his back I see him still watching over his herd with a fixed gaze.

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