Student Protester Shot in the Head by the Police

Student Protester Shot in the Head by the Police

All I know about the picture is in the title above. The student was part of a protest, an anti riot police came to keep it under control and it got out of it. Sadly, no additional info was provided so if anyone knows where it happened and what kind of protest it was, please share.

The shot seems to have gotten the guy straight in the middle of his skull. Quite a bull’s eye if you will but I’ve seen some impossible shots survived so who knows… Maybe he pulled through this one… No info, hence speculations only.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. I really, really wanna see your pictures o.o I really wanna play the game, but I haven’t yet. The movie was amazing and I’ve heard it’s pretty much a play by play of the game. And cerberos was amazing, it was such a unique design

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