Skimasked Manboobs Participates in Execution of Another Man in Mexico

Skimasked Manboobs Participates in Execution of Another Man in Mexico

Skimasked Manboobs Participates in Execution of Another Man in Mexico

The skimask wearing mamboobs is a busy man – participating in many executions, killing people left and right down there in Mexico.

The victim is said to be a CJNG member – what else. He looks like he wouldn’t cause much harm to anyone, but apparently he deserved to die according to La Familia Michoacana.

There came two names with the video – Efrain Carranza Lopez aka ​​”El Chiripas” and Falcón Mal Pagado. I do not know who is who. But manboobs should apply for a job with a police department in the USA. Whereas open borders champion Donald Trump wants more immigrants in America and supports extrajudicial executions of citizens by the cops, Manboobs would fit right in and not only wouldn’t have to wear a mask anymore, but would get qualified immunity and the brainless sheeple would worship him as a fucking hero.


The killing took place on the Carboneras highway in Toluca, the capital of the State of Mexico, in Mexico.

The man in the video identifies himself as Efraín Carranza López, alias el Chiripas, and confesses to being “hawk” (surveillance to warn when there is presence of authorities or other gangs) to the cartel commanded by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho, Señor de los Gallos, or el Gallero.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the videos:

Here’s the interrogation video, in which the victim answers the captor’s questions, such as what is his name, where he is from, how do they tell him, who he operates for, among others.

El Chiripas confirms that he belongs to the CJNG (Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel) and that his commanders are two men whom he identifies as Ramiro and Pollo. Then he talks about how many armed people accompany their bosses, to which the interrogator asks him if those people intend to wage war on La Familia Michocana.

Then he asks how much they pay him, to which Chiripas responds that sometimes they give him $152 dollars ($3,500 pesos) and other times $87 dollars ($2,000 pesos), although he does not clarify if that sum is per month, week or fortnight, But he reveals that the amount varies because sometimes his bosses tell him that they don’t have money to pay him.

Later, Chiripas reveals that his “bosses” operate in Carbonera and Toluca, that they sell glass, that they have a house from where they monitor and that in two businesses they sell the drug.

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    1. I’m going to take a wild swing and guess that rival low rank shitters getting caught doing casual business will just be shot. While actual soldiers/enforcers or higher chain command get their shit split in half.

  1. They cut the video early to save face because he dodged the poorly aimed rounds shot by the foggy-goggled firing squad with his quick reaction and backwards roll. They said he could run but can’t hide, but boy were they wrong. They underestimated Speedy Gonzalez who was wearing his lightweight work boots passed down from his lazy tío that never used them. He finally managed to elude his captors and the bloodhounds thanks to his conveniently-never-washed camo fatigues.
    He is now plotting his revenge using only santería and his trusty machete dipped in habanero sauce.

      1. Been searching thru the videos until my eyes tired, there’s so many, possibility it’s one of the missing videos.
        What I do remember is the author didn’t mention the manboobs.
        That was picked up in the comments, and there were quite a few of them, why I remember is because hardly anyone was commentating of the video content, they were making manboob jokes…

  2. So weak, considering what CJNG members do to La Familia Michoacana and others, those fuckers are soulless brutal scum, dismembering, skinning and burning ppl alive, they deserve the same treatment

    1. Basically at first he was saying his name and job, how much he gets paid, and then the names of all the people he works for or that worked with him. They asked him what he wanted to say to his gang and he was like “fuck all you guys I’m here like a dumbass while you guys are acting like you’re the shit” then when he had the gun pointed towards him he was just calling his gang a bunch of worthless faggots for letting him die like that and that they’re gonna end up like him and the executioner said don’t worry they’ll end up just like you one by one and then boom

    2. So apparently the victim says that he regrets having worked for his bosses cause of how he ended and gave up a few names of his bosses and some local girls.
      He also said that they have 2 houses on the region and they stay in one house which has the monitors to the video surveillance cameras on the other house which has the workers and the dope that gets pushed…
      On the update posting on top it says in translation that they have a houses that sells glass and just to clarify glass is crystal meth not glass as in windows and bottles and shit.

  3. not a day or night my feather does not go unruffled couldn’t even brood witnessing and ultimately, knowing the trap and Hell this planet has become victim to; Lord Be With Us through this Carnal. #WordUp 🙁 🙂 #JustPuttingItOut

    – Teta

  4. Why do the victims sit there and have a nice little chat before their execution instead of like, you know, trying to run away or something? He wasn’t even tied up or shackled in any way. I think they all secretly want to die.

    0:02 [Cameraman friend]: Say it!
    [Cameraman]: What’s your name?
    [Victim]: Brian Carranza Lopez.
    [Cameraman]: What do they call you?
    [Victim]: El Chiripas.
    [Cameraman]: Where are you from?
    [Chiripas]: From Carboneras.
    [Cameraman]: What cartel do you belong to?
    [Chiripas]: Jalisco..
    [Cameraman]: The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion?
    [Chiripas]: Yeah.
    [Cameraman]: Who are your bosses?
    [Chiripas]: Palmero and El Pollo.
    [Cameraman]: Palmero and El Pollo… How many men does he have, El Pollo?
    [Chiripas]: El Pollo has four.
    [Cameraman]: Armed?
    [Chiripas]: Armed, pure shorties.
    [Cameraman and Chiripas simultaneously]: And Ramiro?
    [Chiripas]: Has seven.
    [Cameraman]: And they expect to wage war with La Familia Michoacana like that?
    [Chiripas]: … That’s what they believe, yeah.
    [Cameraman]: How much do they pay you?
    [Chiripas]: At times 1,600 pesos [~$70USD], at other times 2,000 [~$88USD].
    [Cameraman]: What do you mean “at times?”
    [Chiripas]: At times because sometimes they say, “I don’t have any money,” or whatever else.
    [Cameraman]: You don’t have a stable salary?
    [Chiripas]: No.
    [Cameraman]: They ain’t worth dick, what the fuck, they don’t even have enough to pay their hawks [*look-outs*]… What were you, a hawk or a gunslinger?
    [Chiripas]: Hawk.
    [Cameraman]: A hawk… What were your spots? What were your look-out points?
    [Chiripas]: They were- Toluca(?) Carbonera for me, and another two ladies, Rosenburg and Luna.
    [Cameraman]: Where’s Rosenburg from?
    [Chiripas]: From Carboneras.
    [Cameraman]: And Luna?
    [Chiripas]: I don’t know.
    [Cameraman]: Where and where do they *unintelligible*, Ramiro and El Pollo?
    [Chiripas]: From Carboneras to Toluca… They… sell crystal…. And Ramiro has a house at.. Buena Vista. There’s cameras over there. And Buena Vista to San Juan de las Huertas. And he monitors everything from San Juan de las Huertas.
    [Cameraman]: How many *unintelligible* do they have?
    [Chiripas]: They only have two *unintelligible* where they sell crystal from.
    [Cameraman]: Where and where do they have the *unintelligible*
    [Chiripas]: In San Juan. They have on on this side, the left, and they have one on the right.
    [Cameraman]: The left side of where?
    [Chiripas]: Of San Juan.
    [Cameraman]: Who else supports them in San Juan?
    [Chiripas]: Girls. The ones that look around for work.
    [Cameraman]: What are the names of these girls, or nicknames?
    [Chiripas]: One is named Gabby, the other one is named Abby.
    [Cameraman]: Where’s Gabby from?
    [Chiripas]: Gabby? From Toluca.
    [Cameraman]: And Abby?
    [Chiripas]: Same with her, they’re both from there.
    [Cameraman]: They’re all from there, Toluca?
    [Chiripas]: Yeah.
    [Cameraman]: Alright…… What do wanna say to the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generacion?
    [Chiripas]: They uhh.. They’re assholes, because look at me now, I’m here while they’re out there like real dicks.
    [Cameraman]: They can’t even pay for their fuckin’ hawks and they expect to w-
    -Video 2 End-

    -Video 1 Start where Video 2 Left Off-
    0:07 [Cameraman]: They can’t even pay for their fuckin’ hawks and they expect to wage war against La Familia Michoacana like that, the fuck.
    [*Transition to Chiripas being held at gunpoint by an FM hitman*]
    [Chiripas]: They ain’t worth dick, they don’t even have enough to pay their hawks. They’re some fucking sons of their fuckin’ mothers, and faggots. Now I’m here like a dumbass, and I’m the one taking the fall.
    [Executioner]: And now we’re gonna come after them, fuck.
    [Chiripas]: And you’re gonna go after them.
    [Cameraman]: Don’t worry dude, cuz’ this is what’s gonna happen to El Pollo, and Ramiro, dude, fuck. They’re all gonna go with you, dude. They’re all gonna go with you, one by one.
    0:45 [*Executioner guns Chiripas down*]
    -Video 1 End-

  6. I’m sure it’s still hurts but way better then being cut up alive also I’m sure CJNG will respond with extreme volumes of retaliations but for now I guess they are letting FM get all the attention that way the Government goes after it with more force wow war is truly mental is it not best gore brothers and sister we are truly blessed to live in the USA and alive and well let’s stay smart and continue to self educate our self and our family’s stay safe everyone

  7. Manboobs is just upset about his lot in life. Born poor ,ugly and stupid he realised he was very low in the pecking order and nursed a hatred for all those happier than him . So he became a cartel wannabe.
    On a dark night whilst cursing his position, a man came up to him and jokingly said “come on , brother ,why so angry ? ”
    manboobs said “because I’m low , friend and have no prospects for advancement here. ”
    The Man said don’t worry, just say these things with me three times ,they are called affirmations.
    Say ,”I would do anything to be on the silver screen , famous for what I do and grow a pair so that I am not fearful of what may happen to me”.

    The Man , laughed and smiled wolfishly and came closer to Manboob’s cigarette- in- hands. Manboobs shuddered because he suddenly saw the the beauty of The Man . He clenched his butt in fear but didn’t finish the thought.

    The Man said “See you around and remember me as you will succeed” and walked surely down the path with not a hurry in the world.

    Manboobs being stupid but not devoid of all brains , then cried his heart out in anguish and kicked at the earth as he realised what had happened …all caused by him…

  8. Interrogator: what’s your name
    Me: taco eater
    Interrogator: why do they call you taco eater?
    Me: because I eat tacos
    Interrogator: what cartel are you in?
    Me: Republicans
    Interrogator: what’s your bosses name?
    Me: donald Trump aka EL DONALD

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