Skull Bits Fly As Man Tied to Cross Is Executed

Skull Bits Fly As Man Tied to Cross Is Executed

This happened in 2015, while I was being Canadianized.

A Free Syrian Army commander named Majid Khayba, better known by his assumed moniker of Abu Ali Khbayeh, was tied to a cross and executed by FSA competition Jaish al-Islam. Abu Ali Khbayeh is best known for stating in 2013 that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was killed by the mujaheddin, and for laying siege on the city of Douma, and occupying its citizens.

BTW, anybody else read the piece in the Financial Times which states that the CIA was not only training and arming the insurgents in Syria, but was paying them salaries? Meanwhile, the government of Syria formally petitioned the UN to make the US pay reparations for its illegal destruction of Syrian infrastructure and the deaths of countless civilians.

Props to Best Gore member @rann19 for the video:

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  1. Somehow it reminds me of Gallagher, when he smashed those melons with that huge hammer. Seeing the skull and shit for brains flying like that. I wonder if heads were smashed using a huge hammer like that.

  2. Its always spine chilling when hunter becomes the hunted .
    The Army commander would have had never dreamt in his wildest dreams that one day his skull would be blown to bits and pieces and that too while saying his last prayers .

  3. Execution was clean and unremarkable, what interests me more is the image of the blue figure in the heavens, is this how they think their paedophile butt licking god looks like, fucking crazy cunts.

  4. the cross is an unfolded cube.

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  5. At least it was unexpected, quick and almost painless. 5 seconds and it was over and forgotten about.
    The crucified guy wouldn’t have felt a thing, but the last thing he saw was his brains exit his head in front of him.

    1. It’s for the fans in the crowd @Der. I unloaded on eBay a pair of drumsticks autographed by Joey Jordison and a pair from Chris Adler back when their respective bands were still relevant. These skull parts and brain bits should fetch top dollar on eBay. Especially if the shell casings are with the bits and pieces.

  6. In monkey-towel-head land, a mind is not a terrible thing lose or to blow up to bits in front of a huge audience while babbling incoherent monkey sounds that’s only discernible to other monkeys in that part of the world.

  7. Why does the US always have to train terrorists pay them ! arm them!; just to have them turn against us in the first place, just don’t get involved in other countries civil wars

    Thought you’d learn by now fuckers

  8. Listen the moneys sent and spread around syria was not meant for the building of ISIS. It was for the rebel army against Assad. Isis was not even formed yet. I know that most people think of the USA as being the builders of them. But thats farthest from the truth. Rebel armies are built from scraps from the real army. The conception is from the rebels starting in fighting because of heavy losses. So to limit losses any further they combine forces. When they have the biggest and most experienced rebel force emerges they take over everything. They got individuals that can talk well and then the leader emerges as a prophet or a Mohamed. Once hes seen what forces he has then they call themselves whst they are today. Obama was i believe the main principle in let out the high value leaders that became the calling cards of their gang.

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