Sunni Murderers Execute an Old Man in Syria

Sunni Murderers Execute an Old Man in Syria

The Wahabi/Salafi extremists execute everyone left and right for not supporting their extremism, including ordinary Sunni Muslims. Historically, they’ve been murdering Muslims and non Muslims alike ever since they began following their… whatever you want to call it. I don’t even think it deserves to be called religion. It’s just brainwashed extremism taken to a ridiculous level.

Wahabi/Salafi extremists have been raiding, pillaging, raping and murdering ordinary Sunnis, Shia and non Muslims in the region since their sorry inception, which is pretty recent compared to other, actual religions. Only Iran and Turkey (Ottoman Empire) were able to stop their murderous asses from encroaching onto their lands.

Today, Wahabi/Salafi extremists continue to murder, rape and pillage the same way they’ve always done. Current events in Syria are the best example of their true nature. Not even children or the elderly are too much for them to kill. Throughout their brief, but blood-soaked history they’ve been known to take pleasure in ripping bellies of pregnant women open so slicing a throat of a child is not a big deal.

In this video, the Wahabi murderers of the Sunni Islam execute an old man for simply not supporting their extremism. I’m guessing he was a Muslim too, possibly a Sunni Muslim but not an extremists drawing pleasure from killing children so they killed him.

The old man was shot to the back of the head at close range while seated in the dirt with hands tied behind his back. Not sure whether the hole in front of him was meant for the body to fall into, but likely so, cause why would they place him right at its edge? After being shot, the old man however fell backwards so the Wahabis shot him some more. The twitching of his body after each headshot is pretty disturbing. Allahu Akbar:


On a pro Al Qaeda forum, the FSA terrorists posted a video of the old man after he was kidnapped. His name was Ahmad Fadil Ahmad, the Fake Syrian Army bragged that they coerced him into admitting that he worked for the Syrian government and executed him as a lesson to all Syrian civilians. The kidnappers were from the Musab Brigade faction of the Fake Syrian Army. Ahmad Fadil Ahmad knew this was the end of him, so in a bid to be granted a painless death, he agreed to say what they wanted him to say and acted the way they wanted him to act. Who wouldn’t?

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    1. What the west should really do is to send crate after crate of portable video cameras to the middle east. One camera & a fresh battery to every shitty arab. We really do enjoy watching your proto-human antics.

    1. Life should be a game. I think I deserve money and prizes for outliving other asshole human beings. Becuase so many other people are complete wastes of space. Like these fools in the video up there.

  1. It is unwise not to call Islam a religion, or offend it. This is just a RELIGION, as bad as Christianity. We should consider the most importnant: THEY ARE 700 YEARS BEHIND CHRISTIANS, just because Muhammad was born 700 years after Jesus. Look, what we had been doing 700 years before? Burning and stoning ,,witches”, killing Jews and people of other religions. In Bible we have far more cruel statements than in Koran…

    Every religion (not lifestyle like Buddism) is somehow bad.

    1. all three big mesianic religions (judaism, cristianism, and akbur) are about the same deal, and state about the same absolute truths. The problem is that you can?t argue anything with someone who believes in absolute truths, anything that does not fit their beliefs is anathema to them. Most christians and jews had, more or less, learned to live with the fact that there’s people who don’t believe or don`t give a fuck about their dogmas, the akburs on the other nand, are having a hard time with that, mainly because the most intolerant and idiotic sects came to be dominant in the latest decades, displacing or wiping out sects with ‘cooler’ takes on Islam. And the current shitty state of things in most akbur countries aint just helping people to develop some analytical tought, dictatorships and poverty are just excellent terrains for these kind of fanatics to spread their brainwashing shit.

      1. Tulio.

        I sincerely doubt if our friend will even bother to engage us.

        I have checked over my rebuttals to that cock @Tundra… He hasn’t bothered to reply to a single one of them.

        Another identifying factor of a loony leftie.

        Once they finally realise their immature gutter fighting and absolutist arguments hold no water.

        They mysteriously disappear…

        *The Twilight Zone theme tune plays on*

        1. If you are referring to Northern Ireland… That particular situation is less to do with religion and more to do with Nationality.

          Do you think that a German Protestant has a greater (or even an equal) chance of getting murdered by an Irish Catholic as an English Protestant does?


          I concede. Religion is an exacerbating factor. It deepens the divide.

          I am unsure what nationality you are @Alma… But I know what I am talking about on this topic.

          I am a Catholic. A proud one at that. Yet I am a British Unionist.

          Does that confuse you?

          1. I am not refering to any of modern conflicts. You have missed most important thing in my comment: TIME. Refering to catholics and protestants, I ment all the great wars in history, as distant as are now Ackburs from Christians. I can guess (and hope, for all of us sake), that in 2712 Islam will be as developed as we, European Christian Civilization are. But in this time it will probably change a lot in our religion…

            Why should it confuse me? you are trying to provoke me? Do not prove agressive nature of Christianity by your emotions, dear sir ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. We Christians were an aggressive bunch back in the day…


            We went through a period of time known as the dark ages… Being n the middle ages we never had any access to education, healthcare or decent food and drink… Barely a solitary 1% of the population did.

            Islam has no excuse.

            With the aid and trade to Islamic countries tallying in the BILLIONS of dollars each year.

            Along with decent social security systems (Is the Saudi Arabia of 2012 poorer than the England of 1012?) the populations of most Islamic nations enjoy great qualities of lives.

            It has nothing to do with time.

            It is an intrinsic problem with the religion.

            As I have said. Their is nothing wrong with the base of Christianity.

      2. Absolute truth = blind faith i.e believing in something because your are told to is why it is so easy to get people to kill others because they have different beliefs. Religion is the only way to get good people to do bad things.

        1. It is not really a good point with those billions of dollars, education and health care.
          Actually all the money, that undeniable great fortune, is held by a very few people- oil potentats, royal nepotes.

          The rest of Arabic society is comparable with our medieval peasants, or they live in even worse conditions.

          The base of their religion- Koran- is as just as Bible, because it is not very different. Believe me, I read both.

          Even as absolute basics, Koran is thougt by the Muslims to be a result of speech, given by Gabriel The Archangel to prophet Muhammad. The very Archangel, that told Mary about her giving birth to Jesus.

          1. 70% of all of the wealth in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is held by the top 20% of earners.

            Does that mean the remaining 80% (of which I am a part) are also living in medieval conditions?

            Unless you are living in Mauritania, Yemen or Somalia. Chances are if you are a Muslim, you have a pretty good quality of life in comparison to our ancestors.

            How do you explain the conduct of Muslims abroad?

            They are an awful friendly bunch aren’t they?

            Cause no trouble.

            I am sure the sensible, law abiding citizens of the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, China, Israel, Australia, India and the United States would give character references.

            The nations I have mentioned above currently have pretty decent qualities of lives.

            Yet the Muslims in these nations are some of the most insidious, toxic elements one could have the misfortune of living in their (once great) nations.

            And the Christian minorities in India, Egypt and Syria are an awfully naughty bunch… Aren’t they?

            Always causing trouble.

            I am sorry Almaviva.

            But if you are too blind to notice the FACT that Muslims are naturally combative…

          2. If you want to compare the quality of living in those modern societies, you should first look at the quality of all the videos delivered to bestgore, Muslims are in last place next to mexican Zetas ๐Ÿ˜‰

            As for Muslim minorities in other societies, there is much bigger problem with black people (but, to be politically correct, we cannot even mention them as a minority, and I will not be happy to recieve a ban of some sort).

            * * *

            Actually, I do not give a shit about Muslims, until they blow up my car or cut off my head, which I rather not expect to happen soon.
            I defend them from your obvious religious agression and hatred due to a fair amount of interesting content delivered almost daily to this site.

            God bless the Queen to you, for consequence in this chatter, and Allahu Akbar to them, for being a topic.

    2. Here we go.

      Another Church-bashing, Islamic apologist.

      Surely you would like to quote the statements in the New Testament you are referring too?

      Ya know. Christians being as bad as Muslims and all that… Go on. Name one passage of when Jesus Christ promises to murder infidels… Too murder people who convert to another religion…

      Maybe you think a 40 something year old man marrying a 9 year old girl is acceptable?

      Or just because it is their ‘culture’ we shouldn’t say anything.

      I have said many a time. Organised religion often uses Humans to accomplish the selfish means of wealthy and influential Men.

      Not only in Religion (The Catholic Church) but in Business (Corporate espionage) and Politics as well.

      Christianity isn’t the problem. It actually tries to stop Humans from following their primal desires.

      Islam encourages it.

      What are YOU going to do to us if we persist in offending Islam…

        1. That particular parable you are on about… Is a metaphor.

          Jesus wasn’t particularly well known to lead his tribe into genocidal wars across Israel. Was he?

          That is because he didn’t.

          When he said “Bring a sword..”. He meant he was there to bring controversy and change to the establishment.

          To destroy the establishment.

          And that is what he did. He built the greatest, most successful religion this planet has EVER seen.

          1. Hitler’s ,,Mein Kampf” would be also considered as a metaphor… Everything can be explained that way.

            But I will not argue , I did not write anything controversial or against your religion, of course as it is now, surely more civilized than the Ackburs. But for me (except of some obvious culture differences), there is equality between them nowadys, and medieval christian mob, burning Jews an innocent women.

            I hope you will now fully understand, that I ment no harm for your beliefs, whatever they are.

            God bless all the BestGore community, and good night for now.

        2. Mwahaha, didn’t I just say that line the other day, haha. No he brought a containership full of swords for people to kill other people with…..didn’t you read my other post, the other day….

          1. @ Trooper, dear, I didn’t want credit, I am a banker, I tell jokes that only I find funny…a tellers joke…hehe. I just find it funny that people use parables or quotes from the bible that is mostly written in symbolism and use them literally. That’s all. As I said, I am a Christian, but follow my heart, not a sheep, no flock etc. If that were the case, a woman who is on her monthly and sits on a chair, defiles everyone else who sits upon that very same chair. Imagine the subway???? LOL. Quick everyone, get off, go to church, say 100 hail mary’s and you are unclean for seven days…Or the prune tree that bore no fruit, so God ripped it from the ground and said, begone with you you useless pruneless tree….That is a statement about having faith, yet not doing any works, in other words you are useless to God, faith without work is dead faith. But these are people who pick up the bible when they “NEED” something, or out of some desperate reasoning, some just curious, to see how far they can make it. I can’t read it, yet have studied somewhat into it. Please, no credit, I was only laughing at the former comment, “Jesus came to bring swords, and uzi’s and glocks and 357’s and don’t forget arsenic….too funny *sorry, im tired and I had to have a daily laugh….

          2. Lisa…

            I know their is an awful load of bullshit in the church.

            I didn’t know about the ‘monthly’ thing. It made me laugh. Then it made me sigh a tad.

            I take the same attitude to it really.

            I believe that the Bible should be taken with a pinch (or two) of salt.

            Some bits are metaphors… Some bits are real.

            I will be right back…

            I have a load of Ave Marias to get through…

          1. Cheers FBN.

            Living in the land of Political Correctness (The UK). Has bred a special type of personality type.

            The ‘constantly-pissed-off-with-trendy-London-Liberals’ type.

            People often don’t tell me their own opinions to my face. As I am often quite forthright and aggressive in getting my own opinions.

            The joy of being on the Internet. Is people often have no inhibitions to letting their true feelings come out.

  2. I can hear at least 12 shots. Like, just one nice shot to the head at point blank isn’t enough? Shit, they didn’t even hit him the head as far as I can tell. Looked like the first shot hit him in the back and went out the chest.
    Idiots sure know how to waste bullets as we have seen with the last two videos.

    1. You seem to capitalize every verb/noun for dramatic impact, Am I correct on this?
      Also the lol’s are in parentheses, Are you hiding the laugh in order to not throw off the dramatic effect you are prevailing?

        1. HAAAHAA now every time I read Keizer’s comments it’ll be in the Shat’s voice. And I never cared for using “lol”, but with all you funny fuckers here I have to express my out loud laughter somehow. Maybe just a simple “H” from now on

    2. Hello Keizer,

      please refrain from capitalizing the words in comments. It’s OK to capitalize one word per sentence to add emphasis, but anything more than that and I will tell the gnomes to be racist with you. Keep in mind that Best Gore is not a wigger site so keep the wiggery off of here.


    1. A cunt has a use, these aren’t cunts, they are maggots, vermin, and fanatical creatures, I wish our allies would let them all annihilate themselves to extinction, then we could get oil….haha, that was a joke….

  3. What kind of twisted logic are these fools using? Do they think that if they murder women, children and the elderly more people will join their ranks and commit the same atrocities they have engaged in for decades? Can’t wait for the day these mongrels exterminate each other or are eradicated by some sort of plague, but I guess that is just wishful thinking on my part.

    1. Hey you’re not alone on this one. I find myself thinking the same thing as well. I really wish there were some sort of deadly plague to wipe these fucking imbeciles off the face of the earth or to at least wipe each other out to the point where there’s too few of them to continue their pathetic excuse for a religion fueled killing campaign. I mean come on??? How the hell do these motherfuckers sleep knowing that they have personally massacred many children, women and elderly folks, this shit’s bordering on Genocide.

  4. Seriously, as bad as America is (stealing oil and resources from other countries), if they flattened the entire Middle East with a nuke, it would solve a lot of problems. Of course, there’d still be Mexico and South America to deal with, but it would mean the Islamic population would be decreased to around 70%. Surely that’s a good thing. These Muslim fuckers have less common decency than your average stray dog.

    1. Shame you didn’t join mine and @Almas little conversation about religion upstairs.

      It always makes me laugh when idiots like @Tyron post a divisive… Ill informed comment at the bottom of the page…

      In the hopes of not getting noticed.

      If you had something to say on this topic. You would have thrown in your lot with @Almaviva.

  5. Of course, who are sponsoring these atrocities in Syria and all over the world. The Jewnited States of America. Too bad Hitler was not able finish the job but the world now clearly see “he was right”.

  6. To me, Death is very serious. Now i understand that we all must die. However, Mocking someone who knows he will die and is sitting there waiting for the shot the kill him is a horrible thought. I put allot of thought in each video and picture posted on Best Gore and I sometimes scare myself. The people who took pictures or whatever, before the death bothered me.
    Only my view on this situation.

  7. These terror seeking wahabis and salafis who make up a third of Al Jezeera’s rag tag army called the FSA never surprise me with their cruelty. Assad just has no choice he will have to go all out with these fuckwits to save his country from destruction because god forbid if Al Jazeera win this war then these callous and cruel terrorists will put allah and mohammed in to office. I dread the thought.

  8. how long will the bullshit last? The human race wont last with these fucks existing on the earth. why cant they all die and go to their bullshit heaven and leave the earth for the real humans.

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