Sunni Extremists Executed Syrian Civilians by Slicing Their Throats

Sunni Extremists Executed Syrian Civilians by Slicing Their Throats

At 0:04 in the video, a guy says: “Shabiha the dogs“. I have had this explained several times on Best Gore that literal meaning of Shabiha is Ghost and it’s a name Sunni extremists give to anyone who supports president Bashar Al Assad. Soldier or civilian, adult or child – unless a person supports Sunni genocide on Syrians, they are branded a Shabiha and hunted till death.

Civilians in this video have become victims of the hunt. They were overwhelmed by bloodthirsty Sunni pigs who executed them by slashing their throats and letting them to bleed to death in the street. The pigs then gathered round and chanted “to hell, millions of Shabiha are going“. Their celebration of another persons’ death reminds me very much of brain dead sect of Americans.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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39 thoughts on “Sunni Extremists Executed Syrian Civilians by Slicing Their Throats”

          1. Awww, you funny bud, it would be nice though if i could fire myself then re-hire myself. Could you imagine THE PARTIES ? 🙂

      1. @Smokey Bear
        George Bush, that Cunt, lol.
        That reminds me of an old Joke that i heard long-ago brother, and it goes like this,,,

        What do Nylons,,, And Saddam Hussein Have In Common???
        **They both Like To Irritate Bush**. Bwa, ha, ha! 😉

  1. i still don’t understand how the Quran is the infallible word of “god” yet their are so many different sects. how can that be possible, if god is almighty, alknowing and blah blah blah…”our interpretation of the Quran is the right one and you will die if you don’t drop this particular practice and do this one instead…”
    “no. our interpretation od muhammed’s holy word is the correct one and you will perform these rituals that us mortal men have invented or you will be murdered…”
    “no our invention of santa claus’ word is the true infallible word and both of you will die if you do not adhere to our new made up version that suits our particular needs”
    logic and religion do not mix, do they?

  2. here’s my own personal mantra
    repeat after me:
    i am my own god, i am my own saviour
    i alone experience reality
    therefore i alone control my reality
    there is no such thing as fear
    there is no such thing as pain
    what i say will be done

    1. Good mantra. I was gonna respond to the islam thing but it’s too long winded. I support the shia’s for a lot of reasons even though they can be just as brutal as the sunni’s see JAMES STEELE documentary about his time in iraq. Idk my understanding of islamic history it seems like the shia are on the “right side”

    1. They aren’t Sunni’s, so therefore they are ‘enemies’.

      I sometimes forget how much butchery Sunni’s inflict on other Muslims.

      Anyone know what ratio of Muslims in various Countries in Europe (Thus, the ones causing all the problems) are Sunni?

      I’m guessing the vast majority of them are.

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