Snitch Killed in Hidalgo, Narcomensaje Attached to Him with Screwdriver

Snitch Killed in Hidalgo, Narcomensaje Attached to Him with Screwdriver

We recently had a non narco related post from Hidalgo on Best Gore and now it is narco related.

Body of an executed man was found in the community of Santa Rosa, Ciudad Hidalgo, Michoacán, Mexico. The man was naked and had a narcomensaje attached to the chest with a screwdriver. The message on narcomensaje accused the man of having been a snitch (dedo).

To make sure everybody knows that the man died being a snitch, the executioners also carved word DEDO into the victim’s arm with a sharp object. The cartels sure don’t like them rats very much.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Snitch Killed in Hidalgo, Narcomensaje Attached to Him with Screwdriver”

      1. Jj Man, it is a bit unpleasent to watch that avatar more than once xD . Draw some glases or anything on it to make it look frendly, ha ha. By the way, I thought those gnomes would take care of shit like double posting. I bet they must be getting tired of it. Anyways, as Rebelk said, if you become a snitch , the cartels will literally screw your life. I wonder if stupid people who get involved in cartels and shit will visit BG, just to let them know how they will end up if they get caught. I live in Mexico, but the main News channels , and mostly all, censor the images and the information about this crimes. They only say, a body was found with a narco message, and thats all. My point is, whats the object of making a thousand dollars a day, if you cant even spend them properly in beer, pot and lucious brunettes, without all of the fear and paranoia? Fuck the CIA and the Mexican government for training assholes who will eventually become greedy as fuck and then attemp to create a new shitty cartel.

        1. That is a good idea! haha That’s how it is now in Mexico. The media is too scared to report anything. Even big media companies like Televisa don’t show anything having to do with drug cartels fearing they will be attacked. I don’t know when all this corruption is going to end but I have a feeling it won’t be in my lifetime

    1. @jjalvarez2 -.- worked hard my ass !! Still not going to make enough money to support the family I don’t even know why Mexicans think America is a good place they talk about it like its heaven the American dream is a joke >.> you can work hard all you want in a shitty job but you will never get enough money to be happy then you will eventually have to worry about bills the rent the new car you just took out O_o well if you are a drug dealer then enjoy life for a little while untill the cops find you ^_^ I hate beaners who sell drugs and act like smug assholes because they have money and the new cars >.> one day someone will put then in their place

    1. Yep, and lm glad they get what they deserve.they think they can make tons of money, and then just quit or go crying to the police. Fuck them, once you enter the cartels , there is only one way out, and mostly not a classy one.

  1. What has been on my mind for a while now…where are these vicious gangs getting nice clean markers and poster board from? More often than less, the notes left on or near bodies are not some ragged piece of cardboard they draged out of a dumpster. “Ah, shit! Hey Felix! Here’s a few peso’s, run to the market and pick me up a sheet of poster paper, a marker, and a few caguamas. Actually, get a few sheets.”

  2. So, am I the only one who wonders… Where the hell are these thugs getting their sign making materials? They are rarely a haggard piece of cardboard salvaged from a dumpster. More than less, these narco signs are bright, clean, legible, square pieces of prime paper. ” AH SHIT!!!, Hey Felix, run down to the market and get me a few sheets of poster board and one of those fat markers, could ya?” WTF

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