Sudanese Man Executed by Beheading in Saudi Arabia

Sudanese Man Executed by Beheading in Saudi Arabia

You asked for it, so here it is – the video which precedes the video of a decapitated man suspended on a scaffolding for public mockery in Saudi Arabia. The scaff idea was supposed to resemble crucifixion but I suppose the executioners could not be bothered getting a cross together so a scaff was used.

Many executions take place in Saudi Arabia, but there hardly are any videos of them. And if a video exists, it’s always filmed from far away. You’ll never see a close up video of a Saudi execution because they don’t allow cameras during these social events. When someone manages to sneak a camera in and video tape it, it’s always done from the distance. Try to come closer and you’re next to lose your head.

More information about the executed man came to light in the meantime. He was from Sudan and was found guilty of breaking into a house of a woman whom he killed and then had intercourse with her corpse.

Depends on which part of Sudan he came from, he may have been a Muslim. And since he chose Saudi Arabia to move to, it’s quite likely he was a Muslim. It’s so Islamic to hear of a practitioner of the religion of peace to go necrophiliac on a Muslima. Whoa dude… Could not wait for your 72 virgins?

Thing to keep in mind – Saudis say he was a criminal, a murderer and a rapist of the dead. While it’s possible that it’s true, I would not trust a Saudi if he said “Hello”. There’d be bullshit in that single word someplace. When the untouchable police from the most undemocratic country in the world applies electric power to your balls, you’ll confess to any crime they’d ask you to confess to.

You can hardly see what’s going on because the execution is filmed from so far away, but you’ll be able to tell when the beheading took place by the cheer of the crowd. Muslims are the only religion group I can think of which gets a cheer out of another man’s death. Saudi Arabia is not the only country in the world where executions are still carried out, but even if it’s a murderer who gets executed and a family whose close relatives were brutally slaughtered attend the execution, you don’t see them jumping with joy when he’s brought to death. Muslims do, though. What fucked up religion, honestly!

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68 thoughts on “Sudanese Man Executed by Beheading in Saudi Arabia”

    1. the entire middle east needs to be cleansed with fire and their deserts turned to glass. Honestly I’ve grown sick and tired of this nonsense it’s not even entertaining anymore. Shame shame on my intolerance.

        1. I’m from Saudi Arabia and I completely agree with you. In Saudi, you can be punished with death for: murder, adultery, homosexuality, apostasy (which includes refusing to pray!), blasphemy, and distribution of drugs. You can get your hands and right foot amputated for stealing (one limp for each theft.) The “eye for an eye” is in effect, if you injure someone you get the same injury. Actually, a couple of years ago a court in Saudi was looking for a hospital willing to severe a man’s spinal cord because he injured a man in a fight and made him paralyzed (and they wanted to have the guy who caused the injury go through the same suffering.)

          1. I can actually get behind alot of that. There is no accountability here in the states. You can commit the most serious crimes and be elible for parole in less than 10 years. If you paralyse someone you may not get any time at all depending on what they charge you with. People would think twice about being careless if the consequences were more severe. The way it is now the criminals get more consideration than the victims.

  1. The Real Story: looks like some inbred pervert Crown Prince or something fancied have intercourse with the wife of some lower class towelhead, but since wives are not allowed to exit their houses without their husband in Saudi Arabia, our hero decided that his best bet was to break into the house while the husband was, let’s say, performing some allah acqbar shouting at the mosque.
    But there was another problem: traditional Arabian customs establish that when the king dies, the quickest heir in grabbing the crown from the still warm corpse of his father gets the throne, and usually orders his hundred half-brothers strangled or confined for life, just to be sure no one will fuck up with him, so we have that our hero spent most of his life lying in bed and smoking hach?s, locked up in an harem. So he is an obese and weak piece of shit uncapable of holding a sword in his hand. That’s way he secured the help of some officer of the secret police, let’s call him Omar. With Omar’s help, he managed to get into the house, but the woman fought back, and proved to be far stronger than our faggy paladin, the Crown Prince, beating the shit out of him. But now totally possesed by the lust accumulated in years of solitary confinment, and aknowledging his utter impotence, our hero asks Omar to kill the woman, so at least he can vent his Demon Seed on her corpse. Ultimately, he was unable to achieve a full erection, but still managed to cum, rubbing his little pecker against the corpse’s buttlocks (we will never know if he screamed ALLAH ACBAR! as he came) .
    Now more relaxed, our hero and Omar face another puzzling dilema: the woman is dead, so what do we do with the corpse? In that same instant someone knocks the door; it happens to be some black sudanese inmigrant that sells fresh dairy products door by door; Omar and the Prince look at each other with a siniester grin in their faces “this nigger really is a godsend, says Omar” “Allah Acqbar! shouts the prince in an outburst of joy………….
    Well, the rest of the story you already know it, students of best gore…..

    1. Omar Never Give Up on the Prince

      They’ve known each other for so long
      The prince’s dick is aching to have sex
      but he’s too shy to say it
      Inside that house they both know what’s
      going on
      They know the “game” and they played it
      and then Omar ask the Prince how he’s feeling
      The Prince told him “Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see the Sudanese Nigger”

      Omar never gave up serving him
      He Never let him down
      Never run around and desert him
      Never ever make him cry in pain
      Never say goodbye to him
      Never tell a lie and hurt him

    1. I don’t need to see. I reckon I’ve seen just about all there is to see after that mexican chainsaw job.I mean how many differant varieties of beheadings does one need to get by like ya know?

    2. I meant need to see ,Ive always been a bit freaked about beheading .I mean it would be a quick way to go, if it was quick, but ive heard these cunts actually like to make you suffer by taunting you for some time before its done.

      1. These cunts executed an Indonesian woman a couple of years back (footage is available online) They fucked about for ages before “getting on with it”
        The twat with the sword seemed to have a conversation with the poor woman “No…don’t kneel like that…eorward a bit…I’m a stupid A-rab and I’m not too sure what I’m doing,,,so please co=operate and make me look like a pro….”

        If there was ever justification for the thermonuclear bomb…it is the Muslim world….

  2. If this happened to a person of African decent (African American) in US, there’d be hell to pay. There would be rioting in the streets for weeks! They aren’t scared of blacks in Saudi!

    1. Niggers over here play the race card every chance they get. Of course a beheading would set them off. We’re coming up with other ways of shutting them out now, though. The Homeowners Association comes to mind. 😉

        1. @luvherlongtime seems to be somewhat clever to end up mumbling ‘liberal’ crap…in fact, one trait common to most Students of Best Gore is their asertiveness and Cartesian doubtful stance when they face a ‘politically correct’ statement…

  3. You have to admit though, beheading a guy with a sword is a lot simpler and cheaper than some of the corny, inefficient and unecessarily expensive Rube Goldberg style execution contraptions currently used in the U.S.

    You certainly wouldn’t need to pay a doctor to confirm the guy is dead after lopping the fucker’s melon off!

  4. AARGHHhh..
    ARrrGHHhh.. Again.
    For once, they weren’t cheering like on a rock concert. Considering anyone who shows disgust there could be beheaded next I’m not suprised they’re cheering. Seriously, few posts ago you writted that Sauds kill anybody who merely annoys them.
    That’s not the first time. Sorry for being such a bitch but, RLY? Religion Of War yadda yadda..

          1. @odgoso, yessir, the elephant has a few extra alloy plates bolted onto it, a new 105mm gun (Rheinmetall/ German), new transmission, power steering and air con.

  5. M1A2 Abrams baby… Anyways, i always thought beheading ( w/a sharp sword or guillotine at least) was a fast and pain free way to go. Even if you lived and were conscious for 30 seconds it would not be as bad as anything else i can think of… And am I weird for being curious how it feels? Like first hand?

    1. Plus, it would be amazing to witness your head separate from your body…

      They say hanging (when performed correctly) is painless, as the instant destruction of your vertebrae results in instant unconsciousness, then asphyxiation.

      On the tank front, I prefer the Challenger 2:

      -0 losses due to enemy action in 14 years
      -Can cruise and fire (at the same time) at faster speeds then the Abrams, with nearly 100% accuracy

        1. @Tulio, gotta love Prince Harry, I bet he’s tried ‘coke’! He’s a total party animal, he’d be great fun & his favourite ‘root’ Chelsy Davies is as crazy as him, but she doesn’t want to be a ‘princess’!

  6. they also cheer when a person accused of manslaughter is forgiven and freed by members of the deads family, which is standard on manslaughter cases 🙂 not everyone is a monster for what their government does. This is what we need to do in the US instead of feeding these disgusting criminals. The only thing that is crappy about this is the corruption in the system & the notion that this man could be innocent. He’s probably not..

    1. The victim’s family can avoid dead penalty but they cant let the man free, if the man is forgiven by the family, he serves life time in prison. By the way what they call “sharia law” is much more better than fuckn laws & courts, the main idea is “victim’s family has the right to determine the faith/punishment of killer”, even if he will be beheaded, the family has the rigth of lashing the killer.

      1. you are missing the main pont, pal: in the US you get roasted in the electric chair AFTER a due process where enough evidence was found to convict. While i’m no expert in compared saudi arabian law (who the f**k would study that crap) I suspect that there you can get beheaded after a mock hearing before some allah aqbar retard, for saying loud that the royal family are a bunch of fat parasites, having a drink or just screwing up in some allah acbar ritual

      2. I heard a group of Aust. Muslims are demanding ‘sharia” law for Australian muslims! Not sure if it’s a good idea or not! Well, if it’s only for Muslim’s…. (I’d watch!)

  7. The necrophilia part reminds me of a news article I read on RT the other day about the new Egyptian govt proposing something called ‘farewell intercourse’, where a husband can shag his wife up to 6 hours after she has died. Pretty fucked up eh.

  8. I say; we blow up mecca on the day they all go there to pray for ALLAH, the god who sucks women’s dicks and fucks men in the butt. Then we mass slaughter all these arab terrorists, take their children and lock them up in cages where we throw stones at them and let them bleed out until they die after 5 days.
    Lastly we lock up their siblings in small rooms where we slowly amputate ever part of their limbs and smash their heads with their own limbs.
    For the ultimate penalty we take the allahuakbar terrorists and pull their heads down to their cocks, and because they have none it’ll break their body in half and it’ll make them suffer for a good 3 hours.
    – I hope they all suffer and buttfuck each other with knifes

  9. You guys have nothing decent to say about Muslims, just nitpicking extremes and mashing up a collage of hate against a religion. I get it, religion is trash radicalized in the middle ages and glorified through war. all religion is bad, but what about the guy who just wants to live religiously and healthy without plans of harming anyone in his life, are you going to call that person the same name you would call a radical extremest who beheads humans and sheep the same way on a daily basis. These people you see on this site are bad, but i grew up in Kuwait and you don’t see this type of non sense anywhere, its only in those rattled up war torn countries where they have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by finding any reason to kill or die for a cause. I’m an atheist, but i know religion has guided people spiritually and healthily. Anyway fuck this shit, here i am trying to be some kind of internet saint on a gore site, fuck me right. Arabs known to have this “lion heart” characteristic specially during war for example these muslim on muslim beheading (which makes no sense at all) the guy getting the sharp end of the knife knows its inevitable because hes been taught to do the same thing to the other team. This is my observant opinion take it with a grain of salt, im not alien to this part of earth.

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